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Neroli Italy Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Neroli Italy
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Emotional Intelligence
Cat: NERO 047. Rel: 10 Dec 19
Deep House
Chaos In The CBD - "Emotional Intelligence" (feat Nathan Haines & Dave Koor) (6:21)
Chaos In The CBD & Lee Pearson Jnr Collectiv - "It's Up To Me" (feat K LaDawn & Joe Armon Jones) (5:08)
Chaos In The CBD & Lee Pearson Jnr Collectiv - "It's Up To Me" (feat K LaDawn & Joe Armon Jones - instrumental) (6:07)
Review: On this rare outing on Neroli, Chaos In The CBD has been joined by a wealth of friends and like-minded musicians. They first join forces with saxophonist and fellow kiwi jazz legend Nathan Haines and talented South London keys player Dave Koor aka Modified Man on A-side "Emotional Intelligence", a deliciously deep, positive and melodious affair rich in jaunty Clavinet riffs, simmering strings, smile-inducing chords and groovy, bongo-laden drums. On side B they offer up vocal and instrumental versions of "It's Up To Me". K. LaDawn, Joe Armon-Jones and Lee Pearson Jnr Collective are the guests this time round, and their contributions - hazy, soulful vocals, mazy electric piano solos, jaunty jazz-house drums and so on - help make the track a sensual, slow-burn dancefloor delight. Almost all Chaos In The CBD EPs are worth checking, but this one is extra-special.
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 in stock HK$112.31
Love To The World: Theo Parrish Reinterpretations
Cat: NERO 053. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Deep House
Love To The World (Theo vocal mix) (6:27)
Love To The World (Theo acappella mix) (3:14)
Review: Neroli is always a safe port of call for real, soulful strains of house music, but even by their own standards they've gone further out this time around. The dream team of Patrick Gibin and Kaidi Thatham backing Josh Milan on vocals was a house holy grail when 'Love To The World' dropped last year, but now that magical combination of artistry gets a shot in the arm from the one and only Theo Parrish. On the A side, the Detroit legend lays on one of his inimitable rugged beatdowns, decorated with piano flourishes and punctuated with clattering percussion that takes the track higher and farther. On the flip, the track gets stripped right back for a special acappella version which lets Milan's voice and the light-fingered piano work intertwine in a beatless reverie.
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 in stock HK$102.12
Chasing Dreams
Cat: NERO 044. Rel: 26 Jul 22
Deep House
Chasing Dreams (6:53)
Remember When? (6:46)
New Day (5:23)
Review: Whether operating within house or techno, Motor City producer Patrice Scott's productions are always shot through with the warmth of machine soul. "Chasing Dreams", the lead cut from the producer's first outing on Italian imprint Neroli, is a perfect example. Dancefloor chops are provided by a rolling drum machine rhythm, while life-affirming positivity comes via Scott's canny use of spacey chord sequences and fluid, Larry Heard style piano motifs. It's a simply sumptuous track. It comes accompanied on side B by the deeper and woozier "Remember When?", where gentle pianos cluster around a bubbly electronic bassline and brilliantly stereo panned percussion, and the lingering synth solos and spacey electronics of hip-hop tempo slow jam "New Day".
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 in stock HK$112.31
Reaching For The Stars
Cat: NERO 046. Rel: 23 Jul 19
Deep House
Reaching For The Stars (8:44)
Moonlight (3:44)
Riverside Drive (4:33)
New Ways (4:48)
Review: Hot on the heels of the "Lush Culture" EP with Deetron that landed on Perpetual earlier this summer, more lush licks come from Mr Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium. Four soul hurricanes that range in weight and emotion, the two poles here can be found slap-bang in the middle of the EP: "Moonlight" is a sultry brushed-drum break for lovers while "Riverside Drive" jacks like a rhino but soothes you with big breeze feels. Elsewhere "Reaching For The Stars" cruises on a skippy break with airy early 90s New York pads and "New Ways" closes on a stunning 88 tip. Have nice dreams y'all.
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 in stock HK$114.27
EP IV (12")
Cat: NERO 057. Rel: 24 Mar 22
Funky/Club House
Make The Right Move (feat Noreen Stewart) (3:34)
Make The Right Move (instrumental) (3:40)
The Stakeout (4:50)
Jam Number Six (3:20)
Review: Broken beat innovator Dego and The 2000Black Family join forces for this latest 12" on Neroli Italy and it is a classy affair, as you would expect. 'Make The Right Move' opes in joyous fashion with gorgeously sunny synths and flesh bass over loose limed drums.The vocal harmonies are heart melting and the whole thing makes an indelible impact. After the instrumental version comes the 'The Stakeout,' a flute led and upbeat stepper with more lush Rhodes chords and a hint of MPB. Last fo all is the playfully sleazy and down low funk burner 'Jam Number Six.'
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 in stock HK$122.41
Inside Part 2
Cat: NERO 055. Rel: 24 Sep 21
Deep House
Domu - "Point Of Entry" (3:48)
Hieroglyphic Being - "Black Hands Sound 63" (6:19)
Patrick Gibin & Kaidi Tatham - "Don't Read" (5:46)
EDB - "You Bring Me Joy" (feat Marsha & Alberto Lincetto) (6:03)
Review: Second chapter of the 'Inside' series of various artists eps selected by Neroli's very own Volcov. This time with a more eclectic approach than the previous volume, exploring more electronic landscapes with Domu's downtempo ambience song aptly titled 'Point Of Entry' and Jamal Moss's unmistakable sound on his opus 'Black Hands Sound 63' on the first side. On the flipside Mother Tongue's own Patrick Gibin returns with another bouncing collaboration with Kaidi Tatham entitled 'Don't Read' and new upcoming wonder producer EDB serves 'You Bring Me Joy' with the help of Alberto Lincetto on keys and NTS resident Marshmello on vocals!
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 in stock HK$110.25
Down & Up EP
Down & Up EP (12" + art print)
Cat: NERO 060. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
On The Line (feat Lori) (4:11)
Brilliance (4:24)
Nothing Ever Changes (4:26)
Ya Nah Gonna Get It (feat K15) (5:04)
Just Roll (4:53)
Review: Broken beat fans take heed, the mighty Domu is back. Through his peak prolific years in the 00s Dominic Stanton helped define the scene orbiting Co-Op in London alongside Bugz In The Attic, Kaidi Tatham et al. One of his prime outlets for the skittering drum programming, rubbery bass and soul-drenched keys was Neroli, and now he returns to the label to toast their 60th release after something of a ten year hiatus. If you love Domu and the broken beat sound, you're going to love this record. Ascendant chords, rhythmic chops to jerk your hips to and a consistent warmth to keep you cosy - this is the sign of a true master at work.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Robe Of Dreams
Cat: NERO 059. Rel: 05 Apr 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
The Ancient City (1:55)
Ethereal Plane (4:34)
I Saw Pharaoh Levitate (3:47)
Sinai (4:03)
We Are All Miles' Children (5:23)
Robe Of Dreams (3:21)
Path To Discovery (5:03)
Path To Enlightenment (5:42)
Negev (3:45)
Review: This latest edition to the Neroli catalogue sees the arrival of a new album project from long time hero, Kirk Degiorgio. Imbued with folkloric sensibilities, Robe Of Dreams is an example of the sheer transportative abilities of electronic jazz fusion, melding sounds that are almost rooted but not quite of this world. The first track, 'The Ancient City', follows a cresting wave of shimmering synths - a portal into Degiorgio's hypnagogic soundworld. 'I Saw Pharaoh Levitate' features a melody that dances, skipping with the lightest touch across a field of glittering cymbal percussion. 'Sinai' explores the roughened textures of warped electric guitar riffs, woven to create atmospheres of marbled spaciousness and density. 'Robe Of Dreams', however, is the title track for a reason - expanding and contracting piano melodies melt effortlessly into dreamy electronic atmospheres, rising and falling and veering into moments of unsettling minor keys with extraordinary precision. A masterful and spiritual project from the extraordinary musician.

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 in stock HK$220.41
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