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New releases last eight weeks: Leftfield

Leftfield vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Don't Give Up
Cat: RLV 4503. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Don't Give Up (feat Mounika) (2:29)
Tema Di Susie (1:35)
Review: As part of the RELOVED series from Four Flies - co-curated with fellow indie label Little Beat More - comes one of a handful new reinterpreted versions of Alessandro Alessandroni's 'Tema di Susie', the star soundtrack cut from the 1976 Italian noir film Sangue Di Sbirro. With the film regaling a gangland drama centring on revenge, passion, and the madness of love, Alessandroni's original minute-and-a-half-long cut is an eerily serene counterpoint to its themes and here appears alongside a new remix from French producer Mounika, who fleshes out the original cinematic-soul number's circa-140bpm headnod and serene flauting with beefier drums and wilder piano flourishes; this is a juxtaposition you can hear as clearly as day here, on this A-and-B'd delight.
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 in stock HK$126.62
Four Moves EP
Four Moves EP (limited transparent green vinyl 12")
Cat: M 0008. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Mirage (8:07)
Virtual (5:20)
Haunted (5:19)
Solano (7:36)
Review: MCMLXV welcomes back Analog~1 for a third outing here. It is an alias of JS Zeiter and one that is reserved more for esoteric and electronica tracks following notable outings on labels such as Furthur Electronix, Meandyou and We're Going Deep. 'Mirage' kicks off with melancholic pads and dubby chords over crisp minimal drums that sink you into a reverie. That vibe continues through 'Virtual' and 'Haunted' which care both sophisticated atmospheres with subtle electro-tinged rhythms and quietly emotive pads. 'Solano' closes down with another icy and cavernous space that is filled with meaningful synth craft to make for another classy EP.
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Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock HK$110.25
Unfixed (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: STS 419LPC. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Birmingham Screwdriver (4:31)
Wick & Wax (9:07)
Golden Hammer (4:25)
Percussive Maintenance (8:34)
Review: Barker makes his debut for Smalltown Supersound here with four cuts that find him move away from the beatless experiments of his 2019 album Utility and his Debiasing EP the year before. Here the Berghain resident explores what he says is "the variability and sonic possibilities of the kick-drum." The EP kicks off with the acid-laced first single 'Birmingham Screwdriver' which is a fine introduction to what is a fine EP. The EP reflects the organic approach that Barker takes to making music and showcase great ideas and fine sound designs throughout.
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Played by: Evan Michael
! low stock HK$126.62
Honkytonk Cheeseballs
Honkytonk Cheeseballs (cassette + booklet)
Cat: KR 55. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Mojave Disco Ball
Looking At The Things
Muppet Particles
On Magic Pavement
Asses On The Ceiling
Photon Dust Mirror Portal
Mood Hoover Version
Xmas Visitors
In Memory Palace
 in stock HK$67.43
Half Speed
Cat: ALSD 002. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Seams (5:24)
Half Speed (3:27)
Flown (8:23)
The Fifth (5:03)
Review: Batu has proven himself hugely capable of making a wide range of music. He might be best known for his perfect techno designs but here delves further into the world of ambient. Across four tracks he explores a number of moods with painterly synth work that is detailed with gentle percussion, gorgeous keys, and in the case of 'Flown,' jazzy splashes of cymbal. 'Half Speed' is idk a slow awakening on a distant planet. 'The Fifth' brings more bright and energy synth motifs and 'Seams' is a soothing lullaby. A beautifully escapist listen.
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 in stock HK$122.41
Flight (12")
Cat: B 15. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Flight (7:23)
Golf 4 (6:43)
Played by: ISOUL8 (Volcov)
 in stock HK$89.77
Flyin Lo Fi Remix EP
Flyin Lo Fi Remix EP (limited double 12")
Cat: P BUMTEEPOP. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Kiss Me Quick (Myoptik remix) (7:55)
Kiss Me Quick (4:08)
Flex (2:37)
Flex (Roy Of The Ravers Dont Mean A Fookin Thing mix) (3:45)
One For Da Laydeez (Crispy Jason remix) (5:36)
One For Da Laydeez (4:10)
Kiss Me Quick (Inkipak Venting Plasma mix) (8:01)
Heavy Soil (3:30)
Review: JP Buckle's 1998 album Flying Lo-Fi is an unsung gem of the Rephlex catalogue, full of crunchy flair and all the qualities you want in a kick-ass braindance record. Buckle has more recently been reactivated with scattered releases on Bandcamp and the like, and now he's revisited his finest hour with a remix double pack which takes us back to some of the album's standout cuts bolstered by remixes from the current crop of electronica legends. 'Flex' and 'One For Da Laydeez' sound as fantastically crunchy as they did back in the day, but it's great to hear emergent acts like Crispy Jason (spotted elsewhere on Winthorpe Electronics) getting freaky with such feisty source material. Look out for the Roy Of The Ravers version of 'Flex' - another highlight on this high-grade braindance affair.
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 in stock HK$206.20
Between Darkness & White Snow
Cat: NE 92. Rel: 07 Dec 23
I (10:18)
II (10:16)
III (14:06)
IV (4:05)
Review: Matti Bye is Between Darkness & White Snow on this deeply absorbing new 12" on Northern Electronics. It comes as four separate pieces that all play out as part of a larger narrative. First up is 'I', a quiet, gloomy landscape on a grey winter's day with the gentle sound of flowing water and muted synth modulations placing you right in the middle of it. 'II' has more presence, a growing sense of melancholy and unease and 'III' allows a little heavenly light into the mix to gently uplift. The final chapter has a feeling of hope with subtle keys radiating from deep inside.
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 in stock HK$193.95
Sweet Adventure
Cat: 1ASIA 0010V. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Munir's Bandung First Trip (7:15)
Meng Que's Yard (2:50)
Mogwaa's Studio In 07307 (5:52)
Knopha's Re-clockwork (3:11)
Review: 1asia is a label that focusses on Asian artists from a broad array of genres and Caslean is next up with the beguiling Sweet Adventure, a remix EP that finds her work reinterpreted by an array of innovative talents. 'Munir's Bandung First Trip' is serene electronica with lush and dreamy lines and naive vocals floating up above the smooth and uplifting rhythms. 'Meng Que's Yard' brings jumbled percussion and sugar synths to a broken beat jumble and 'Mogwaa's Studio In 07307' is a retro-future cut that pairs bouncy nu-disco with dubby pads. Last of all is 'Knopha's Re-clockwork,' another innocent and pure electronic world of neon synths and intriguing vocals.
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 in stock HK$179.64
Well Of Sand
Cat: MIST 007. Rel: 31 Oct 23
Command D - "Half Blue" (Violet mix) (5:03)
DYL - "PJ2" (5:21)
Beats Unlimited - "Burn Your Theremin" (6:12)
Foreign Material - "The Living Planet" (6:42)
Tammo Hesselink - "Petse" (5:29)
Third Space - "Push" (part 2) (5:33)
Review: Sure Thing presents Well of Sand, its second compilation. Six tracks from the label's friends and favourites, each new to the roster, offer bold, untempered explorations of tempo and weight, a concise yet expansive collection recalling the deliberate cadence of rippling sand and the sheen of shimmering oases. From Command D's subtly groundswelling, but snappy 'Half Blue (Violet Mix)', to Foreign Material's alarmingly alien 'The Living Planet' and Third Space's supremely stereoized, lowercase opus 'Push (Part 2)', this is a release for that large intersection of audiophiles and techno-philes.
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Played by: Mimi, Tom Drew, Rave Energy
 in stock HK$104.18
PIAS 40 (12")
Cat: BIAS 4014. Rel: 23 Nov 23
You Suck (4:13)
Tool & Die (5:48)
Guerillas In The Mist (4:23)
Unity Of Oppression (4:03)
Friendly Fascism (4:50)
Brutal Equation (4:13)
 in stock HK$104.18
Renata Tracks II
Renata Tracks II (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: PHORMA 014. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Pace (Variation) (3:17)
Pace (7:36)
Into Dust (8:21)
I Only Said (6:15)
Review: Adam Craft is back with a second selection of his Renata Tracks. The first EP in this series came back in 2017 on Arsenik Records but here he lands on Phorma. Things kick off with the cinematic ambient of 'Pace' (Variation) which then becomes a deep and dubby techno roller in original form. Things stay well below the surface with 'Into Dust' which is another fresh dub cut that is rippled with frosty chords. 'I Only Said' is a traintrack groove that locks you into its linear rhythm and keeps you there for a lovely old hypnotic trip.
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 in stock HK$93.89
Cumbaya (12")
Cat: WADR 005. Rel: 17 Oct 23
Tropical Nutrition (3:53)
The Liquid State (5:01)
Tools For Progress (4:19)
Le Fond Des Choses (7:23)
 in stock HK$106.14
Dancefloor Classics Vol 4
Dancefloor Classics Vol 4 (limited 10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: RAJATON 02D. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Tweets (3:05)
You Check (3:03)
Hero Forever (3:48)
Don't Pick Up (2:37)
Review: Finnish underground icon Sasu Ripatti returns under his most frequently used pseudonym, Vladislav Delay, for another bout of Dancefloor Classics. The series has already established a loyal following, and the fourth episode is enough to explain why, even if you've not encountered any of the preceding instalments. Music for imagined dancefloors is how the official release information puts it, it quickly becomes clear just how vivid that imagination is. Throwing down a string of footwork inspired cuts, the four tracks here are frantically upbeat and packed with filthy, jacking potential. But they're also deep, at times ghostly - or at least a little eerie - and ground in a desire not just to make people move, but also push sounds forward into new territories. Never an easy line to tread, the overall results hit as hard as the beats themselves.
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 in stock HK$159.26
Cadere (mini CD single + download code)
Cat: PITPZD 029. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Alpha (live)
Review: Past Inside The Present is at it again, and by 'it' we mean both releasing great music and also doing so on unusual formats. This new single 'Cadere' is taken from Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea's forthcoming long-player, which will arrive in the Spring of next year, and it comes on a rather unusual glass-mastered 3" mini-CD which includes a download link and code. It's a lush and widescreen ambient single detailed with subtly uplifting chords coated in lo-fi hiss and hum. Also included is a live version of 'Alpha' which in its original form was on a previous album of the same name. It's from James Bernard and Kevin Sery and was recorded live at the Gothic Chapel in Indianapolis so has a decidedly spiritual edge.

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 in stock HK$40.77
Ark Welders Dub
Cat: BNG 008. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Ark Welders Dub (4:01)
This Bitter Dub (4:08)
Review: Techno doesn't often come on 7" but do not let that put you off this superb new drop from Bump'n'Grind. It features dub techno legend Deadbeat in fine form across two devastating cuts. A-side 'Ark Welders Dub' is a menacing and prowling track with a picked bassline and smeared chords to add real depth and weight. It's one to foster a heads down mood on the dancefloor, while emotional release comes in the form of the flip side. 'This Bitter Dub' is a more sparse sounds with hissing hi-hats skating over the drums while bittersweet synths and an aching blues vocal ring out up top.
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Played by: Tom Drew
 in stock HK$106.14
DJ Relax
DJ Relax (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: OF 001. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Development (Imposter Syndrome mix) (8:04)
Prototrek (7:20)
Liquid Rats (Environment mix) (7:50)
Beach Goth (ADHD Re-work) (7:44)
 in stock HK$104.18
The Other Stranger (reissue)
Cat: DRIVE 009. Rel: 16 Nov 23
The Other Stranger (3:58)
Strange (5:46)
Review: We first heard Doxa Sinistra's 'The Other Stranger' on the radio airwaves, but we suspect its status as an early coldwave oddball has been bubbling under for a good while. Instantly recognisable for its catchy, wahhy lead synth and unusual time signature - leaving the listener to wonder where on earth the inspirations for this track came from, not least for an early-eighties industrial band (Brian Dommisse, Hanjo Erkamp, Jan Popma, Ruud Kluivers) otherwise concerned with making crude rubbly dance - this track is an intense listen and one for the ages. Now remarkably reissued on Midnight Drive after its initial release over 40 years ago on Trumpett Tapes, this one stands the test of time; proof of this is the B-side 'Strange', which removes the obscure movie samples and sounds to recreate the track from scratch.
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 in stock HK$97.91
Rosa Rugosa
Rosa Rugosa (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: HES 045. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Rosa Rugosa
Camelia (4:16)
Cassia (5:12)
Review: In the wake of The Knife, Olof Dreijer has been plenty busy behind the scenes and scattering hints of his incredible production for those paying attention. Now it feels like he's building to a wider profile breakthrough as he lands a knockout blow with this release on Hessle Audio. It's a maverick release, which is its pass into the curious sound world shaped out by Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea, but equally it brings something new to the label. The joyous, colourful melodic daubs across the EP alone are something to make a dance collectively look up in wonder, with 'Camelia' being an especially beautiful, uplifting track to bring hope and positivity when so much club music tips towards the darkness.
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 in stock HK$114.27
Earth 2.23 Special Lower Frequency Mix (Loser Edition)
Earth 2.23 Special Lower Frequency Mix (Loser Edition) (limited translucent blue vinyl 12" (indie exclusive))
Cat: SP 1603. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Angels (feat Flowdan - The Bug remix) (4:20)
May Your Vanquished Be Saved From The Bondage Of Their Sins (Robert Hampson remix - vinyl edit) (14:52)
Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine (Justin K Broadrick remix) (9:23)
Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine (Brett Netson version - vinyl edit) (10:25)
Review: .
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 in stock HK$183.76
A/B (limited hand-stamped 12" in hand-stamped sleeve (comes in different colour sleeves, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: GRAFT 02. Rel: 16 Nov 23
A (4:28)
B (Equohm remix) (5:07)
 in stock HK$120.45
Alpha Wave Experience
Alpha Wave Experience (12" + insert)
Cat: AWEEDLP 001. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Dan Ghenacia & Javier Ferrer - "The Oracle" (9:55)
Dan Ghenacia & Javier Ferrer - "Silencio Betakick" (8:08)
Dan Ghenacia & Tolga Fidan - "The Clock Vision 1" (10:45)
Dan Ghenacia & Tolga Fidan - "Pewniverse" (10:09)
 in stock HK$151.12
Saint Ex
Saint Ex (10" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: GDN 45026. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Wind Sand & Stars/Dawn Flight/Cap Juby (Saint-Ex - part 1) (9:08)
Black Pebbles On A White Plateau/July '44 (Saint-Ex - part 2) (9:28)
 in stock HK$128.68
Baby Series 01
Baby Series 01 (limited 12")
Cat: BBS 001. Rel: 27 Nov 23
RAM GODT - "Raised By A Goddess" (7:21)
RAM GODT - "Godt's Touch" (7:44)
VICTOR MUERTE - "Corazon Valiente" (7:32)
VICTOR MUERTE - "El Encuentro" (6:14)
 in stock HK$140.93
Our Circadian
Cat: MEL 002. Rel: 27 Nov 23
7PM (4:39)
3AM (5:07)
 in stock HK$140.93
Escupir Un Burgues
Escupir Un Burgues (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: SBOX 020. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Cyber Chase (4:48)
El Extranjero (5:14)
Las Bolas (6:21)
Escupir Un Burgues (5:33)
Magic Wave (5:44)
Ultraman Theme (5:16)
 in stock HK$120.45
Pink Mist EP
Pink Mist EP (limited 7")
Cat: WST 028. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Pink Mist (2:31)
Minute Of Angle (1:20)
Cairo Connect (2:49)
Pea Soup (1:24)
Review: Cinematic soundscapes, Middle Eastern funk, jazz and breaks make up some of the flavours of the new Havana Syndrome 7", which comes freshly to the repertoire of We Stray True, based in London. On this four-tracker, we hear pristine, front-and-centre library funk delivered straight to the dome; the lead track 'Pink Mist' is indeed a sticky noir-thriller slinker, heavy on the bass and complementary on the Rhodeses and triangles. The ensuing tracks are no less slinky either, with 'Minute Of Angle' as sleuthing and stealthy as a black cat up to no good; then comes 'Cairo Connect' and 'Pea Soup', the first of which brings jazz to the bazaar, while the second mixes back-alleyed night-movements with a flautist's flight of fancy.
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 in stock HK$130.64
Cat: AD 001EP. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Observatory (7:19)
Hounfour (Temple) (7:35)
Review: As Bobby Krlic's project The Haxan Cloak makes a return after some ten years of silence with the 'N/Y' single, it's a fine time to track back and catch up on some of his small but perfectly formed catalogue. Observatory originally came out in limited quantities in 2010, and now it sees a repress to stave off the sharks and allow more people to experience this engrossing short form release. The title track is a strong melodic mantra riding a densely packed organ-like figure into oblivion, allowing the resonant frequencies and harmonics to become the dynamic movement in the track with an expert patience. 'Honfour (Temple)' is a subtler, more shapeshifting piece with gorgeous blooms of ambience and submerged pulses that lead you deeper into Krlic's evocative sound world.
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 in stock HK$122.41
N/Y (1-sided clear vinyl 12")
Cat: AD 004S. Rel: 23 Nov 23
N/Y (4:34)
Review: In a move many might have believed not possible, Bobby Krlic makes a welcome return as The Haxan Cloak with this monumental single. It's no less than ten years since we last heard from the industrial-tinged electronica maverick on his Excavation album, but now he's back with a bruising new piece called 'N/Y' which pops up on both sides of this clear 12" platter. It's a high pressure release full of jackhammer percussion and noise blasts, plus some sirens thrown in for good measure. Holding true to the industrial tradition, it's entirely engineered as a blast of intensity, and Krlic has considerable talent to render such an approach in a powerful, provocative way.
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 in stock HK$122.41
Theories Of Time
Theories Of Time (limited heavyweight green & black smoke vinyl 12" + digital bonus track download code)
Cat: LPY 13. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Distortion (5:18)
Travelling (9:16)
Shift (3:52)
Delay (7:35)
Review: Hidden Sequence have appeared on legendary dub techno label Mosaic in fine form of late and now they land on the Lempuyang imprint with four more serene fusions. Their Theories of Time EP opens up with the swaggering dub rhythms and bottomless depths of 'Distortion', a cut as heady as they come. 'Travelling,' as the title suggests, has a deeper rolling groove and more movement to it as it snakes through underwater dub caverns. Flip it over for more widescreen and serene explorations of the ocean floor with 'Shift' and mysterious leads of 'Delay' which is a fourth and final frictionless dub dream.
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Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock HK$112.31
Cat: ABZ 004. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Icebreaker (7:58)
Meditation 2 (2:34)
Surplus (4:11)
Cut & Thrust (3:55)
Incipit (5:16)
Liminal (3:46)
 in stock HK$138.77
Clear Tamei
Clear Tamei (grey marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: BF 079C. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Paleo Mamu (0:42)
New Vectors (3:33)
Clear Tamei (4:17)
Nama (4:05)
Shrine Hacker (feat Babii) (5:24)
First Voids (0:38)
Steel Mogu (4:06)
Black Light Ultra (4:30)
Mei Mode (3:19)
Niteracer (4:43)
 in stock HK$171.41
QuadroQuill EP
QuadroQuill EP (limited 12")
Cat: 30DEXO 020. Rel: 05 Dec 23
DoreL (9:12)
Ballvian (4:17)
Polymorphic (6:53)
Quantc Bes (5:21)
 in stock HK$110.25
Soft Like Steel
Cat: EM 012. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Welcome (3:38)
Clones (feat Girl_irl) (3:06)
God Is Dead (3:19)
Anxiety (3:43)
Venom (feat Spent) (3:05)
Soft Like Steel (3:29)
Rising (4:37)
 in stock HK$177.68
ZMNT 009
ZMNT 009 (12")
Cat: ZMNT 009. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Gravel Pit (5:40)
Ideal Future (5:05)
Acid Thirst (5:57)
Climb These Walls (5:43)
Review: M Parent's penchant for texture is laid bare on this searing and arresting new EP for Zement. It opens with 'Gravel Pit' which sounds like an audio diary from a car-wrecking plant. Twisted metal, fizzing battery acid, and crushed glass all feature over a distorted baseline and broken rhythm. Those same scuzzy sounds define the rest of the EP from the acid-laced 'Ideal Future' to the coruscated funk of 'Acid Thirst' via the caustic intensity of closer Climb These Walls'. An impressively unique offering that very much has its own singularly sound palette.

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 in stock HK$102.12
Life (12")
Cat: BAP 191. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Sans (6:48)
Life (5:48)
Neurons (5:41)
Pills (4:59)
Review: Under his Machinegewehr guise, Rotterdam's finest, Silas Schletterer, has released a smattering of show-stopping synth-oriented EPs, blowing his many contemporaries in the style out of the park. Life now comes as his fourth album in the style, incorporating cleverly inviting melodies, clean percussion and samples, all to make up a definite dancefloor favourite. The pulsations, the throb, of Machinegewehr persists as ever, but there is a considered melancholy that brings a bittersweet balance to pieces such as 'Life', which emphasise the melodic, hazier side of Machinegewehr's sound over its more hard-hitting parts . A welcome return from a multifaceted musician.
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 in stock HK$130.64
Time Capsule Extensions
Maps Of Hyperspace - "Beta" (Longer version) (7:35)
Off Land - "Collapsar" (extended cut) (7:07)
Glo Phase - "Fire Flies" (extended 12" mix) (6:25)
John Beltran - "The Descendent" (Longer version) (7:29)
Adriano Mirabile - "Caju" (extended version) (7:03)
Sanderson Dear - "A Place For Totems" (extended version) (6:10)
Review: Sanderson Dear's Stasis Recordings released the original Time Capsule compilation in 2020 - a 20-track exploration of ten different ambient techno artists exploring two ideas each in compact form for a box set of 7"s. Now the label has revisited some of the project's standout moments and offered a chance to enjoy extended versions gathered on a single 12". From Maps Of Hyperspace shaping out atmospheric halls of synth work on 'Beta' to Glo Phase offering some gorgeous, sparkling grooves on 'Fire Flies', there's plenty of ground covered on this release. Of course the mighty John Beltran is a big drawer too, and his typically stellar 'The Descendent' doesn't disappoint in its full extended version.
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Played by: Vincent Inc
 in stock HK$151.12
Life & Death: The Five Chandeliers Of The Funereal Exorcisms
Cat: LSSN 088. Rel: 20 Oct 23
Flowers In The Sea (2:47)
Ski Resort (3:06)
Backworth Golf Club (3:14)
Hymn (4:09)
Surprise Party (3:22)
Tags: Dark wave | Synth Pop
 in stock HK$161.31
Aralkum (limited 7")
Cat: APDLT 025. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Aralkum (3:54)
Zellij (3:58)
Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock HK$73.40
Quiet Music Under The Moon Sampler (45 Adapter Edition)
Quiet Music Under The Moon Sampler (45 Adapter Edition) (limited hand-numbered 7" + wooden 45 adapter)
Cat: MUKAT 08845ADAPTER. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Moon Shower
Oyasumi, Ohayo
Review: Mukatsuku looks to the legendary Japanese downtempo producer Calm here for a new, hand-numbered 7" in the form of his 'Quiet Music Under The Moon' sampler. It features two tunes taken from his masterful new album, the first being 'Oyasumi, Ohayo' where subtle synths ripple beneath Balearic leads. It's heartbroken ambient introspection for late-night star gazing. On the flip, 'Moon Shower' is more hopeful and optimistic, with mellifluous layers of synth shimmer like the sun off the Med. It's beautiful and cathartic with Calm's majestic synth craft front and centre.
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 in stock HK$71.44
An Essential Extraction
An Essential Extraction (12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: GXD 005. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Init (V1.0)
Sh-Sh-Sh (V1.0)
Init (V2.0)
Sh-Sh-Sh (V2.0)
Review: Bryn Jones' complex musical legacy as Muslimgauze will still be pored over for a long time to come, but even by his obscure standards this release from 1999 is a bit of a curveball. Without knowing the exact back story, it seems that Jones wound up creating an album by remixing parts from two different records by Species Of Fishes, a Russian duo who were in the early wave of techno and electronica artists in the wake of the Soviet Union's collapse. Compared to the heavily Arabic sound sources and pervasive drums of most Muslimgauze releases, this is a much lighter affair which glides between dislocated electronica and dub, never taking a particularly safe or obvious route but certainly not as ominous as much of Jones' venerated catalogue.
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 in stock HK$114.27
Bald Tag
Bald Tag (limited 7")
Cat: PISTE 037. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Bald Tag (3:49)
Ice Tea (3:02)
Review: Narco Marco returns to Pace In Stereo for more adventures through yesterday's tomorrow. As ever, the production is incredible, offering two tracks that pack a timeless sound informed by Italo, early electro-pop, cold and synth wave, a twin delight that somehow serves as the ideal home or headphone listen, yet is also dance floor ready and primed for proper parties. Starting on the slowest, tempo wise, 'Bald Tag' doesn't exactly owe a debt to Kraftwerk but certainly offers a place for sounds could have evolved in the back catalogue of the German pioneers. It's a weird and warbling, stepping, highly musical ride. 'Ice Tea', meanwhile, opts to get more of a stomp on, glittering harmonies painting stars in the sky above, vocals swapped out for more melodic depth.
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 in stock HK$146.91
Tribal Trabant EP
Cat: LR 082. Rel: 17 Oct 23
1989 (5:33)
Forgot My Lada In Togliatti (5:48)
Tribal Trabant (5:55)
Tribal Trabant (Anastasia Zems remix) (5:31)
1989 (Mike Sacchetti remix) (5:57)
 in stock HK$140.93
Hell EP
Hell EP (limited 12")
Cat: INI 003. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Danger (4:59)
Danger (Metaraph remix) (5:11)
Je Suis Seul (6:17)
Je Suis Seul (6ejou remix) (6:09)
 in stock HK$155.14
That's Me EP
That's Me EP (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: PRSPCT 309. Rel: 02 Nov 23
That's Me (4:11)
The Music Makers (4:41)
Awkward (4:31)
 in stock HK$128.68
Excogitation (translucent green vinyl 12")
Cat: AOR 04. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Excogitation 1 (23:39)
Excogitation 2 (23:31)
 in stock HK$138.77
Lip Locked
Cat: ORO 005. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Lip Locked (6:57)
Just Look At The Rain (5:14)
Review: The moment 'Lip Locked' throws its hulking, lunging, jacking kick drum at you it's pretty clear this understandably rather hyped collaboration between two dons of crossover tones is going to be worth every penny. Then the hypnotic monotoned hook lands, adding a definite air of dance floor cheekiness, and the deal is well and truly sealed. The fact you can flip it to find 'Just Look At The Rain' is really just a bonus, then. But what a bonus it is. A far more staccato, broken affair that takes the tempo up a notch, and uses its breakdowns for purely percussive tension-building purposes, it's a dream of a 'UK club' tune, for want of a better phrase, calling on elements of hardcore breaks, dubstep, and garage-techno to offer something that occupies that all-too-elusive place between seriousness, fun, noise and energy.
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Esplora III
Esplora III (180 gram vinyl 12" in embossed sleeve)
Cat: HYPNUS 039. Rel: 27 Oct 23
Ciclo (6:42)
Altea (6:10)
Mecha (6:20)
Polimorfo (5:59)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock HK$136.81
Leuven Works
Cat: NACHT 02. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Argolay (7:02)
Flacon D'emotion (4:55)
La Psychedelia (7:28)
Leuven Trance Express (8:09)
In The Skatepark (5:37)
Review: Belgian label nacht and The Pilotwings (Louis & Guillaume) present a compilation of works created in the STELPLAATS venue in Leuven, early 2022. In November 2021, right before the second Covid lockdown. Guillaume and Louis were invited by the nacht crew in Leuven to play their first dj-set together since the start of the pandemic. At the time, the nacht crew had just received the first physical release on their brand new imprint, and the team was eager to get the record out into the world. For the second release, however, everything was possible. Before the show, somewhere between the obligatory nasal swab and the third drink, the idea of an unusual collaboration sprouted. Leuven Works compiles five tracks that flowed out of the sessions in STELPLAATS and is a testament to the week that Louis and Guillaume had under the STELPLAATS roof. During their stay, the blood brothers got looked after with love by the nacht team, who provided homemade pizzas and a well-stocked fridge full of Duvels, allowing The Pilotwings to truly root into the Leuven soil and enrich the local landscape with their colourful presence.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
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Love/Hate (limited 7")
Cat: FAIT 34. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Romeo Poirier - "Negative Feedback" (3:36)
The Exposures Aka Jan Jelinek - "Collage Of Digital Passion" (3:00)
 in stock HK$97.91
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