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New releases last eight weeks: International

International vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Mam Tola
Cat: PH 45032. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Florence Adooni & Erobique - "Mam Tola" (2:57)
Erobique - "Bach In Afrika" (4:22)
Review: Florence Adooni has been called Ghana's Frafra gospel queen in the past, and with good reason. First single 'Mam Pe'ela Su'ure' arrived in 2021 to widespread acclaim, and she followed up on Philophon with 'Yinne' late last year. Now Adooni is back on the label for a collaboration with German artist Erobique, who is normally found making quirky synth disco cuts. On a visit to Max Weissenfeldt's studio in Ghana, he crossed paths with Adooni and so the lilting, sweetly sentimental 'Mam Tola' was created. The B-side of this single finds Erobique flying solo for 'Bach In Afrika', riding a swift beat from Kung Fu Andoh and flexing on the Hammond organ for an uptempo fusion which might well catch you off guard and make you dance all the same.
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Tags: African
 in stock HK$79.68
Desert Wind
Desert Wind (1-sided red vinyl 7")
Cat: HC 80. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Desert Wind (4:07)
Review: Hot Casa France reissue a sultry drum workout from master Turkish darbouka player Yasar Akpence's 2004 album 'Passion Percussion'. 'Desert wind' layers unbelievably tight darbouka trills and phrases over a pulsing, almost dembow-esque core, making for a perfect Balearic DJ tool for any occasion. We can imagine this one bookending hypnotic techno wormholes in a small hours Donato Dozzy set, with its wide stereo drum intrusions and tight production longing to be aired off a suitably weighty soundsystem. Truly chameleonic and compelling music!
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Tags: Turkish
 in stock HK$130.64
Plata O Plomo
Plata O Plomo (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: OGR 856. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Plata O Plomo (5:08)
Reality For Nuthin' (3:58)
Review: Original Gravity's very own identity-invention Nestor Alvarez returns with yet another two new and hot Latin funk productions. 'Plata O Plomo' takes its namesake from an old Spanish adage, literally translating to English to mean "silver or lead", implying that the recipient of the phrase must either accept a bribe or lose their life. In keeping with this heavy-handed theme, the track is punchy and surface-tense as a bullet yet to exit the barrel. Meanwhile, 'Reality For Nuttin' gets at an equally nihilistic and existential theme, all while finding joy in the conundrum of life with huge rhythm guitars and pop-out pianos and brasses.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock HK$91.93
Tighten Up & Take It Over
Tighten Up & Take It Over (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ECR 002. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Tighren Up & Take It Over Boogaloo (Lessons #3) (3:49)
(Hey Girl) Try It, You'll Like It Boogaloo (Lessons #4) (3:23)
Review: Si Cheeba tops up his nascent Cheeba's Latin Bros edits venture with a new addition to the Echo Chamber label. Following up 'What You Gotta Say - Hey Hey!' released earlier this year, now appears two tutorials for you, on how exactly to handle any forthcoming electric boogaloo, before you blow a fuse... as ever continuing his mission to join the dots between funky and soulful sounds past and present, Cheeba delivers two fresh, impossible-to-source samply instrumental edits straight to the dome - the first a handclapping, big-breaksy dance pedagogy (it's urgent upstarts like you learn), and the B laying down a more seductive medley ("try it...") replete with a djembe solo.
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Tags: Latin | Boogaloo
 in stock HK$87.81
What You Gotta Say Hey Hey (Boogaloo Lessons #1)
What You Gotta Say Hey Hey (Boogaloo Lessons #1) (hand-numbered orange vinyl 7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: ECR 001R. Rel: 16 Oct 23
What You Gotta Say Hey Hey (Boogaloo Lessons #1 ) (3:58)
I Wanna Get High (Boogaloo Lessons #2) (3:17)
Review: Si Cheeba is a veteran of Manchester's jazz dance and broken beat scene and on this new project he's going in hard on Latin grooves and giving them a serious cut and paste flair. This is the kind of record which should be kept in your back pocket for festival season, but it's got more than enough heat to light up a winter's night too. There's a little of big beat's sass in the madcap collage antics on both sides of this boogaloo-baiting bomb, with 'I Wanna Get High' taking the cake for holding down the groove for maximum satisfaction on the floor.
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Tags: Latin | Boogaloo
 in stock HK$120.45
Viemos De Longe
Viemos De Longe (limited 7" + insert)
Cat: BJR 45031. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Viemos De Longe (4:24)
Visita Noturna (4:22)
Review: Collignon brings some real class to this new one on Bongo Joe Records. It is a tidy two-track 45rpm that is best described as psychedelic tropical. Opener 'Viemos De Longe' is a dense and busy mix of warped synth wobbles and steamy jungle effects, humid pads and mystic melodies that take you deep into overgrown flora where all manner of birds and frogs await with their weird and wonderful calls. Add in some psyched-out rock guitars and a sense of 60s spy theme funk and you have a marvellous cut. Flip it over for further sonic fun in the form of the magical 'Visita Noturna.'
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Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock HK$97.91
Brazilian Rhyme (reissue)
Cat: ABEWAF 001. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Brazilian Rhyme (Danny Krivit re-edit) (3:00)
Runnin' (Danny Krivit re-edit) (8:18)
Review: Danny Krivit's officially sanctioned re-edits of Earth Wind & Fire's "Brazilian Rhyme" and "Runnin" have been sought-after since they first appeared on a Japan-only 12" back in 2004. In fact, such is demand that even later bootleg pressings now go for silly money online. As this reissue proves, though, they're arguably amongst Krivit's strongest scalpel works. Certainly, his three-minute revision of the always too short "Brazilian Rhyme" teases it out to just the right length, in the process delivering a sweltering, sing-along summer anthem. The flipside revision of the equally as summery "Runnin" is every bit as good, with Krivit making merry with the original's life-affirming scat vocals and killer piano solos.
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Tags: Jazz Funk
 in stock HK$118.39
Sacred Love
Cat: SE 703. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Sacred Love (feat Giulia La Rosa) (4:14)
Sacred Love (feat Giulia La Rosa (Clapping version)) (4:19)
Review: As Galathea, Sicilian producer Massimo Napoli has been cooking up some outstanding cuts for the Italian Space Echo label over the past couple of years. Afro-Latin rhythms, soul jazz, dub and more besides all feed into his sound, which manifests perfectly on this new single fronted by vocalist Giulia La Rosa. 'Sacred Love' has a stripped-back, minimalist approach which makes it all the more potent, as Napoli exercises a restraint which creates drama and tension in the negative space around the groove. La Rosa's smouldering vocal is the icing on the cake for this deep, funky cut which will turn heads each and every time it gets dropped.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Italian
 in stock HK$95.95
Cumbia Cienaguera (Jacques Renault Edit)
Genesis - "Cumbia Cienaguera" (Jacques Renault edit) (4:45)
Sangre Joven - "Chevere" (Jacques Renault edit) (4:59)
 in stock HK$97.91
Que Es Contigo
Cat: NYCT 7086. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Que Es Contigo (3:55)
Lo Vivido Fue Importante (3:08)
 in stock HK$136.81
Maledetta Quella Notte
Cat: GRLP 01. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Zenzero (4:09)
Saraceno (3:56)
Maledetta Quella Notte (3:49)
Stracciatella (4:10)
Elisir (3:21)
Richiamami (5:21)
Review: 'Maledetta Quella Notte' is the first EP by Il Mago del Gelato, a new band from Milan (IT) with a strong Mediterranean imprint. This first album of theirs runs through funk, afrobeat and jazz; all the divergent strands make up the project, later convergent and blending in a nigh-perfect balance. Warm, watery, jazz-futuristic and easy on the ears, it's all held together by the uniquely Milanese fusion of vocoder, percussion, 80s synths, and roots guitars.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Italian | Jazz Funk
 in stock HK$191.89
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado remixes)
Cat: RNT 45011. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's Gulab Jamun rework) (4:10)
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's 4 AM mix) (4:48)
Review: Elado Gulab Jamun did a fantastic job with his edit of this Bollywood gem to the extent that it has become a real dancefloor gem that's been much loved all around the world for the last two years. Now it makes its way to a 7" vinyl pressing and is backed with his 4am mix of the same tune. This one is a sublime and dubbed out, acid tinged electronic trip that comes with original CD artwork that pays great tribute to original artist Nadim Khan. Another tasteful outing from Razor-N-Tape for this fresh edit.
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 in stock HK$112.31
Ain't Nothing But A Boogaloo Party
Cat: OGR 858. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Ain't Nothing But A Boogaloo Party (3:39)
Fiesta Bugalu (4:51)
Review: "Here we go again, yeah!" exclaim Luchito Rodriguez and Nestor Alvarez - Original Gravity's two core mainstays - who team up once again to evoke the undeniable spirit of a 'Boogaloo Party' for the ages. Channelling the sound of the inimitable Latin dance style, but also gradating it so as to be mixable in DJ sets, 'Ain't Nothing But...' delivers compelling call-and-responses and horn-swelling builds. 'Fiesta Bugalu' dubs things out for a reflection on the party just gone, retaining the tempo but relaxing things for extra percussive effect.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock HK$91.93
Ah Free Ka EP
Ah Free Ka EP (12" repress)
Cat: COOP 1207. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Ah Free Ka (5:08)
In The Jungle (4:56)
Bruda Fela (4:40)
Review: Somewhat surprisingly, the "Ah-Free-Ka EP" marks 4hero man Marc Mac's first appearance on Cooperation, the label established by the crew behind legendary West London broken beat night Co-Op, since 2007. Given the label, the veteran producer is in a bruk-up kind of mood, kicking things off with the polyrhythmic broken rhythms, vocoder vocals, jaunty synth riffs and weighty sub-bass of "Ah-Free-Ka". The track's not too subtle old school electro influences are explored further on hybrid bruk/electro/Afro-funk jam "In The Jungle", while "Bruda Fela" is little less than a contemporary broken beat tribute to Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti.
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 in stock HK$97.91
Diablos De Chuao
Diablos De Chuao (red marbled vinyl 7")
Cat: BJR 45029. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Diablos De Chuao (3:00)
Navaja Bogota (4:11)
Review: Cyril Cyril and Meridian Brothers are two entirely different bands, but they complement each other exceedingly well on this fresh release for Bongo Joe, whose preferred turf lies somewhere between the inosculated canopies of experimental, psych, folk and tropicalia. On the A, Cyril-Cyril's 'Diablos De Chuao' is a beautifully chanty bop through Venezuelalike rhythms, electric guitars and synths; the B-side's 'La Ciudad De Los SueNos', meanwhile, mixes cumbia, dub and electronic beats.
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 in stock HK$97.91
Talon Haut
Cat: ATGN 005. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Talon Haut (4:44)
Ce Bon Comme Sa (Dancefloor edit) (5:38)
Review: Dominican band Midnight Groovers was founded back in the early 1970s and went on to become known as one of the best around at what they did. They have a unique sense of sway and swing and cadence to their music and that is well exemplified by the A-side tune on this new 45 rpm. It makes for a double pronged attack on both body and soul. The flip side 'Ce bon comme ca' features an edit by Dominique Panolm, a singer-songwriter from Guadeloupe who keeps the energy but updates it with a more modern touch that is sure to ignite dan floors. Another superb offering from Atangana Records.
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Tags: Zouk | Gwo Ka
 in stock HK$171.41
The Remix Machine Vol 2 (Nickodemus remixes)
La Isla - "Megablast" (feat Eribertho Cruz) (4:12)
OVEOUS & QVLN - "Queimar" (3:31)
Myles Bigelow - "Los Ojos" (feat Toto Berrie - Nickodemus & Zeb remix) (4:29)
Antonis Antonio - "Yiorti" (feat Efthymia Alphas) (5:42)
Balkan Bump - "Cocek Amerika" (4:13)
Lagartijeando - "Cumbia De La Muerte" (4:33)
Review: Last year, Wonderwheel Recordings founder returned to Turntables on the Hudson with The Remix Machine, a vast digital compilation (and eight-track vinyl sampler) featuring some of the countless reworks he's completed since the 1990s. This second 12" expands on that set, serving up six more of the New York-based producer's favourite re-rubs. There's plenty to set the pulse racing throughout, from the rolling Cuban house business of his Megablast tweak ('La Isla'), and a low-slung, d&b-influenced Latin breaks take on OVEOUS & QVLN, to a suspenseful slab of psych-funk-goes house (the New Yorker's tweak of 'Yiorti' by Antois Antonio), and even some bouncy, low-tempo Balkan beats (Balkan Bump's 'Codek America'). Hot global fusion business!
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 in stock HK$179.64
Shakti (7'')
Cat: WONDER 222. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Shakti (feat Falu) (4:55)
The Shadow Thief (feat The Spy From Cairo & Pernett - instrumental) (4:08)
 in stock HK$97.91
Cat: INWOODDJ 001. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Barabariti (6:56)
Salsa Salsa (7:12)
Tags: Latin | Salsa
 in stock HK$159.26
Cumbia Descarga
Cat: JS12S 130. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Cumbia Descarga
Cumbia Descarga (Akio Nagase Acid dub mix)
Ragga Cumbia
Ragga Cumbia (Akio Nagase Cumbiacid remix)
Review: Whatever the rest of the world can do, Japan often does it better, no matter how unlikely the subject. And once again here we have evidence that is true as Japan-based cumbia artist Real Thing returns with two fresh new gems as good as any you could find coming out of South America. Real Thing has been a DJ and producer in Osaka for the last 20-plus years and has dropped music on the likes of Emotional Especial. The two tunes he serves up here and fiery and heavily percussive rhythms with wild synth lines woven in, while Akio Nagase adds two even more wild and wonderful acid remixes.
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Tags: Japanese | Cumbia
 in stock HK$214.43
All You Got To Do
All You Got To Do (clear marbled vinyl 7")
Cat: WCR 019. Rel: 04 Dec 23
All You Got To Do (feat Jimmy James & Alex Rose) (4:29)
Original (feat Marina Alberto) (4:01)
Review: Reposado aka Tequila Funk brings more Latin and Afro flavours magic to this new 7". It makes a perfectly international soundtrack for global dancefloor fun with A-side 'All You Got To Do' bringing an uptempo soul vibe with some legendary guitar from the one and only Jimmy James, while some soulful background cooing comes from Alex Rose. It's a feelgood gem that will unite all who hear it and then the reverse is a salsa-tinged delight. 'Original' has masterful piano from Marina Albero and is an irresistible gem that completes a fine two-tracker.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock HK$100.06
Yona (7")
Cat: SBS 701. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Yona (3:13)
Ya Habib (2:39)
 in stock HK$122.41
Sidi Bou Said
Cat: FLKR 002. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Sidi Bou Said
El Haouaria
El Haouaria (Byron The Aquarius Late Night dub)
Sidi Bou Said (Theme)
! low stock HK$126.62
Moblack Gold Vol VIII
Cat: MBRV 028. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Enzo Siffredi, MoBlack - "Shikiria" (feat Mariam Zawose - Day mix) (3:58)
Roberto Palmero - "Fatiha" (5:49)
Safar - "Scandalosa" (feat LeCloarec) (7:25)
Badbox - "Zurna" (7:13)
 in stock HK$112.31
The Model
Cat: NYCT 7087. Rel: 26 Oct 23
The Model (4:42)
Cumbia De Las Planideras (4:40)
Review: Sonido Gallo Negro drop the cumbia anthem that no one knew they needed- a Joe Meek-esque psychedelic guacharaca-laden version of Kraftwerk's 'The Model'. Theremins and phased electric guitar jangles perfectly straddle the song's languid groove, and the uncanny, sedated nature of the original is preserved- perfect spooky season tackle. The flipside is a more upbeat psy-fi cumbia offering bound to get any self-respecting dancefloor swaying in a manner most zombified. Another indespensible release from the Sonido Gallo Negro camp!
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Mexican
 in stock HK$136.81
Guayaba (7")
Cat: VAMPI 45100. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Sonora De Lucho Macedo - "Guayaba" (4:18)
La Logia Sarabanda - "Guayaba" (4:49)
 in stock HK$110.25
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell remixes)
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell remixes) (transparent yellow vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: SRM 230. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Afro Jazz version) (14:04)
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Cosmic Arts dub) (8:37)
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Afro dance Rough demo version) (7:19)
 in stock HK$171.41
Leao Leonardo
Leao Leonardo (7" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: SC 727. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Leao Leonardo (3:12)
Guajiru (2:55)
 in stock HK$104.18
Ray's Delight
Cat: LGF 716. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Voodoocuts - "Ray's Delight" (4:36)
Tommy Manero - "B-Boy Chunga!" (2:57)
Review: This latest addition to the Legofunk series is sure to precipitate somatic reactions, whether floorbound crowds like it or not. On the A, Voodoocuts pins down a massive Latin / Afro-funk boogaloo edit for 'Ray's Delight', topped off by trilling trumpets and palm-outstretched piano chords. On the B, Tommy Manero gets samplier with it, collapsing the spatial-temporal plane between breakdance and salsa for 'B-Boy Chunga'.
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 in stock HK$112.31
Funky Bocas
Funky Bocas (7" + booklet limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DSCBOX 011. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Wilson Boys - "Funky Bocas" (3:44)
Alma Fuerte - "Baila Muchacha" (3:24)
Review: Discodelic has established itself well with its first ten releases and now the 11th keeps up the momentum with a pair of funky psychedelic jams. First up is the Wilson Boys with their 'Funky Bocas' which pairs busy Afro rhythms with tight interwoven guitar lines and their impassioned vocal cries. It's a full flavour jam with oodles of charm and then on the flip is something just as solid. Alma Fuerte's 'Baila Muchacha' is a brilliantly loose jumble of raw rock guitars, shuffling samba rhythms, flame vocals and synth magic that will electrify the 'floor.
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Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock HK$189.93
Funky Bocas
Funky Bocas (yellow & red splattered vinyl 7" + booklet limited to 100 copies)
Cat: DSCBOX 011C. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Wilson Boys - "Funky Bocas" (3:43)
Alma Fuerte - "Baila Muchacha" (3:24)
Review: Discodelic does not muck around when it comes to putting out their music on vinyl - they serve up a standard black version but often also a cured pressing alongside it. And that's what we have here - a yellow and red splattered vinyl 7" with a booklet featuring some backstory, and all heavily limited to just 100 copies. Musically this one packs a punch too with Wilson Boys opening up with 'Funky Bocas' - a busy Afro rhythm with tight interwoven guitar lines and big vocal cries. On the flip is Alma Fuerte's 'Baila Muchacha' with its hypnotic mix of aw rock guitars, shuffling samba rhythms and flamey vocals.
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 in stock HK$210.32
Badala Zamana (reissue)
Cat: MTMB 01. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Badala Zamana (3:11)
Badala Zamana (extended) (4:15)
Review: Here's something rather tasty: a reissue of Zohra's obscure - but brilliant - 1977 single "Badala Zamana", which joined the dots between dancefloor disco and a traditional form of Algerian music known as "Rai". The original seven-inch single has become a sought-after item of late and it's easy to see why. Although the vocals are Arabic and the infectious rhythm draws heavily on the artist's Algerian heritage (she apparently moved to France when she was four), the sweeping strings and funky bass are straight out of the New York disco playbook (or at least the French translation - some may hear a touch of Cerrone here and there). It's a genuinely thrilling and hard-to-resist hybrid. Happily, the label has included a fresh extended re-edit on the flipside that stretches out the all-too-short original mix to four and a half spellbinding minutes.
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! low stock HK$114.27
Waiting For Zion
Waiting For Zion (2xLP + fold-out poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: CPT 620. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Waiting For Zion (4:19)
Life (4:20)
Yamahaica (3:40)
Water (3:13)
Pomplemousse (6:05)
Nineoneone (4:50)
I Want More (4:19)
Big City Blues (4:02)
Five G's (4:06)
Kisumu Bound Bus (Nyatiti mix) (6:13)
Bubbles (5:06)
Sunset (4:09)
Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock HK$318.41
Latopa (LP + insert)
Cat: VNABALA 233. Rel: 25 Oct 23
Lalubanche (Elegua I) (6:13)
La Comida (4:26)
Latopa (Elegua II) (4:41)
Obatala (6:08)
Abondan (6:07)
Peze Cafe (4:00)
Abukenke (Elegua III) (4:33)
Tags: Afro Jazz | Latin Jazz | French
 in stock HK$187.78
Sweet Country
Cat: BIB 01. Rel: 17 Oct 23
Haleluyah (6:12)
Sweet Country (6:28)
K'ale San Wa (6:28)
Congratulation (5:10)
I Want To Know (6:33)
Free Namibia (4:57)
Review: Akin Nathan's Ijama is one of those rather mythical artists that related just one album, but an album that has endured through time and remains a classic to this day. It was a band formed from Akin Nathaniel, Big John Oaikhena, Didi Lead, Frankie Ntoh Song, Geoffrey Omadehbo, Johnny Woode and Yakubu Daniel and their 'Sweet Country' came in 1982 in their native Nigeria. It's a lush tapestry of sounds from across the world, all with an Afro twist - funk, soul, world and country all feature next to boogie and Afrobeat with plenty of hooky vocals.
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 in stock HK$208.26
Al Fajer (The Dawn)
Al Fajer (The Dawn) (turquoise vinyl LP)
Cat: MAJAZZ 002LP. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Halalalalayya (6:58)
3an Insan (5:39)
Rubbama (1:53)
Liqaa (2:37)
Filisteen (1:32)
3aneed Ana (2:24)
3an Al Umniyat (3:24)
Yamma Mweil El Hawa (4:08)
U3linuha (3:00)
Halalalalayya Music (5:28)
Played by: Stunty
 in stock HK$324.69
Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua
Cat: MRBCD 273. Rel: 20 Oct 23
Electric Fish
Nuvem Vermelha
Coisa Maluca
Boy Of Stranger Things
Camelo Azul
Insista Em Mim
Let's Go To Before Again
Debaixo Do Pano
Dr Sabe Tudo
 in stock HK$93.89
Mr Money With The Vibe
Mr Money With The Vibe (limited bone & red splattered vinyl LP)
Cat: ERE 929. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Dull (1:40)
Terminator (2:28)
Organise (2:01)
Peace Be Unto You (PBUY) (2:27)
Dupe (2:45)
Muse (1:54)
Joha (2:27)
Nzaza (3:01)
Ototo (2:37)
Reason (feat Russ) (1:50)
Sunmomi (2:47)
Sungba (feat Burna Boy - remix) (3:38)
Tags: African | Afrobeat
 in stock HK$177.68
Work Of Art
Cat: ERE 970. Rel: 17 Oct 23
Amapiano (feat Olamide)
What's Up My G
I Believe
Lonely At The Top
Great Guy
Tags: Afrobeat
 in stock HK$89.77
Magg Tekki
Magg Tekki (LP + insert)
Cat: MRI 203LP. Rel: 09 Nov 23
La Musique Du Coeur (3:03)
Begue Begue (3:25)
Sama Nene (4:42)
Kora (interlude) (0:56)
Magg Tekki (3:43)
Baye Ndongo (3:43)
Xarritt (3:44)
Mix Louange (4:48)
Kora (interlude II) (1:19)
Borom Darou (3:32)
Review: Assiko Golden Band de Grand Yoff is a drum collective from Dental that has been, nay all accounts, tearing up their local nightlife scene in Dakar. An array of 14 different percussive instruments plus horns, winds, balafon and accordion all back the Senegalese poet Djiby Ly as they coo up spiritually infused polyrhythms, the energy of Fela's orchestras and the grooves of Tony Allen. Though steeped in ancient rituals and tradition, there is plenty modern thinking on display here in a collection of vital, exciting music that is very much alive with purpose as well as groove.
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Tags: African
 in stock HK$191.89
Espiritu Vivo
Espiritu Vivo (gatefold LP)
Cat: LBLBOP 48. Rel: 16 Nov 23
La Noche Y El Dia (4:29)
Si Me Quitaran (3:30)
Caracunde (4:10)
El Fusil Del Poeta (5:28)
Se Me Van Los Pies (5:33)
13 De Mayo (4:20)
Toro Mata (6:40)
Afro-blue/Zum Zum (5:19)
The Anchor Song (5:29)
Tags: Latin
 in stock HK$204.14
Back To The Taverna
Back To The Taverna (LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: RUMI 012. Rel: 07 Nov 23
The Sound Of Baglama (3:15)
Mia Dekara (3:31)
Aman Kuzum (4:35)
Rampi Rampi (3:44)
Benim De Canim Var (3:41)
Dimitroula Mou (3:18)
Mine Konda Mou (2:19)
Den Se Lismono (5:35)
 in stock HK$191.89
Exotica Absolute
Cat: PSALM 23118D. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Busy Port (Ritual Of The Savage)
Sophisticated Savage
Jungle River Boat
Jungle Flower
Stone God
Quiet Village
Jungle Jalopy
Love Dance
The Ritual
Despair (The Passions)
Simba (Tamboo!)
Oasis Of Dakhla
Taboo (Caribbean Moonlight)
Deep Night
The Breeze & I
Ay, Ay, Ay
Green Eyes
Out Of This World
Sway (Quien Era)
Tags: Latin
 in stock HK$114.27
Vapor (CD)
Cat: GBCD 146. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Na Quarta-Feira
Marginal Elevado Radial
Baile Flutuante
Mar Virado
Loa Lua
 in stock HK$93.89
Dimanche A Bamako
Dimanche A Bamako (limited LP)
Cat: SS 075LP. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Wato To (8:07)
Ma Cherie (7:48)
Toure Iseye (6:44)
Cherie Ye Bani (9:10)
Mali Mussow (9:14)
Tamala (5:03)
Tags: African | Afro Rock
 in stock HK$195.91
Vamonos Que Nos Vamos
Vamonos Que Nos Vamos (limited milky clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: FG 012. Rel: 07 Dec 23
San Antonio (Fandango) (4:21)
Madre Luna (Sentao) (5:06)
Madre Sol (Fandango) (3:52)
Madre Fuego (Sentao) (3:43)
El Bocao (Chalupa) (3:27)
Colombia Sin Panama (Sentao) (4:19)
Akie En La Avenida (Sentao) (2:54)
Vamonos (Sentao) (3:09)
Tags: Colombian
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Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical (remastered)
Cat: LBLBOP 1S. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Jorge Ben - "Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma)" (3:50)
Maria Bethania & Gal Costa - "Sonho Meu" (2:49)
Gilberto Gil - "So Quero Um Xodo" (4:53)
Caetano Veloso - "Um Canto De Afoxe Para O Bloco Do Lle (Lle Aye)" (3:06)
Caetano Veloso - "O Leaozinho" (3:06)
Chico Buarque - "Cacada" (2:57)
Chico Buarque - "Calice" (4:06)
Lo Borges - "Equatorial" (3:13)
Milton Nascimento - "San Vicente" (2:47)
Gilberto Gil - "Quilombo, O El Dorado Negro" (4:29)
Jorge Ben - "Caramba! Galileu Da Galileia" (2:28)
Nazare Pereira - "Caixa De Sol" (3:27)
Nazare Pereira - "Maculele" (2:29)
Caetano Veloso - "Queixa" (4:19)
Gilberto Gil - "Andar Com Fe" (3:16)
Jorge Ben - "Fio Maravilha" (2:15)
Milton Nascimento - "Anima" (4:11)
Caetano Veloso - "Terra" (6:42)
Review: It was originally back in 1989, that iconic Talking Heads frontman David Byrne first shared his love of music from Brazil with the world. He dropped a three-part collection called Brazil Classics that focused on MPB, samba and Forro music. It was a nascent scene back then but has exploded now - still, these albums have withstood the test of time and are still essential. This is volume one and it has been remastered for the latest reissue on his own label. It offers a mix of landmark and lesser-known cuts from some of the true masters of Latin genres and remains a vital addition to your collection.
Read more
Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Samba | Bossa Nova
 in stock HK$259.32
Viva Eu
Viva Eu (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: BD 1745. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Canto Suave (4:44)
Interior/Exterior (4:18)
Pelas Ruas Do Recife (3:02)
Toshiro (4:25)
Tomara (4:13)
Reis E Rainhas Do Maracatu (3:34)
Profunda Solidao (4:08)
Laranja Azeda (3:00)
Triste Baía Da Guanabara (2:48)
Baiao Do Acordar (4:06)
Un Canto (3:08)
Linha De Montagem (3:00)
Sem Fim (4:23)
Viva Eu (4:11)
Minas Geraes (4:13)
Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Italian
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Chica Chica
Chica Chica (gatefold LP)
Cat: CHICALP 23. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Muchacho (4:34)
Disco L'African (4:03)
Mr Withers (4:10)
Memoria De Mexico (3:26)
La Punta (3:37)
Year Of The Dragon (3:58)
Chica Chica (3:52)
Infierno (4:52)
August End (4:03)
El Burro (3:41)
 in stock HK$222.57
Somanti (CD)
Cat: BJR 93CD. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Monche Pye
Vini We M
Fey Nan Bwa
Kote Nap Mete Lwa Yo
Viyaya Keke
Tags: African
 in stock HK$110.25
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