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Bestselling Coldwave/Synth vinyl
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Paradiso Amsterdam 1983
Cat: CL 93598. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Everything Counts (5:47)
See You (4:01)
Love In Itself (4:30)
Pipeline (5:20)
Photographic (4:06)
Get The Balance Right (3:16)
Told You So (4:39)
New Life (4:19)
More Than A Party (5:31)
The Meaning Of Love (2:59)
Just Can't Get Enough (4:49)
Review: Modern day Amsterdam is a bit of an oxymoron. On the one hand, the city proudly brandishes its reputation for alternative and sub cultures, pushing back against lawmakers and their incoherent policies to adopt approaches that are more realistic and levelheaded. On the other, its a place of such rampant commercial development the local government actively discourages visitors and new hotel developments. Look closely, though, and you can still feel the spirit of what, during the latter half of the 20th Century, made this place so special. Paradiso is one of those spots. A waterside cultural venue with a history first as a church, then an illegal squat, before becoming what it is today, the walls themselves seem to pervade a sense of brave, adventurous heritage. An ideal place to catch one of the most defining bands of the 1980s in their heyday, then, here Depeche Mode deliver an astounding set in a space with the atmosphere to match.
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 in stock HK$120.45
Memorabilia (German Remix Edition)
Memorabilia (German Remix Edition) (limited translucent green vinyl 12")
Cat: GDR 1. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Memorabilia (Daniel Miller 2023 remix) (5:16)
Memorabilia (Daniel Miller 2023 remix - instrumental) (5:13)
Memorabilia (The Hacker 2023 remix) (6:35)
Memorabilia (Wally Funk 2023 remix) (5:39)
Review: The birth point of ecstasy in British music is usually credited to acid house and the second summer of love: a cemented vision of kids sweating and vibrating in clubs, fields and warehouses in 1988, united by universal empathy and mind-popping sounds. However, in 1981, a couple of young men from Leeds went to New York, discovered the drug in its infancy, fused its' gritty synth pop to acid house's squelchy 303 groove and recorded an album - Soft Cell's Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. The rest, as they say, is history.
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 in stock HK$193.95
Ethniques Psychedliques
Cat: PLA 032. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Donald Campau - "Welcome To The Needle" (1:05)
Laurent Pernice - "Plan De Coupe" (4:23)
Brian Ladd - "Brian Song" (4:41)
Pacific 231 - "Eve Very Nice" (2:47)
Jacki Moreau - "Knossos" (4:51)
Sound Color - "Wandering Soul" (3:14)
Vox Populi! - "Micro Climax" (9:56)
Mistery Plane - "Disturbing" (4:55)
Sound Color - "The Unconquered Sun" (3:59)
Jacki Moreau - "Paris-Pop" (2:55)
Dreaming With Vox Populi! - "Infusion" (3:23)
Jean Cocteau - "Les Enfants Terribles" (0:47)
Review: Platform 23 reunites once more with Vox Man Records to dig deep into their archives and shine a new light on. In the past they have done some mega well loved Alternative Funk compilations which got the label off to a fine start and now they dig into an array of cult cassette releases to bring us treasure from Audiologie N-4 - The Independant Psychedelic Trip and Audiologie 5 et 6 - Ethniques Urbaines. This is music from the avant-garde and post punk scenes that draws on wave, spoken word, dark dub and industrial for its eerie yet alluring charms, all with a real edge. Ethnic, idiosyncratic and psyched out, this is another great overview.
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 in stock HK$146.91
Run (12" in debossed sleeve)
Cat: HVN 063. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Shakkatam - "Run" (4:56)
Cucina Povera - "Run" (4:58)
Celine Gillain - "Run" (4:38)
Dania - "Run" (4:38)
Review: Miss Nixon and Jacqueline Fuijkschot originally got together for some jam sessions in a sweaty attic circa 2015, and wound up with a track called 'Run' which ended up on a 7" for Das Ding's Tear Apart Tapes. Since then, Hivern Discs have picked up on the track and brought it out of limited-run obscurity to give it a full 12" pressing with some expertly selected cover versions. The original is a threadbare slice of melancholic minimal wave, but Cucina Povera thickens the sound into a brooding slice of ethereal dream pop. Celine Gillain's version is poised and raw, in keeping with her own excellent Mind Is Mud LP. Dania completes the picture with a straining, yearning ambient abstraction of the original.
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 in stock HK$120.45
Violator (reissue)
Violator (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 889853 36751. Rel: 14 Oct 16
World In My Eyes (4:22)
Sweetest Perfection (4:40)
Personal Jesus (4:57)
Halo (4:28)
Waiting For The Night (6:09)
Enjoy The Silence (4:33)
Policy Of Truth (6:32)
Blue Dress (4:23)
Clean (6:43)
 in stock HK$202.18
Leuven Works
Cat: NACHT 02. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Argolay (7:02)
Flacon D'emotion (4:55)
La Psychedelia (7:28)
Leuven Trance Express (8:09)
In The Skatepark (5:37)
Review: Belgian label nacht and The Pilotwings (Louis & Guillaume) present a compilation of works created in the STELPLAATS venue in Leuven, early 2022. In November 2021, right before the second Covid lockdown. Guillaume and Louis were invited by the nacht crew in Leuven to play their first dj-set together since the start of the pandemic. At the time, the nacht crew had just received the first physical release on their brand new imprint, and the team was eager to get the record out into the world. For the second release, however, everything was possible. Before the show, somewhere between the obligatory nasal swab and the third drink, the idea of an unusual collaboration sprouted. Leuven Works compiles five tracks that flowed out of the sessions in STELPLAATS and is a testament to the week that Louis and Guillaume had under the STELPLAATS roof. During their stay, the blood brothers got looked after with love by the nacht team, who provided homemade pizzas and a well-stocked fridge full of Duvels, allowing The Pilotwings to truly root into the Leuven soil and enrich the local landscape with their colourful presence.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock HK$106.14
Dreamer (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 288. Rel: 27 Apr 23
In Light (6:45)
Dreamer (3:52)
This World Couldn't See Us (3:41)
Sunflower (3:58)
Lilac Twilight (4:04)
Gentle Heart (5:49)
Sky River (3:43)
Sweet Emotion (Lost In Devotion) (4:17)
A Tender Victory (3:43)
Closer Lover (4:51)
Review: It is now five years since Nabihah Iqbal got widespread critical acclaim for her debut album Weighing Of The Heart, and finally, she is back with another. This one, Dreamer, was two years in the making and finds the London-born artist, curator, broadcaster and lecturer offering up her most reflective and raw work to date. This versatile talent has done everything from composing music for the Turner Prize to being involved in a performance as part of a major Basquiat retrospective. Here she reflects on pandemic experiences having let the ideas develop in her head before she even turned on her machines.
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 in stock HK$171.41
Les Bains Douches: Live In Paris September 29th 1981 Radio Broadcast
Cat: MV 010. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Any Second Now (3:45)
Photographic (3:45)
NoDisco (3:45)
New Life (3:45)
Puppets (3:45)
Ice Machine (3:45)
Big Muff (3:16)
I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (3:16)
Tora! Tora! Tora! (3:16)
Just Can't Get Enough (3:16)
Boys Say Go! (3:16)
What's Your Name? (3:16)
Television Set (3:16)
Review: When Les Baines Douches was recorded it was a pivotal point in the history of Depeche Mode. The band were coming to the end of a hugely successful European mini tour, and arrived into a Paris alive with counter cultural energy for the final show. After the gig, Vince Clarke would reveal his intention to leave the outfit, bookending an era in their careers to date.So in many ways, what you have here is a bonafide slice of pop music history, the last hurrah of a band as they were, a show performed with a lineup that few could have imagined it would be possible to change. And what a show it was, running through early classics like 'Any Second Now', 'Tora! Tora! Tora!' and 'Just Can't Get Enough'. Heard here with all the raw and almost naive energy they were originally intended to be played with, this is certainly one for the collectors.
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 in stock HK$171.41
Bauhaus Staircase
Bauhaus Staircase (limited red vinyl LP in embossed spot-varnished sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: 100LP 138R. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Bauhaus Staircase (3:55)
Anthropocene (5:52)
Look At You Now (3:16)
GEM (3:04)
Where We Started (2:18)
Veruschka (3:32)
Slow Train (3:58)
Don't Go (3:24)
Kleptocracy (3:00)
Aphrodite's Favourite Child (3:25)
Evolution Of Species (3:06)
Healing (3:30)
Review: .Named after the iconic stairs in the Bauhaus building, Dessau, Germany, designed by Walter Gropius, OMD's 45th anniversary record is worthy of that name: an inimitable piece of design. Musically, Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys have given us many landmarks over their near-half century making tunes (not something you get to write every day) and this is certainly up there. It's also very OMD to opt for a completely fresh addition to the burgeoning catalogue, rather than a series of reissues, to mark the event. That said, Bauhaus is new by definition but perhaps not really design. One of the most immediately captivating things about the record is the fact so much of what's here feels like it's OMD through the ages. Film noir-ish 'Veruschka', politicised numbers like 'Kleptocracy' and dramatic high energy pop aplenty ('Don't Go'), these have always been totems of the duo, and all are back again.
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 in stock HK$234.82
Tonspuren (40th Anniversary Edition)
Tonspuren (40th Anniversary Edition) (limited hand-numbered red vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: BB 040LTD. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Contramio (1:50)
Hasenheide (1:59)
Rattenwiesel (2:24)
Transport (2:12)
Etwas (2:57)
Nervos (2:28)
B 36 (3:13)
Furbo (3:27)
Sinister (3:01)
Immerhin (1:51)
Review: 40 years on, the work of German electronic pioneers is ripe for reflection. Dieter Mobius in particular was in full flight following his breakthrough years in Cluster, working prolifically with Conny Plank for a fruitful collaborative mission as well as his own solo works, of which Tonspuren is one of the finest. As well as creating innovative sonic forms through his exploration of synthesis, Moebius was equally fascinating for the playful spirit of his music. It's as humorous and delightfully odd as it is compelling, whether dealing in abrasive, motorik sequences or revelling in dislocated cascades of textural ambient expression.
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 in stock HK$224.63
Kraftwerk (reissue)
Kraftwerk (reissue) (gatefold LP)
Cat: 630505 8. Rel: 15 Sep 23
Ruckzuck (7:58)
Stratovarius (11:59)
Megaherz (10:35)
Von Himmel Hoch (8:53)
 in stock HK$171.41
Bald Tag
Bald Tag (limited 7")
Cat: PISTE 037. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Bald Tag (3:49)
Ice Tea (3:02)
Review: Narco Marco returns to Pace In Stereo for more adventures through yesterday's tomorrow. As ever, the production is incredible, offering two tracks that pack a timeless sound informed by Italo, early electro-pop, cold and synth wave, a twin delight that somehow serves as the ideal home or headphone listen, yet is also dance floor ready and primed for proper parties. Starting on the slowest, tempo wise, 'Bald Tag' doesn't exactly owe a debt to Kraftwerk but certainly offers a place for sounds could have evolved in the back catalogue of the German pioneers. It's a weird and warbling, stepping, highly musical ride. 'Ice Tea', meanwhile, opts to get more of a stomp on, glittering harmonies painting stars in the sky above, vocals swapped out for more melodic depth.
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 in stock HK$146.91
Non Stop Erotic Cabaret (remastered)
Cat: 554383 3. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Frustration (4:07)
Tainted Love (2:33)
Seedy Films (4:59)
Youth (3:20)
Sex Dwarf (5:00)
Entertain Me (3:34)
Chips On My Shoulder (4:04)
Bedsitter (3:30)
Secret Life (3:27)
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (5:25)
Memorabilia (4:48)
A Man Could Get Lost (3:16)
Persuasion (edit) (3:35)
Where Did Our Love Go? (3:09)
Facility Girls (2:22)
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (instrumental) (5:15)
Fun City (edit) (4:23)
Torch (4:08)
Insecure Me (4:39)
What! (2:47)
So (3:41)
Review: The original sleazy stars of the synth-pop boom, Soft Cell made their presence felt in an instant when they debuted with Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret and their perennial classic cover of Northern Soul standard 'Tainted Love'. Marc Almond and Dave Ball had a widescreen vision of what their music represented, leaning in on a neon-lit, night-walking vision of early 80s Britain which was more candidly outrageous than most were prepared for. But for all the subversion contained in this all time classic of the era, the pop nous is stronger and that's why they managed to be hugely successful no matter how high they waved the freak flag.
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 in stock HK$277.65
Outrun (LP)
Cat: REC 86. Rel: 28 Feb 13
Odd Look
Testarossa Autodrive
Grand Canyon
First Blood
 in stock HK$106.14
Cat: AVG 001. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Transmission (Alexander Arpeggio remix)
Dark Night
Dark Night (Dea remix)
Review: One-off masterpiece release of German minimal synthpop from Gutersloh, Germany in 1984. Recorded in a DIY recording studio in a former prison for the mentally ill, located on the outskirts of a forest near the artists' homes, aptly named Prison Studio, in 1984, the release was privately pressed on 7" by the band itself, distributed in limited quantities and has changed hands only a few times on public marketplaces since its original release. Wave Shape's Transmission has always been as rare as it is good, to quote Basso. Now, the release is made available again to collectors and DJs as the first release on Average. Included in this 12" repress are two stunning new remixes by virtuoso producers and friends Alexander Arpeggio and Aradea Barandana, each bringing their own flavour to the table.
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 in stock HK$181.70
Etazhi (reissue)
Etazhi (reissue) (transparent green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SBR 3037LPC4. Rel: 17 Dec 21
Na Dne (4:06)
Tancevat (3:22)
Filmy (4:18)
Volny (4:14)
Toska (3:09)
Prognoz (3:04)
Sudno (Boris Ryzhy) (2:22)
Kommersanty (3:48)
Kletka (4:43)
Review: Sacred Bones Records has a real coup here as they serve up yet another pressing of the debut album of Belarussian post-punk and synth pop trio Molchat Doma. Originally dropping in 2018 on Berlin label Detroit Records, it was an instant hit online and had more than a million YouTube views in no time at all. The band remains low-key back home but have toured Europe and six successive pressings of this record have all disappeared in quick fashion. With Egor Shkutko on vocals, Roman Komogortsev on guitar, synths and drum machine and Pavel Kozlov on bass and synths, the collective cook-up inviting fusions of new wave, synth pop and post-punk that is dark but alluring, danceable yet thoughtful.
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Played by: ROTCIV
 in stock HK$177.68
Decadence (hand-numbered heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 022. Rel: 14 Jun 10
Game & Performance (3:30)
Felicita (3:03)
Decadence (3:20)
Dance With Me (4:02)
Le Couloir (3:34)
Paris Orly (4:23)
Sex & Trouble (4:14)
Ministry Of Love (3:22)
Minimaliste (2:26)
Le Camion (5:27)
Review: Initially released in 2010, Minimal Wave's retrospective of obscure French '80s outfit Deux remains one of the label's most sought-after compilations. Here, it gets a deserved re-press, allowing a whole new generation of listeners to fall in love with the quirky works of the Lyon-based duo. The album's ten tracks, which were drawn from various obscure cassettes and seven-inch singles, effortlessly join the dots between moody electro, cold-wave, new wave and eccentric synth-pop, reflecting the pair's esoteric approach to wayward electronic pop. This second edition comes in a hand-numbered edition of 999 copies, with Minimal Wave's usual attention to detail present on the weighty packaging.
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Played by: Tomasz Guiddo
 in stock HK$204.14
Courts Or Wars
Courts Or Wars (translucent red vinyl LP + insert limited to 200 copies)
Cat: 197211. Rel: 23 Jan 23
Courts Or Wars (3:47)
Metal Sheet (1:19)
Germany (5:20)
State Of Emergency (4:23)
I Need Noise (1:58)
The Cutting Motion (1:47)
Deadly Norwegian Attack (2:56)
Outlook, Lookout (4:17)
Symphony In Glass (3:33)
Split Screen (4:28)
The Telephone Call (2:30)
Review: Second Layer consist of Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey, better known as members of the post-punk group The Sound. Their lesser-known duo project was closer to the style of buzzy post-punk trailblazer by Alan Vega - and this 11-track compilation album documents the best of the music released in the period from 1979 onwards, including several tracks restored from the original tapes, and all chock-full of the distinctive 'wasp' synth and overall oppressive mix. With their music historically interpreted as a gloomy rumination on technological impositions and class war, it's no wonder the band settled on the name 'Courts Or Wars' here - arguably they're one and the same.
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 in stock HK$175.62
Sanctuary Of Ideas
Sanctuary Of Ideas (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LPDR 011. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Idea's Eve (11:03)
Full Moon Dance (6:51)
Capricorn Rising Over Jerusalemite Temple (23:12)
 in stock HK$97.91
Ritmo Fantasia: Balearic Spanish Synth Pop Boogie & House 1982-1992
Cat: SNDWLP 137. Rel: 17 Dec 21
Marengo - "Puente De Esperanza" (4:33)
Beni Life - "Amor En El Cielo" (5:14)
Silvia - "Me Vas Cantidad" (2:18)
Zas - "I Love My Body" (4:16)
Fernando Girao - "Divorcio" (4:57)
Magia Blanca - "Dejate Llevar" (3:58)
Jaume Escala - "Ciutat" (4:39)
Mogambo - "Dando Vueltas" (3:54)
Tango? - "Tango?" (4:19)
Free Tax - "Paris Babylone" (5:46)
Busy Code - "Bianco" (4:06)
Ma Ritter - "Flamenco Rap (In The Land Of My Dreams)" (3:21)
Scan Man - "Arabian" (5:53)
Madrid Groove - "Suave" (5:00)
Nsue - "Rebelde Silueta" (4:34)
Isamar & Compania - "No Estas" (12" version) (5:43)
Bianca - "Tabu" (Caribbean dub) (5:15)
Poly-C - "Soy Pijo" (Boite-Pijo instrumental) (4:21)
Cuelebre - "Costa Verde" (4:43)
La Guinda - "Jamas Me Casaria Con Un Pirata" (4:03)
Blaumari - "Memories" (4:06)
Review: Ritmo Fantasia is the name of this superb 21 track selection, and it has been curated by Berlin-based, Venezuelan-born producer, DJ and record obsessor Trujillo. As the name suggests, this is music plucked from the outer fringes of the Spanish electronic scene from the 80s and 90 with plenty of proto sounds from the worlds of bleep, hip house, electro, boogie, Iberian pop and plenty more. It is a treasure trove of obscure but essential grooves for Balearic heads and music lovers alike. The artwork alone is worth the cover price, so big up Soundway for this one.
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 in stock HK$191.89
Blade Runner (Soundtrack)
Blade Runner (Soundtrack) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 082564 6122110. Rel: 03 Jun 15
Main Titles (3:42)
Blush Response (5:46)
Wait For Me (5:31)
Rachel's Song (4:42)
Love Theme (4:55)
One More Kiss, Dear (4:01)
Blade Runner Blues (8:54)
Memories Of Green (5:06)
Tales Of The Future (4:46)
Damask Rose (2:32)
Blade Runner (end titles) (4:39)
Tears In Rain (3:15)
 in stock HK$175.62
Strange Disciple
Strange Disciple (clear vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: PIASR 1421LPC. Rel: 14 Sep 23
Weak In Your Light (4:11)
Sole Obsession (4:07)
Surely I Can't Wait (4:04)
Swimming In The Shallow Sea (4:34)
Too Much, Enough (4:30)
Spare Me The Decision (2:45)
Sightseer (4:11)
Stumbling Still (4:33)
A New Goodbye (5:07)
I Will Never Learn (4:50)
Review: On Strange Disciple, Brooklyn-based cold synth pop trio Nation of Language explore their relationship with a very distinct set of emotions: hopeless devotion, temptation, guilt. Like a religious zealot gone rogue - perhaps an image evoked by the cloaked figure on its front cover - the album seems to sonically bastardise its various new wave, post-punk and shoegaze influences, all while channelling the increased energy that has slowly found its way into the music. It mirrors the band's picking-up-of-the-pace as their fanbase has grown and touring schedule has filled up over the years.
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 in stock HK$183.76
World Violation 1990
World Violation 1990 (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: CL 88013. Rel: 24 Mar 23
Intro (3:22)
Never Let Me Down Again (6:47)
Shake The Disease (5:07)
Master & Servant (3:53)
Personal Jesus (5:43)
Stripped (6:25)
Strange Love (4:36)
Policy Of Truth (4:58)
Enjoy The Silence (7:51)
 in stock HK$122.41
Consciousness As A State Of Matter
Consciousness As A State Of Matter (limited orange & green vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: PHLP 23. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Tale Of Devotion (Sunny version) (4:24)
Only For Tonight (5:19)
Warp Drive (5:23)
Energy Sinc (4:03)
Time Crystal (4:15)
Wings Of Time (6:12)
Layers (3:50)
I Am Here You Are There (3:47)
Imagination (4:02)
Final Dance (feat Coloray) (4:05)
States Of Mind (5:36)
Review: Terr, the Berlin-based producer, makes electro very noticeably inspired by sci-fi and retrofuturism, with an added sprinkling of cosmic disco to keep things as optimistic (as the former two genres have a habit of being comparatively dystopian) as they need to be. Consciousness As A State Of Matter is a rollicking ride through Terr's manipulably god-playing vision in electro, exploring the concept of consciousness as a physical phenomenon that can be manipulated and transformed. Of course, we don't need this to be spelt out too hard, as Terr's ability to transmute his ideas from potentiated mind-form into real, DAWbound sound is certainly an example of this. Highlights like 'Warp Drive' and 'Final Dance', backed up by dreamy progressions and mysterious vocal contributions, makes this a welcome addition to Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label.
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 in stock HK$265.39
Baby (limited clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: CITI 030. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Baby (1:25)
Pillow Talk (3:18)
Tell Me (3:07)
A Chant For U (2:38)
The Look (2:31)
Heartbeat (2:52)
Ask Her (2:41)
Suede (3:16)
Dream Sequence (2:42)
It's True (3:40)
Review: Baby is the brand new album from Cosmetics, the Vancouver-based synth wave duo that formed in 2008 but have been rather quiet on the release front in recent times. having teased their return with a superb new pair of singles on 7" recently, now Cititrax/Minimal Wave finally unveil the full album in all its glory. This pair, which is made up of Nic Emm and Aja Emma, fuses artfully crafted synth and wave sounds into something new. It is dark but beautiful, with icy moods and grooves overlaid with the stunning vocals of Emma cutting through in their own alluring manner. The album comes on limited edition clear vinyl and marks a welcome return for this talented outfit.
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 in stock HK$204.14
Seems Like Forever (reissue)
Seems Like Forever (reissue) (limited purple vinyl LP)
Cat: CLE 4644. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Be There Tomorrow
Children Of The Poor
Dark Times
Making A Bomb
When You Turn Away
What Is The Point
Say What We Mean
Tomorrow For Us
 in stock HK$228.64
Wonderful World (remastered)
Cat: TELEX 4. Rel: 30 Nov 23
L'amour Toujours (3:29)
So Sad (3:34)
Raised By Snakes (3:32)
It Could Happen To You (3:08)
Second Hand (3:24)
Tell Me It's A Dream (3:33)
Vertigo (3:29)
The Voice (3:39)
Radio-Radio (3:57)
Wonderful World (3:46)
Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock HK$177.68
Nada Ized!
Nada Ized! (limited 180 gram translucent aquamarine & red smokey swirl vinyl 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: BADVC 66ABTB. Rel: 30 Nov 23
A Nausea (4:25)
Going Dark (5:04)
Their Deception (4:47)
The Trigger (5:23)
The Pole Star Of Eden (4:16)
God A Pale Curse (4:34)
Wolf Rose (5:40)
Heaven Street (4:19)
No Belief (4:38)
The Maverick Chamber (4:13)
My Little Black Angel (3:50)
Luther's Army (4:11)
Last Europa Kiss (3:55)
Break The Black Ice (3:09)
All Pigs Must Die (3:27)
Runes & Men (4:23)
Fall Apart (3:32)
Hail! The White Grain (5:42)
 in stock HK$412.40
Songs Of Faith & Devotion (reissue)
Songs Of Faith & Devotion (reissue) (limited gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 889853 37041. Rel: 14 Oct 16
I Feel You (4:35)
Walking In My Shoes (5:26)
Condemnation (3:19)
Mercy In You (4:13)
Judas (4:58)
In Your Room (6:24)
Get Right With Me (2:58)
Rush (5:31)
One Caress (3:28)
Higher Love (5:48)
 in stock HK$202.18
My Animal (Soundtrack)
My Animal (Soundtrack) (blood red vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: LPNUDE 023C. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Transformation #1 (3:05)
Sanctuary (2:26)
A Walk Home (0:36)
A Soft Howl (0:50)
Winter's Drone (0:46)
Patti's Theme (1:12)
Casino Drive (1:19)
The Slots (3:07)
Transformation #2 (2:42)
Drone (Dream Theme) (1:02)
Soft Love (1:09)
Soft Love (Slow) (0:37)
Hockey Tryouts (1:43)
Back Of Your Car (1:53)
Making Love (2:56)
Climbing Sadness (1:19)
Heart To Heart (2:14)
Crybate (1:30)
Sudden Loss (1:10)
Out Of Time (1:12)
Climbing Sadness (The Funeral) (2:00)
Outside The Rock (1:12)
Something's Building (1:50)
Transformation #3 (2:14)
Review: If you've been paying attention then Augustus Muller will be familiar thanks to the wonders of Boy Harsher. Here casting off the expectations that live act create to focus instead on a debut solo feature film score, those who really have been studying will also know this is actually his third soundtrack following music created for two experimental porn movies a little earlier. Focusing on My Animal, the flick itself is a genre (and mind-)bending romantic horror about a woman tormented by a family curse. Sonically, this translates as tracks which at once play out like an homage to the glory days of atmospheric synth sounds made for movies, from Phantasm to Assault On Precinct 13, while also feeling genuinely fresh and innovative. Suspense by the background refrain and curious key-load, you can listen to it with or without the visuals and still feel immersed.
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Fake Is Real
Fake Is Real (limited pink vinyl LP)
Cat: AV 084LPCOL. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Balance (3:34)
Denial (3:01)
Talk In Dreams (3:54)
Hollowed Out (4:12)
Cellular Sky (3:55)
Do I Look Like I'm Laughing?
Our Fear
 in stock HK$187.78
Circus Underwater (remastered)
Cat: SNDW LP163. Rel: 14 Sep 23
Big Buck Meets The Perpendicular Fish (4:02)
Trees Walk (2:28)
The Surface Of The Water (3:18)
Rugaru By Itself (6:29)
I Wash My Hair With Limes (5:22)
She Dreams Of Golden Gloves Dancing (3:33)
Entrance Of The Deacon (3:21)
Weeping Of Electric Sheep (8:18)
First Hump Of Stately Plump (2:55)
Thunder Daughters Underwater (8:18)
Requiem For The Glass Trapeze (6:52)
Muddy Ghosts Running From Rain (5:46)
Behind The Altar There Is A Carousel (4:19)
Review: Remastered release of Circus Underwater's 1984 self titled outing, including unreleased tracks taken from the original quarter inch tapes. Something of an unsung, DIY prog-electronic masterpiece, Circus Underwater now comes reissued with an insert, which retells the unique story of this oddball duo. An incredibly obscure LP and musical project first conceived under the aegis of Washington DC label Glass Wing, its two founding members are still unknown to us; all we know is that they are/were two friends who set off on a psychic quest - from the beatnik suburbs of their US capital city to the parallel hippie recesses of San Francisco - and produced this ambient prog jetsetter in the process.
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! low stock HK$185.82
Scarred: Live At Brixton Academy
Scarred: Live At Brixton Academy (limited gatefold white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 0217742 EMX. Rel: 16 Feb 23
Intro (2:04)
Pure (4:40)
Me, I Disconnect From You (3:05)
The Angel Wars (4:57)
My Jesus (5:43)
Films (3:42)
Magic (4:58)
Rip (5:10)
Cars (3:41)
Metal (3:42)
Little Invitro (4:27)
Down In The Park (5:09)
This Wreckage (5:53)
Dead Heaven (5:17)
I Can't Breathe (5:40)
Are 'friends' Electric? (5:56)
A Prayer For The Unborn (5:19)
Listen To My Voice (2:20)
Replicas (3:12)
Observer (5:10)
Dance (2:17)
Tracks (5:19)
! low stock HK$204.73
Exciter (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RHI 234300. Rel: 10 Jun 14
Dream On
The Sweetest Condition
When The Body Speaks
The Dead Of Night
I Feel Loved
Easy Tiger
I Am You
Goodnight Lovers
 in stock HK$244.91
Delta Machine
Delta Machine (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 887654 60631. Rel: 21 Mar 13
Welcome To My World
Secret To The End
My Little Universe
The Child Inside
Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
Should Be Higher
Soothe My Soul
Long Time Lie
Happens All The Time
All That's Mine
Review: 32 years on from the release of their debut album Speak and Spell, Basildon's finest drop their 14th full length. While there are echoes of their eyeliner-wearing, synth-bothering futurist past (see the glitchy "My Little Universe" and early New Order-ish "Broken", where Dave Gahan sings about 'dreaming of the future'), for the most part Delta Machine finds them in grinchy synth-rock mode, presumably shaking their fists at passing youngsters like a gang of grumpy old men. Thankfully, they're still capable of great things - "Soothe My Soul" has echoes of "Personal Jesus" - and there's enough to suggest there's some life in the old dogs yet.
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Memento Mori
Memento Mori (limited trifold 180 gram red vinyl 2xLP (side 4 etched) in debossed sleeve)
Cat: 196587 92641. Rel: 24 Mar 23
My Cosmos Is Mine (5:14)
Wagging Tongue (3:22)
Ghosts Again (3:59)
Don't Say You Love Me (3:41)
My Favourite Stranger (3:56)
Soul With Me (4:13)
Caroline's Monkey (4:13)
Before We Drown (4:04)
People Are Good (4:20)
Always You (4:18)
Never Let Me Go (4:03)
Speak To Me (4:38)
Review: Depeche Mode's latest album Memento Mori is one that has been madly anticipated by fans. The record - which comes on wax and in a lovely embossed sleeve here - centres on the mood of grief after the passing of the band's founding member Andrew "Fletch" Fletcher, this is the first LP by a Depeche Mode made up of only two remaining members: Dave Gahan and Martin Gore. The band's progression in their latest years have heard them move into darker, peakier, sadder and more industrial themes, as they make do with a future-present that wasn't promised to them in the 80s, while drawing on deathly topoi and nodding to Ingmar Bergman.
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 in stock HK$342.92
Zuckerzeit (reissue)
Cat: SV 189. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Hollywood (4:43)
Caramel (3:16)
Rote Riki (6:06)
Rosa (4:07)
Caramba (3:54)
Fotschi Tong (4:15)
James (3:23)
Marzipan (3:09)
Rotor (2:36)
Heisse Lippen (2:25)
Review: German outfit Cluster were pioneers in the world of prog rock, Kraut and experimental early electronic music some 50-odd years ago. Their music still resonates to this day - and fetches high prices for those willing to pay it - but thankfully reissues like this keep it available to those of us more interested in the music than the format or the investment value. This one is rooted in cold wave and synth elegance, with its loose-limbed rhythms and bendy chords, cosmic intonations and ever-optimistic melodies all making for a brilliantly unique listen and cosmic journey.
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Clean Current
Clean Current (limited yellow vinyl 7")
Cat: UTR 148. Rel: 05 May 22
Clean Current (2:53)
Repeats (4:21)
 in stock HK$120.45
Techno Pop (reissue)
Techno Pop (reissue) (limited heavyweight clear vinyl LP + 16 page booklet)
Cat: 019029 5272159. Rel: 09 Oct 20
Boing Boom Tschak (3:02)
Techno Pop (7:43)
Musique Non Stop (5:42)
Der Telefon Anruf (3:50)
House Phone (4:54)
Sex Objekt (6:49)
Electric Cafe (4:16)
Review: While not one of Kraftwerk's most celebrated albums, Techno-Pop (known on its original 1986 release as Electric Cafe) has actually stood the test of time rather well - as this re-mastered, re-packaged clear vinyl reissue proves. The A-side suite of 'Boom-Boom-Tchak', 'Techno-Pop' and 'Musique Non-Stop' provides the perfect mix of clanking, metallic electro percussion, addictive melodies and sassy synth-pop sounds. 'House Phone' - an alternative version of 'The Telephone Call' - is also amongst the German band's heaviest, most club-ready cuts, thanks in no small part to Francois Kevorkian's superb mixing. As with the band's other 2020 reissues, this edition also comes packaged with a glossy booklet containing rare and iconic images of the group.
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 in stock HK$242.95
Trans Europe Express (reissue)
Trans Europe Express (reissue) (limited heavyweight clear vinyl LP + 16 page booklet)
Cat: 019029 5272357. Rel: 09 Oct 20
Europe Endless (9:22)
The Hall Of Mirrors (7:41)
Showroom Dummies (6:05)
Trans Europe Express (6:32)
Metal On Metal (2:10)
Abzug (4:43)
Franz Schubert (4:18)
Endless Endless (0:53)
Review: It would be fair to say that 1977's Trans-Europe Express album was one Kraftwerk found their niche. More polished and accessible than its predecessors, the album's blend of futuristic synth-pop songs, trance-inducing electronic grooves and recurring melodic motifs became a blueprint that they would later return to again and again. The B-side suite of train-travel inspired tracks ('Trans-Europe Express' to 'Endless Endless') remains one of their most evocative, atmospheric and perfectly constructed musical works, while opener 'Europe Endless' is arguably one of the most beautiful and life-affirming tracks in their canon. This 2020 edition, pressed to clear vinyl, boasts brilliantly re-mastered sound and a bonus booklet containing iconic images of the band from the period
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West View
West View (limited 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: MW 078. Rel: 14 Feb 22
Cccan't You See (3:38)
My Private Tokyo (6:45)
Promises (3:26)
8:15 To Nowhere (2:50)
Why Me (4:20)
My Man & Me (4:07)
Baby It's Too Late (3:36)
Blue (World Of Blue) (3:46)
Why Me (demo) (3:51)
8:15 To Nowhere (demo) (3:54)
Baby It's Too Late (demo) (4:02)
Fetish (demo) (5:10)
In The Swim (demo) (4:02)
Ask Me To Stay (12" demo) (6:55)
Face Hugger (21st Century '80s) (demo) (4:51)
Eyes That Smile (3:37)
Review: Minimal Wave is honored to present West View, a double LP of rare demos and newly remastered classics by UK duo Vicious Pink. Vicious Pink was an electrifying synth-pop duo formed by Josephine Warden and Brian Moss, who met in a smokey Leeds nightclub in 1981. The pair formed their band Vicious Pink Phenomena and soon after went on to provide gloriously off-kilter backing vocals for their friends, Soft Cell, completely unrehearsed. Later, they dropped Phenomena to simplify their name. Between 1982 and 1986, they released seven singles that all reached the UK dance charts, despite the fact that their ambitions never lay in commercial success. To this day, their music remains artful, catchy, and provocative. West View compiles material from their early days together, featuring previously unreleased demos as well as newly remastered classics like Cccan't You See and My Private Tokyo. The double LP is housed in a glossy heavyweight sleeve, accompanied by a 12-page LP-sized booklet featuring the duo's entire 'how it happened' story, unpublished lyrics, and unpublished photos from those early years. The double LP is limited to 999 copies.
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Alternative Funk: Volume 1 (reissue)
Cat: PLA 023R. Rel: 20 Sep 22
Stanislas Noel & Jean-Christophe Utz - "Money Money" (0:30)
Scoop! - "Caravan" (3:27)
Son Of Sam - "Anti Apartheid" (4:16)
From Raushenberg - "About Fritz" (4:01)
Fist Of Facts - "Fire Breath" (2:14)
Philippe Laurent - "Rapide" (5:45)
Vox Populi & Man - "Alternative Fresh" (3:22)
Zoohtee - "Track 8" (3:00)
Kosa - "Nykowe" (1:20)
Randall Kennedy - "Smith's Room" (2:35)
The Arms Of Someone New - "Cool As Christ" (4:09)
Human Backs - "Takayama Rising" (5:12)
ONY - "Give It To Me" (1:31)
Vox Populi & Man - "Megamix" (2:17)
Review: There's an awful lot going on here, and as such plenty to talk about. Alternative Funk: Volume 1 is both a compilation and reissue, with the original outing landing on cassette in the early-1980s on VP231, a label set up by Pacific 231, AKA Pierre Jolivet. The albums were the brainchild of Axel Kyrou and Francis Man, founders of the legendary Vox Populi!, and their aim was to showcase far out sounds, at least som of which were their own.

What we have in the modern iteration is a snapshot of that expansive and often hallucinatory aural odyssey, with seminal and lesser known artists resting side-by-side on the track list. Stylistically broad, running the gamut from dub percussion to cold wave and industrial, it's yet more evidence of just how fertile a decade the 80s were.
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 in stock HK$171.41
Uprising Vol 1
Cat: LAX 156. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Uprising (vocal mix)
Uprising (instrumental mix)
Uprising (Lauer Ghost Rider version)
Uprising (Lauer Ghost Rider instrumental version)
Review: Thus spake Zaratustra, who clambered down from his mountain lair after ten years of brooding and solitude to let the people of the meadows and grasslands know of the true nature of reality; the overman, aka. Stolt. Nietzsche references aside, this new release by French disco artist Zaratustra, in collaboration with singer Stolt, is a riveting take on electro-disco-Italo; 'Uprising' is a ricocheting heater of immeasurable proportions, channelling the spirit of hi-NRG and new wave in its vocal shrieks, eighth-note bass runs and gated splashy snares. A veritably worthy addition to Skylax's LAX series.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Prisoners Of Love & Hate
Cat: LSSN 087. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Saturday Night, Still Breathing (4:28)
Rely On Me (3:14)
Spit Pit (3:59)
People Make This City (4:15)
Natural Angel (3:35)
Disease To Please (3:59)
Nothing But Perfect (3:38)
Summer Of '03 (3:44)
Feel Good (You Can Make Me) (4:23)
 in stock HK$155.14
The Seeds Of Love (reissue)
The Seeds Of Love (reissue) (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 477071 6. Rel: 09 Oct 20
Woman In Chains (6:22)
Badman's Song (8:33)
Sowing The Seeds Of Love (6:10)
Advice For The Young At Heart (4:44)
Standing On The Corner Of The Third World (5:35)
Swords And Knives (6:13)
Year Of The Knife (7:07)
Famous Last Words (4:02)
 in stock HK$114.27
Heroes (limited translucent blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: COUNT 234. Rel: 08 Sep 22
Golden Gate (6:04)
Brooklyn Friday Love (3:53)
Heartbeat (3:53)
A Place Of Her Own (5:27)
Heroes (5:14)
Heart Worth Breaking (5:08)
Loved By You (3:44)
Aerostar (4:55)
Change Your Heart Or Die (3:32)
Avalanche (4:30)
Souvenir (3:35)
Photograph (2:37)
Energy Never Dies, It Just Transforms (3:49)
Review: The Midnight's latest Heroes is a stark display of the musical evolution of the New York duo. A band that started as a synth heavy proposition, extensive touring across the globe (including a headline at London's Brixton Academy) and the desire not to repeat themselves in creative terms has led to the bigger vision and wider appeal of what their label calls "fully-realised, arena-worthy songs".
Heroes is the final part in a trilogy of albums that started with 2018's Kids, followed in 2020 by Monsters. "For me, Kids is self-knowledge, Monsters is self-love, and then Heroes is empathy," said singer Tyler Lyle. "I got into depth psychology and this idea of aetiology, the way a human forms. The world doesn't get better but we do. We grow into ourselves. We grow into our voice."
Still, Heroes remains definitely more a case of evolution than revolution - there's still more than a hint of the gorgeous synth sounds in evidence, but with a lyrical maturity and smartness that gives even its most pop moments an unexpected twist.
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Exciter (reissue)
Exciter (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 889853 36931. Rel: 10 Feb 17
Dream On (4:19)
Shine (5:30)
The Sweetest Condition (3:43)
When The Body Speaks (5:58)
The Dead Of Night (4:50)
Lovetheme (2:03)
Freelove (6:08)
Comatose (3:23)
I Feel Loved (4:16)
Breathe (5:11)
Easy Tiger (2:13)
I Am You (5:01)
Goodnight Lovers (3:50)
 in stock HK$228.64
Jaz Edits 2
Cat: PF 008. Rel: 27 Sep 22
Cloud Worship (5:13)
Pick A Toy (6:29)
Puzzle (5:27)
Friday Night (5:00)
Review: Under the Jaz alter-ego, John Zahl has been serving up laidback, Balaearic-minded edits of musical obscurities since the mid 2000s. Initially, that was for Claremont 56 offshoot Sixty Five, but in the last decade he's also appeared on Passport To Paradise, Rotating Souls and, most recently, Pinchy & Friends. Here he returns to the latter label with four more rubs of atmospheric cuts from the dusty corners of his record collection. He begins with the wonderfully throbbing, solo-heavy dancefloor synth-scape of 'Cloud Worship', before successfully tinkering with a tactile, semi-organic proto-house gem on 'Pick a Toy'. Over on side B, 'Puzzle' is a tidy revision of a cosmic-minded, French language Balearic synth-pop gem, while 'Friday Night' is an eccentric, off-kilter slab of new wave disco oddness.
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The Age Of Consent (remastered)
Cat: 506055 5216313. Rel: 04 Mar 22
Why? (4:04)
It Ain't Necessarily So (4:44)
Screaming (4:14)
No More War (3:55)
Love & Money (5:06)
Smalltown Boy (5:03)
Heatwave (2:39)
Junk (4:20)
Need-A-Man Blues (4:13)
I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (6:06)
 in stock HK$177.68
Superdream (clear rose vinyl LP)
Cat: COUNT 169CR. Rel: 11 Mar 22
City Of Sound (3:53)
Joypunks (3:15)
6's To 9's (feat Rationale) (3:27)
No Words (3:33)
Alley-Oop (feat Ida Hawk) (3:21)
Pale Blue Dot (2:55)
Maker (4:09)
Mopsy's Interlude (2:12)
Purple Sand (My Home) (3:37)
She Makes Magic (4:19)
Heaven (3:26)
Awaken (3:02)
 in stock HK$136.81
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