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Yossi Amoyal Presents Fluere II
Cat: SUSH 52. Rel: 14 Dec 20
Minimal/Tech House
Jin Choi - "High Quality Schal" (Baby Ford remix)
Sten - "Circles"
Mark Broom - "Gira"
Edward - "Sender"
Review: The second instalment in Yossi Amoyal's Fluere compilation run brings further leftfield house and techno delights into one place, in honour of Sushitech's 15th anniversary. First up on this 12" is Baby Ford's impeccable remix of Jin Choi, which adds extra layers of drama to Ford's trademark minimal clicks and pops. Sten's 'Circles' is a pristine, dubby tech house workout, while Mark Broom's 'Gira' sounds all the better for a modern remaster 25 years after its original release. Edward's 'Sender' finishes the record off on a nervy, unsettled note where lingering off-key tones hover over a dense and twitchy minimal beat.
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 in stock HK$57.14
100% Juice
100% Juice (2xLP)
Cat: REKIDS 201. Rel: 22 Apr 22
100% Juice (4:59)
Slush (4:10)
Rainbow Bridge (3:59)
Reverse (4:45)
Wonky Workout (4:29)
I Want (4:23)
Boxed In (4:44)
Wiggle Me This (5:06)
Review: Mark Broom is a techno veteran, but just because he enjoys that sot of status doesn't mean he has lost his edge. He proves that here with a hefty new record on Radio Salve's mighty Rekids. It bangs from the off with his signature heavy drums defining each of the tracks across all four sides of vinyl. '100% Juice' is peak time tackle with incendiary hit hats and loopy synths, 'Slush' is a head melter with more warped lines and elsewhere 'Wonky Workout' does exactly what says on the tin. There is a brilliantly unsettling and eerie vibe to 'Boxed In' and straight up dance floor fire in 'Wiggle Me This.'
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 in stock HK$185.82
100% Juice Album Sampler
Cat: REKIDS 198. Rel: 09 Mar 22
100% Juice (Sampler mix) (4:01)
Contigo (4:46)
Nod To The D (5:51)
Spiked (3:59)
Review: Following the release of his blisteringly heavy Funfzig album on Rekids last year, Mark Broom returns to Matt Edwards' imprint with a teaser for the hotly anticipated follow-up, 100% Juice. As you'd expect, there's no messing around from the UK techno veteran, with opener '100% Juice (Sampler Mix)' delivering a bowel-bothering, cranium-snapping blend of rave-igniting, minor key stabs, booming bass and stomping beats. In contrast, 'Contingo' is trippy in tone thanks to all manner of overlapping synth lines, while 'Nod To The D' sees Broom blend his own drum machine-driven take on techno with vintage Motor City sounds. Rounding off a rock-solid EP is 'Spiked', a raw and razor-sharp techno throb-job primed for peak-time floors.
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 in stock HK$102.12
Loop 132
Loop 132 (10")
Cat: BEARDTEN 002. Rel: 09 Mar 21
Loop 132 (5:20)
Loop 131 (5:40)
Review:  There is a reason Mark Broom is still so revered in techno circles after all these years. He has a knack for sound design and crafting such powerful kicks that his tunes are always irresistible to both DJs and dancers. He offers up two more high grade weapons here for the second release on Beard Man. First is the maximal minimalism of the bendy 'Loop 132' with its glitchy hits and undulating synths, then comes the more driving and uplifting dub techno banger 'Loop 131.' The titles of these tunes make you wonder just how many of these this man has sitting on his computer ready to go.
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 in stock HK$97.91
Mutated Battle Breaks Vol 4
Cat: RSPX 53. Rel: 09 May 23
Hard Techno
Tube (3:35)
HF2 (Bass Line mix) (3:32)
TEST25 (4:11)
Whisper (3:26)
Structure (3:26)
909 Workout (3:14)
Rush (4:00)
Late Night Rave Muncher (Tribal mix) (4:04)
Review: Mark Broom's Mutated Battle Breaks series is proving to be some of the most inspired music from the UK techno stalwart in years. When you're getting a Mark Broom record you expect a certain degree of techno functionality, but here he's ladling the rock solid rhythms with serious funk and flair. The offbeat synth groove of 'Tube' feels like a nod to Robert Hood's pioneering style, but Broom does plenty to jazz the music up in his own way. 'HF2 (Bass Line Mix)' features some cheeky acid and a subtle swing to the hats which will get you locked in hard, and then 'TEST25' fires off an absolute stormer with some of the toughest finger-clicks you'll have ever heard in a peak time techno monster, laden with disco string stabs.
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 in stock HK$118.39
RSPX presents Actualize Part 1
Cat: RSPX 50A. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Mark Broom - "Late Night Rave Muncher" (5:10)
Dustin Zahn & Marcal - "Charger" (6:08)
Klint - "Mustang" (5:28)
Hemka - "Yiga's Groove" (5:49)
Review: Radio Slave comprehensively lassoos all of the artists to have released under his specialist sublabel Rekids Special Projects for this new compilation, Actualize. With the label originally conceived as a vinyl-only offshoot of Rekids, the imprint has seen to all manner of quality releases over the years, seeing to a reservation of only the best music the wider Rekids world has to offer. Charting contributions from Mark Broom, Klint, Hemka and more, this four-track sampler teases the wider digital comp, and spans nothing less than stimulant industrial techno of the crunchy variety.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Illegal Alien XVI Vol 4
Illegal Alien XVI Vol 4 (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: IARLTDXVI 4. Rel: 08 Aug 23
Robert Armani - "Circus Bells" (7:08)
Ken Ishii - "Receiver 58" (6:11)
Mari Mattham - "Scared From Est" (2:31)
Mark Broom - "Smoothh" (3:41)
Mike Dearborn - "Projections" (5:56)
Dig-it & Ricardo Garduno - "Midnight Rhythm" (6:12)
 in stock HK$120.45
Zzzz EP
Zzzz EP (12")
Cat: EPM 27V. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Kos (6:00)
ZZZZ (4:13)
Track 4 (5:31)
F9 (4:16)
Review: On this latest drop on EPM, the steadfast UK techno label welcomes steadfast UK techno titan Mark Broom for a collaboration with Australian in Berlin Patrik Carrera. The result is four slices of no-nonsense jackhammers from two experts in the field, leading in with the edgy loops and bludgeoning kicks of 'Kos' and neatly stepping over to the shoulder-shaking pressure of 'ZZZZ'. 'Track 4' features one of those deadly chord stabs which just lands squarely between the eyes, while 'F9' rides the cymbals mercilessly and keeps an abundance of funk in the low end - pure dancefloor dynamite in action from two well-versed detonators.
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 in stock HK$126.62
Casino Classix (reissue)
Cat: IFACH 011. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Hot Pot
Beach Club
Review: Casino Classix is one of several aliases for legendary minimal man Baby Ford. Here it is also the name of a four-track EP that finds the long time UK underground operative working alongside fellow British techno luminary Mark Broom on a quartet of devastating cuts. 'Ringer' opens up with some dark and nimble baselines darting about beneath a dense layer of percussion and FX. 'Hoppa' is then a more precise and minimalist cut with wonky bass snaking down low beneath the icy hi-hats and jumbled toms. There is a warm dub depth to 'Hot Pot' to kick off the flip and 'Beach Club' shuts down with a restless mix of synth daubs and deft percussion over an ice cold groove.

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Tags: Minimal
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