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GROOVY D Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Groovy D
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REPWIND 002 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: REPWIND 002. Rel: 04 Dec 23
UK Garage
Groovy D - "Outta My Mind" (4:51)
Johnny U Tah & Firestar Soundsystem - "Babylon" (U-Tah vocal dub) (4:59)
Highrise - "Break Down" (4:12)
Dubplate Pressure - "The Outlaw" (5:02)
Duskope & Jay Ward - "Way You Love" (4:58)
DJ Crisps - "I Believe" (5:05)
Review: Reptile Mob is an all-new sub-label from the revered GLBDOM that is focussed on garage house and bassline. Its first drop was a killer and now this second outing is a various artists collection featuring six standout and bass-heavy jams. It's garage on the A-side and speed garage on the B-side so chose your weapon: Groovy D's 'Outta My Mind' is a sweet shuffler drenched in soul, there's grit in the grooves of 'Babylon' (U-Tah vocal dub) and Highrise layers up the 2-step sounds. Full-on nawtiness defines the odds school sirens and slamming bass of the reverse side. Get stuck in with gun fingers at the ready.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock HK$108.20
Time Is Now Allstars Volume 3
Cat: TIN 024. Rel: 10 Jun 22
UK Garage
Y U QT - "Pick Me Up" (4:22)
Cortese - "Regatta" (4:58)
Prozak - "Next To You" (4:46)
Yosh - "To Me" (5:31)
Main Phase - "Pull Up Tool" (6:18)
Groovy D - "Wun4Me" (5:26)
Review: The Time Is Now crew are just unstoppable, and as if you needed more proof here's a new batch from their Allstars series. These 12"s give serious bang for your buck, with six heaters packed in, all guaranteed to get the dance going buckwild. Y U QT leads in with the sneaky stepper 'Pick Me Up', followed up by the slender, sophisticated 2-step delights of Cortese and Prozak's bright, bold and bouncy 'Next To You'. On the flip the prolific Yosh drops some dexterous breakbeat damage like only he knows how, Main Phase gets into the cheekiest of club smashers and Groovy D offers up something moody and soulful.
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 in stock HK$110.25
Cat: SUPERVISION 02. Rel: 24 Feb 23
UK Garage
Bon - "Coal Mining" (5:44)
Mjog - "Whition" (4:50)
Glockta - "Here Come The Pretzels" (5:37)
Max Casebolt X Raynor - "Adversary" (3:30)
Groovy D - "Tell Me" (7:03)
Oldboy - "Fast Track Funk" (4:39)
Review: A six-track UK garage smorgasbord comes courtesy of Supervision, making it very clearly known that their artists are masters at replicating the time-honoured practice, at least in garage, of 'not overthinking it'. From the off - BOn's 'Coal-Mining' - we're struck by the charmingly loose rhythmic quality of this EP, which rails against the glossy pomp of 'nu-garage'. Familiar names such as MJOG crop up with dark breaks-inflected fillers, while further highlights include the bassliney 'Here Come The Pretzels' by Glockta and the glitchy, sultry, stop-starty wobbler 'Tell Me'.
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 in stock HK$116.43
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