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To Dream Is To Forget
To Dream Is To Forget (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: LF 1. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Hammered (3:48)
Little Buddy Move (4:15)
Skylarks (8:02)
Nightfall (2:19)
Scatter (5:04)
Ripple (5:55)
Broken (2:59)
Cage Then Brick (1:57)
Reverse Learning (4:12)
To Dream Is To Forget (6:13)
Review: Since its inception, producer and composer Joe Acheson has carefully developed Hidden Orchestra from a simple initial project concept of 'an imagined orchestra' into something that has flourished into a widespan musical universe of its own, truly unlike anything else. While new album 'To Dream is to Forget' certainly maintains this mission statement, it also brings about a sea-change for the project on a few fronts. Released via Acheson's own newly formed Lone Figures imprint, the musical direction for the record involved a concerted effort to condense musical themes and ideas into more immediate arrangements, with less utilisation of field recordings than previously released material. Amounting to a slow-building sublimation for cathartic live-feel buildups and neoclassical slowdowns, the album sums up its title nicely, quoted from poet Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa - 'no one tires of dreaming, because to dream is to forget, and forgetting does not weigh on us, it is a dreamless sleep throughout which we remain awake.'
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 in stock HK$238.93
Live From Studio S2 Warsaw
Live From Studio S2 Warsaw (translucent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: GONDEP 48CY. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Hawaii Oslo (5:42)
Glass (6:44)
Leaving (6:27)
Buka (5:30)
Review: Polish pianist, composer and singer Hania Rani has already impressed on Mathew Hallsall's Gondwana label this year with her superb modern classical album Ghosts back in October. Now she returns (well, the album was recorded last year but only now makes it to vinyl) with Recounting: Live From Studio S2, recorded live in the Polish radio studio it is named after. It is another mesmerising performance from her in which she wanted to use "not only an upright piano, but also a grand piano" as well as various other keys such as a Prophet 08 synthesizer and a Roland stage piano. There is plenty of the sound of the room itself also included in this most captivating album.
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 in stock HK$183.76
Frozen (Soundtrack)
Frozen (Soundtrack) (zoetrope picture disc LP)
Cat: 875413 8. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Cast Frozen - "Frozen Heart" (1:46)
Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn & Katie Lopez - "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" (3:07)
Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel - "For The First Time In Forever" (3:49)
Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana - "Love Is An Open Door" (2:06)
Idina Menzel - "Let It Go" (3:37)
Jonathan Groff - "Reindeer(S) Are Better Than People" (0:47)
Josh Gad - "In Summer" (1:49)
Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel - "For The First Time In Forever" (reprise) (2:20)
Maia Wilson & Cast Frozen - "Fixer Upper" (2:59)
Demi Lovato - "Let It Go" (Demi Lovato version) (3:42)
Review: A cinematic sensation and an instant classic and record breaker, Disney's animated movie 'Frozen' celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year with this special zoetrope double picture disc featuring scenes from one of the, now, most iconic movies of all time moving before your eyes. Included is, of course, Idina Menzel's award-winning score 'Let it Go' which charted around the world and wormed its way into the ears of parents to this day. Not to be slept on, though, is Demi Lovato's rendition that plays over the credits sequence or 'Fixer Upper', the jovial chorus musical number.The perfect Christmas gift for the fan in your life, and trust us, there is statistically one somewhere, no matter how old.
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 in stock HK$240.89
The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special (Soundtrack) (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Cat: BF23 09. Rel: 01 Dec 23
I Don't Know What Christmas Is (But Christmastime Is Here) (2:57)
How Yondu Ruined Christmas (1:31)
Telekinesis (1:40)
Kevin At Home (1:48)
Chasing Kevin (1:28)
Mantis Fights Back (1:29)
He's An Actor! (1:17)
The Best Christmas Present (2:14)
Kraglin Explains (1:24)
How The Story Really Ended (1:28)
Mantis Reveals Her Secret (1:22)
Here It Is Christmastime (3:23)
 in stock HK$228.64
Interstellar (Soundtrack)
Interstellar (Soundtrack) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile purple vinyl 2xLP in rainbow-laminate sleeve + booklet)
Cat: MOVATM 023P. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Dreaming Of The Crash
Cornfield Chase
Day One
Message From Home
The Wormhole
Afraid Of Time
A Place Among The Stars
No Time For Caution
Running Out
Where We're Going
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Review: You don't have to be a film score obsessive to recognise the name of Hans Zimmer; the man who has practically created a monopoly out of the craft. While his work on the recent Denis Villeneuve adaptations of Dune has currently ended his creative partnership with auteur filmmaker Christopher Nolan (who has since enlisted the exceptional Ludwig Goransson in his stead), during their collaborative tenure, no particular score garnered the adoration and passionate praise that still continues to be heaped upon 2014's sci-fi spectacle Interstellar. Featuring some of Zimmer's most mercurial work to date, swaying from lilting hues of delicacy to bombastic, palpable, otherworldly dread, without ever veering into alienating sonics; the pieces still receives copious applause, instigate enthralling discussion and continue to be repressed to vinyl. In short, the Interstellar score is the outlier soundtrack for every collector.
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 in stock HK$318.41
I Was Too Young To Hear Silence
I Was Too Young To Hear Silence (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: LPADR 70. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Stand Still Like A Hummingbird (3:53)
I Almost Said (3:14)
The Soil That Things Grew From (2:08)
Tule Lake Blues (6:52)
How Will We Get Back To Life Again? (3:29)
Rain, After Running Away (5:01)
Is It Possible To Send Promises Backwards? (5:23)
Hunting The Eye Of His Own Storm (5:04)
If Only Heaven Would Give Me Another Ten Years (2:49)
 in stock HK$183.76
Home (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: CES 047. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Where Do I Go From Here (3:59)
Out Of My System (3:20)
Safe & Sounds (2:53)
Flowerwild (feat Sabana & Luna Flowers) (3:22)
Home (3:58)
Flotin' (2:48)
Home (Nikala rework) (4:20)
Review: sTia is the nom de plume of Natia Sartania, a Tbilisi-based musician who runs the CES Records label and is co-founder of the Georgian Music Legacy Collection. For this new seven-track album she lays down her signature piano with electronic ambiance and some squeaky pedal sounds A late hip-hop instrumental also features as do plenty of melancholic melodies and collaborations with Luna Flowers and Sabana, the founding members of key Georgian hip-hop collectives KayaKata, LTFR and Temple Pharmacy. Another promising young star of that scene, Nikala, also features on the flip.
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! low stock HK$110.25
The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection (Soundtrack)
Hedwig’s Theme (The Philosopher's Stone)
Harry’s Wondrous World
Nimbus 2000
Christmas At Hogwarts
Leaving Hogwarts
Fawkes The Phoenix (The Chamber Of Secrets)
The Chamber Of Secrets
Gilderoy Lockhart
Dobby The House Elf
Cakes For Crabbe & Goyle
Reunion Of Friends
Aunt Marge’s Waltz (The Prisoner Of Azkaban)
The Knight Bus
Double Trouble
A Window To The Past
Witches, Wands & Wizards
Mischief Managed/A Window To The Past/Buckbeak’s Flight
Quidditch World Cup/Foreign Visitors Arrive (The Goblet Of Fire)
The Golden Egg
Neville's Waltz
Harry In Winter
Potter Waltz
Black Lake
Hogwarts March
Another Year Ends
Hogwarts Hymn
A Journey To Hogwarts (The Order Of The Phoenix)
Professor Umbridge
Sirius Deception/Dumbledores Army
Flight Of The Order Of The Phoenix
Loved Ones & Leaving (The Order Of The Phoenix)
Dumbledore's Farewell (The Half-Blood Prince)
Obliviate (The Deathly Hallows part 1)
Lilys Theme (The Deathly Hallows part 2)
 in stock HK$383.78
Silencio (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRESOR 339LP. Rel: 08 Nov 23
Volta (version)
Infinito (version)
Luminoso (version)
Opaco (version)
Review: The latest project from Basic Channel pioneer Moritz Von Oswald examines the sonic relationships between human voice and synthetic tones. The initial outline of the album was shaped out in Von Oswald's studio on an assortment of synths, before Finnish composer Jarkko Riihimaki wrote the compositions out as sheet music to be interpreted by Berlin-based choral group Vocalconsort. Recorded in a nearby church, these austere compositions strike a neo-classical note, but they also naturally align with Von Oswald's accomplished legacy in the realm of minimal music while pushing the renowned artist and his listeners in challenging new directions.
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 in stock HK$257.26
Titanic (Soundtrack) (25th Anniversary Edition)
Titanic (Soundtrack) (25th Anniversary Edition) (limited numbered gatefold 180 gram audiophile silver marbled vinyl 2xLP + poster + booklet + insert)
Cat: MOVATM 100M. Rel: 22 Mar 23
Never An Absolution (2:55)
Distant Memories (2:24)
Southampton (3:47)
Rose (2:56)
Leaving Port (3:15)
"Take Her To Sea, Mr Murdoch" (4:15)
"Hard To Starboard" (6:59)
Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave (3:37)
The Sinking (5:05)
Death Of Titanic (7:47)
A Promise Kept (5:04)
A Life So Changed (6:24)
An Ocean Of Memories (2:13)
My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From Titanic - feat Celine Dion) (9:39)
Hymn To The Sea (4:51)
Review: James Horner's Titanic soundtrack has become a classic in its own right, but it's certainly been a good while since it saw any proper release. Thankfully, it's now the 25th Anniversary of the astonishingly sad film, and as ever, this new reissue sees us reminded of Horner's impressive ability to wrench out just about every tear that could possibly be wrought from our ducts (and they're deep!). Classic string movements and a near-universally recognisable lead motif capture the grandeur and tragedy of the ship's story. Plus, longtime fans will be delighted at the news of an included eight-page booklet on the film and score, a well as a poster.
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 in stock HK$300.19
31 VII 69 10:26 10:49 PM (reissue)
31 VII 69 10:26 10:49 PM (reissue) (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SV 198LP. Rel: 03 Apr 23
31 VII 69 10:26 - 10:49 PM (22:54)
23 VIII 64 2:50:45 - 3:11 AM The Volga Delta (20:17)
Review: Fluxus drone pioneers La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela present the latest reissue of 31 VII 69 10:26-10:49 PM/23 VIII 64 2:50:45-3:11 AM The Volga Delta, a historic and mesmerizing soundworld which captures the '60s pioneers' twin paths through the worlds of performance art, sculpture-based acousmatic music, and an overall real alternative beatnik lifestyle . Made between 1964 and 1969, the album has gone down in history as a captivating fusion of dreamy electronic sounds and Eastern-influenced vocalization, with techniques such as microtonal tuning and extended repetition laying its experimental groundwork.
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 in stock HK$220.41
12 (trifold clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SONY 196587898212. Rel: 23 Jun 23
20210310 (6:45)
20211130 (5:10)
20211201 (5:21)
20220123 (8:26)
20220202 (6:04)
20220207 (6:58)
20220214 (9:22)
20220302 - Sarabande (3:15)
20220302 (0:50)
20220307 (1:58)
20220404 (2:34)
20220304 (3:32)
Review: Ryuichi Sakamoto is making a very welcome return here with his first solo album since 2017's async. Milan Records are releasing 12 in January to coincide with the venerated Japanese composer's 71st birthday, and the timing is poignant given the album draws from musical sketches created while Sakamoto battled for two and a half years with cancer. Sakamoto himself describes reaching for his synths as a kind of therapeutic response to a big operation, and so the music carries an added depth of personal experience from one of the most profound ordeals a person can go through.
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 in stock HK$255.20
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Soundtrack) (reissue)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Soundtrack) (reissue) (gatefold blue marbled vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 196588 12821. Rel: 08 Sep 23
A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Director's edit version) (4:04)
Angel Attack (2:31)
Rei I (2:58)
Hedgehog's Dilemma (2:46)
Barefoot In The Park (2:32)
Ritsuko (3:01)
Misato (1:31)
Asuka Strikes! (2:23)
Nerv (1:58)
Tokyo-3 (2:24)
I Shinji (2:01)
EVA-01 (2:48)
A Step Forward Into Terror (1:54)
EVA-02 (1:59)
Decisive Battle (2:24)
EVA-00 (1:49)
The Beast (1:39)
Marking Time, Waiting For Death (2:43)
Rei II (2:54)
Fly Me To The Moon (instrumental version) (2:58)
Next Episode (0:32)
Fly Me To The Moon (Yoko Takahashi Acid Bossa version) (3:51)
Review: It's the anime that changed the format forever, from storytelling to character design - Neon Genesis Evangelion is still, to this day, one of the most beloved, divisive and iconic animated series of all time. From influencing 'Madoka Magicka', 'Serial Experiments Lain' or 'Kill La Kill' to its resurgence in popularity thanks to social media and the infinite memes that the show continues to spawn off almost 30 years later. Many will know 'Cruel Angels Thesis' and the bossa nova cover of 'Fly Me to the Moon' performed by J-Pop singer Yoko Takahashi, which are used as the intro and credit sequence songs, but don't neglect the electrifying orchestral composition from Shiro SAGISU that backsets the action sequences. This is the first time the full OST is pressed on vinyl. It comes in a beautiful gatefold featuring frames from the show inside, housed on black and blue vinyl to reflect the colour palette of this hugely influential show.
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 in stock HK$308.32
Future Perfect
Cat: JBH 103LP. Rel: 03 Oct 23
Space Drift (1:18)
Memory Loss (0:48)
Siren-Call (1:07)
Harmonisers Of The Spheres (1:33)
Telepathy Beyond Time (1:31)
Older Than Time (0:44)
Congestion Hoe-Down (0:44)
Shadowland (1:23)
Celandine & Columbine (2:14)
The Dying Of The Light (1:10)
Cloud (1:50)
Darkness At Noon (4:26)
Future Perfect (1:04)
The Killing Skies (1:11)
Into The Depths She Calls (6:56)
Lazy Summer Afternoons (1:08)
Insects Revolt (0:46)
Blood Runs Cold (1:55)
Post Apocalypse Fog (2:10)
Fish Don’t Cry (0:59)
Ghost In The Abbey (1:27)
Insects Dance (1:16)
Dreams Of Magic & Cornfields (0:53)
Devil’s Lightening (0:42)
Danger Hurts (1:22)
Why Me? (1:53)
Review: Music journalists and documentarians are trying hard to right some of the wrongs of the past - not least failing to ensure the limelight has been equally distributed among artists, communities, and ideas. The role of women within synthesised production is one area in which reparations have been particularly visible, and the female members of the groundbreaking BBC Radiophonic Workshop is one example. Nevertheless, the name Elizabeth Parker still won't be familiar to everyone. Joining the aforementioned experimental sound lab in 1978, she would remain part of the core team of talent through to 1996. She's also noted as the first graduate of East Anglia University's electronic music Masters degree, and a staggeringly good cellist and pianist. Future Perfect is a showcase not just of her deft musicianship, but incredible ideas for compositions, drifting between ambient, drone, space age classical overtures, and the bits in between.
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 in stock HK$171.41
Permanent Rain
Cat: KH 046. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Rientro In Alona
The Distance
Black Tropica Data
Where Are You Now
Il Calcio Della Rotta
Addendo Dell Pietra
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock HK$183.76
Intiha (eco vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: OP 073. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Intiha (3:33)
Nazar Se (4:23)
Muddat (4:40)
Raat Bhar (3:33)
Dard (7:21)
Chiragh (5:44)
Lagta Nahi (2:03)
Dono Jahan (3:26)
Review: Singer, songwriter and author Ali Sethi had been entranced by Nicolas Jaar's music long before they began collaborating. He'd absorbed the sounds over a number of years, listening casually and taking in their subtleties in bars and rooftop parties across Lahore and London. "It felt familiar to me, that sense of adventure you have when you hear his music, like a tale that teases you and plays with your expectations as it unfolds," says Sethi. "In that sense it resembled the leisurely improvised ghazals and qawwalis I grew up hearing in Pakistan." When the two were finally introduced by Indian visual artist Somnath Bhatt, a regular Jaar collaborator who also handled the album's artwork, Sethi was well prepared. He began to sketch out voice notes using loops snipped from Jaar's acclaimed 2020 album 'Telas', improvising vocalizations and seductive Urdu poems over Jaar's weightless, time-bending productions.
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 in stock HK$204.14
Doctor Who: Time & The Rani (Soundtrack)
Cat: SILLP 1578. Rel: 07 Dec 23
The Rani Takes The Tardis/Leave The Girl, It's The Man I Want/Doctor Who (Opening Theme) (1:39)
Einstein (0:21)
A Nice Nap (0:35)
Urak & Ikona (1:12)
The Death Of Sarn (1:06)
Built In A Barbershop (0:24)
Not Your Enemy (1:51)
The Tetrap Eyrie 1 (0:45)
Landscape (0:22)
New Wardrobe (1:28)
Me & The Bubble Trap (1:06)
Mel & The Bubble Trap (Continued) (1:35)
The Tetrap Eyrie 2 (0:47)
Wait Here (0:58)
Memory Like An Elephant (1:21)
Faroon, Ikona & The Mourning (1:36)
Urak Nets The Rani (1:44)
Pulses (0:26)
The Rani's Tardis (1:02)
You're A Time Lord (0:39)
She's Coming (0:31)
Cliffhanger In The Eyrie (1:27)
Doctor On The Loose (part 1) (0:57)
Doctor On The Loose (part 2-4) (1:28)
Doctor On The Loose (part 5) (0:35)
Faroon Forlorn/Doctor On The Loose (part 6) (0:47)
Future Pleasure (4:54)
Beez (0:52)
Hologram Mel (1:28)
Just The Expert (0:24)
As Sentimental As He Is (0:17)
Fixed Trajectory/Second Bluff (1:33)
All As Planned (0:25)
The Brain (0:31)
The Brain (reprise) (0:59)
March Of The Tetraps/Anklet Death (0:39)
The Rani Explains (1:37)
Urak Overhears (part 4) (1:48)
Loyhargil/As You Snore So Shall You Sleep/Loyhargil/Where There's A Will/Loyhargil (2:04)
The Rani Leaves (2:10)
Fingers Crossed (0:45)
Not Forgotten (2:19)
Time & Tide Melts The Snowman (1:10)
Doctor Who (Closing Theme) (1:10)
Doctor Who 1987 (bonus tracks) (2:40)
The Death Of Sarn (alternate version) (0:23)
Two "stings" (0:18)
New Wardrobe (0:59)
New Wardrobe (Overdubs) (0:47)
New Wardrobe (0:59)
She's Coming (0:45)
Cliffhanger In The Eyrie (version 1) (1:29)
Cliffhanger In The Eyrie (reprise edit part Two) (1:19)
Future Pleasure (bonus tracks) (3:15)
The Brain (3:02)
Doctor Who Theme 1987 (demo) (2:56)
Doctor Who Opening Title 1987 (demo) (0:46)
Doctor Who Closing Title 1987 (demo) (1:17)
 in stock HK$265.39
Paint It Black
Paint It Black (transparent purple vinyl 7")
Cat: LKS 36349. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Wednesday Addams - "Paint It Black" (2:24)
Danny Elfman - "Wednesday Main Theme" (1:11)
! low stock HK$104.18
Quimai: Organic Music Vol 1 (reissue)
Quimai: Organic Music Vol 1 (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: NRR 055. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Izayoi No Tsuki (14:41)
Ai Ai (14:49)
Tamayura (11:38)
Saotome (11:15)
Ama No Komichi (14:36)
Review: Toshimi Mikami's gorgeous 90s ambient album Quimai is a highly regarded treasure amongst those who know. It is also rather elusive these days with a couple of CD releases up to now soon to sell out. Thankfully Night Rhythms now offers up this first-time vinyl edition. The music was originally made as a background soundtrack for pursuits such as yoga and Tai Chi, the artist has said, and it sure does have a soothing and relaxing quality. Elements of new age, classic minimalism and global instrumentation all get layered up to perfection throughout. Do not sleep on this one - but rather to the sounds of it.
Read more
 in stock HK$300.19
Afrikan Culture
Afrikan Culture (limited LP)
Cat: B 0036213. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Black Meditation (4:01)
Call It A European Paradox (3:30)
Ital Is Vital (4:41)
Memories Don't Live Like People Do (1:40)
Ritual Awakening (1:33)
Explore Inner Space (6:15)
The Dimension Of Subtle Awareness (4:30)
Rebirth (1:46)
Review: A saxophonist at the pinnacle of his game, Shabaka Hutchings presents 'Afrikan Culture, on which he explores the rich musical traditions of the African continent and combines them with contemporary, self-affirming themes. Remarkably for how well-touted his name is, this is Hutchings' first ever solo LP, bringing it to the masses under the name Shabaka (following on the smash success of Sons Of Kemet and The Comet Is Coming). It's a stunning, existential album which not only pays tribute to the Afrofuturist greats who precede him, but which, of course, looks squarely into the eyes of Afroftuture that will come after him.
Read more
 in stock HK$214.43
Spider Man: Across The Spider Verse (The Anomaly Edition)
Spider Man: Across The Spider Verse (The Anomaly Edition) (limited gatefold white & purple marbled vinyl 2xLP + inserts)
Cat: 196588 247811. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Across The Spider Verse (intro) (2:45)
Spider Woman (3:07)
Vulture Meets Culture (1:34)
Spider Man 2099 (0:53)
Guggenheim Assemble (4:36)
The Right To Remain Silent (4:04)
Across The Titles (0:31)
My Name Is Miles Morales (3:26)
Back Where It All Started (2:58)
Miles Sketchbook (1:59)
Under The Clocktower (2:51)
Spider Man India (2:20)
Mumbattan Madness (2:35)
Spider Punk (2:10)
Spot Holes 2 (1:07)
Indian Teamwork (4:41)
Welcome To Nueva York (Earth 928) (1:46)
Spider Society (2:03)
Canon Event (7:03)
All Stations Stop Spiderman (4:18)
Nueva York Train Chase (5:51)
The Go Home Machine (4:50)
Falling Apart (8:24)
The Anomaly (3:52)
Five Months (2:28)
Across The Spider Verse (Start A Band) (1:40)
Review: If its predecessor shook up the formula for what a superhero animation could be, Spiderman: Across The Spider Verse blew the game wide open in a dazzling display of shape-shifting visual style, heartfelt narrative and spellbinding action. Daniel Pemberton returned to the project to score the sequel and as he explained to Rolling Stone he followed the versatile approach to animation as a guide for how he composed the music. From archaic medieval bombast to grunge inspired squall on to the synthetic sheen of techno, the soundtrack is as wild a ride as the world-flipping action in the film.
Read more
 in stock HK$342.92
The Legend Of 1900 (Soundtrack) (25th Anniversary Edition)
The Legend Of 1900 (Soundtrack) (25th Anniversary Edition) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile gold & black marbled vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVATM 110G. Rel: 14 Nov 23
1900's Theme
The Legend Of The Pianist
The Crisis
The Crave
A Goodbye To Friends
Study For Three Hands
Playing Love
A Mozart Reincarnated
1900's Madness #1
Danny's Blues
Second Crisis
Peacherine Rag
Nocturne With No Moon
Before The End
Playing Love
I Can & Then
1900's Madness #2
Silent Goodbye
Ships & Snow
Lost Boys Calling
 in stock HK$249.13
Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi The Four Seasons (Version 2) (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: 479333 7. Rel: 25 Apr 14
Summer 0
Summer 1
Summer 2
Summer 3
Summer 1
Summer 2
Summer 3
Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Autumn 3
Winter 1
Winter 2
Winter 3
Shadow 1
Shadow 2
Shadow 3
Shadow 4
Shadow 5
Spring 1 (Max Richter remix)
Summer 3 (Robot Koch remix)
Autumn 3 (Fear Of Tigers remix)
Winter 3 (NYPC remix)
! low stock HK$214.43
In A Time Lapse
In A Time Lapse (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 373529 6. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Corale (2:03)
Time Lapse (5:16)
Life (4:21)
Walk (2:37)
Discovery At Night (4:21)
Run (5:28)
Brothers (5:08)
Orbits (2:37)
Two Trees (6:22)
Newton's Cradle (7:48)
Waterways (4:18)
Experience (5:14)
Underwood (4:12)
Burning (5:01)
 in stock HK$285.78
Orchestral Tape Studies II
Orchestral Tape Studies II (limited cassette)
Cat: PITP 44CS. Rel: 05 Jul 23
Lament For Strings (I) (3:10)
House Of Light (3:40)
Hearken (4:52)
In Return (6:55)
Silenzio (2:46)
Bestir Thyself (5:07)
Lament For Strings (II) (2:42)
Ashes Depart (5:47)
Lament For Strings (III) (2:02)
Review: You can always rely on zake to serve up some of the most magnificent ambient of the moment. He does it at an almost unbelievably frequent rate, too. This latest project is a seance part of the Orchestral Tape Studies series he minted back in 2019 and finds him paying homage to minimalist symphonic composers and orchestras through a series of pieces that focus on tone and timbre, with subtly shifting layers of carefully manipulated sounds, absorbing drones, field recordings and fragmented orchestral loops. Soundscapes shift subtly and manipulate your emotions just as deftly. This is a limited cassette version with several different vinyl versions also available.
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Arrival (Soundtrack)
Arrival (Soundtrack) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 479678 6. Rel: 02 Dec 16
Arrival (2:50)
Heptapod B (3:38)
Sapir-Whorf (1:25)
Hydraulic Lift (4:58)
First Encounter (3:12)
Transmutation At A Distance (1:33)
Around-The-Clock News (3:02)
Xenolinguistics (2:00)
Ultimatum (1:52)
Principle Of Least Time (1:17)
Hazmat (4:57)
Hammers & Nails (2:30)
Xenoanthropology (3:07)
Non-Zero-Sum Game (3:50)
Properties Of Explosive Materials (3:51)
Escalation (2:07)
Decyphering (1:54)
One Of Twelve (3:01)
Rise (1:40)
Kangaru (2:50)
Max Richter - "On The Nature Of Daylight" (6:15)
Played by: Giorgio Luceri
 in stock HK$244.91
The Classics
The Classics (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 88985322811. Rel: 24 Feb 17
Lindsey Stirling - "The Dark Knight Rises: Main Theme" (4:20)
The Piano Guys - "Themes From Pirates Of The Carribean" (6:18)
Lang Lang - "Gladiator Rhapsody" (4:40)
Till Bronner - "Crimson Tide: Main Theme" (3:58)
Tina Guo - "Inception: Time" (4:34)
Amy Dickson - "The Lion King: This Land" (3:51)
Leona Lewis - "Gladiator: Now We Are Free" (4:09)
Lang Lang & Maxim Vengerov - "Man Of Steel: Flight" (4:32)
Maxim Vengerov - "The Thin Red Line: Light" (7:04)
Khatia Buniatishvili - "Gladiator: The Battle Scene" (6:49)
2Cellos - "Inception: Mombasa" (3:40)
Roger Sayer - "Interstellar: The Docking Scene" (3:30)
 in stock HK$183.76
Lys (limited gatefold heavyweight clear vinyl LP)
Cat: 486209 5. Rel: 20 May 22
Meredi: White Flowers Take Their Bath (3:07)
Dobrinka Tabakova: Nocturne (3:47)
Hannah Peel: Signals (4:14)
IV Caroline Shaw: The Orangery & V The Beech Tree (4:24)
Laura Masotto: Sol Levante (3:48)
Margaret Hermant: Lightwell (3:29)
Hildegard Von Bingen: O Vis Eternitatis (3:28)
Beyonce Giselle Knowles, Ryan Benjamin Tedder, Evan Kid Bogart: Halo (3:32)
Hildur Guthnadottir: Baer (1:33)
Lera Auerbach: 24 Preludes For Violin And Piano, Op 46: Adagio Sognando (3:29)
Hannah Peel, Erland Cooper: Reverie (2:51)
Hania Rani: La Luce (4:58)
Clarice Jensen: Love Abounds In Everything (4:20)
Anna Meredith: Midi (3:03)
 in stock HK$85.75
Acoustic Shadows (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
Acoustic Shadows (Record Store Day RSD 2021) (limited splattered vinyl LP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: SA 013SP. Rel: 04 May 22
Brass (II) (22:14)
Percussion (III) (19:32)
 in stock HK$263.43
The Secret Service (Soundtrack)
The Secret Service (Soundtrack) (gatefold grass green vinyl LP)
Cat: SILLP 1681. Rel: 24 Jan 23
Century 21 Logo (3:02)
Robbery At Healey Automation (3:39)
The Secret Service Main Titles (4:00)
Calling Father Unwin (1:57)
Operation Intercept (3:05)
250 Hours (2:03)
Sabotage (1:39)
Aerial Spies (1:41)
The Unwilling Accomplice (2:56)
Feathered Bombers (1:18)
Ambush (2:32)
Bufflers Halt Reopens (4:52)
The Train Hijack (2:16)
The Secret Service End Titles (6:29)
 in stock HK$110.25
The Sound Of Arvo Part
Cat: 082564 6043798. Rel: 02 Nov 15
Spiegel Im Spiegel (8:11)
Fratres (11:16)
Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten (6:01)
Ludus (10:49)
Silentium (16:14)
 in stock HK$146.91
Isolarii (hand-numbered 10" + MP3 download code in laser-etched hand-drawn die-cut sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: THESIS 20. Rel: 03 Oct 22
Iland (7:51)
Ysland (5:09)
Insula (2:41)
Review: Japan's Fuller and UK-based Skelton collaborated on this album during lockdown, and as both were confined to their respective islands they used Judith Schalansky's 'Atlas of Remote Islands' as an inspirational text throughout the project. Exchanging cello, accordion and piano parts, they gradually created three slow moving, beautiful pieces of ambient that mix organic and synthetic studio textures and create a space for thought and reflection in the mind of the listener. Or, if that doesn't appeal, a chance to simply lose yourself and luxuriate in some deeply chilled tones.
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 in stock HK$151.12
The Blue Notebooks: 15th Anniversary Edition (reissue)
Cat: 483525 9. Rel: 11 May 18
The Blue Notebooks (1:15)
On The Nature Of Daylight (6:19)
Horizon Variations (1:52)
Shadow Journal (8:18)
Iconography (3:42)
Vladimir's Blues (1:18)
Arboretum (2:47)
Old Song (2:13)
Organum (3:15)
The Trees (7:46)
Written On The Sky (1:40)
A Catalogue Of Afternoons (1:47)
On The Nature Of Daylight (orchestral version) (6:35)
Vladimir's Blues 2018 (1:28)
On The Nature Of Daylight (Entropy) (6:51)
Vladimir's Blues (Jlin remix) (3:45)
Inconography (Konx Om-Pam remix) (3:59)
Review: As this expansive reissue proves, Max Richter's 2004 album The Blue Notebooks remains one of the greatest neo-classical works of recent decades. The album was famously inspired by the 2003 US invasion of Iraq and featured narration from actress Tilda Swinton. Such was the record's impact, in fact, that numerous pieces subsequently appeared on a variety of high profile movie soundtracks. To celebrate the work's 15th birthday, Richter has bundled the album with a second disc of largely unheard material. This includes a couple of intriguing remixes by Jlin and Konx-Om-Pax, two archive tracks produced during the album sessions, and a handful of new recordings of key instrumentals. These are all excellent, of course, but still pale in comparison to the inspired original album.
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Silver Lining Suite: The Piano Quintet
Silver Lining Suite: The Piano Quintet (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 722860 3. Rel: 03 Dec 21
Silver Lining Suite: Isolation (13:28)
Silver Lining Suite: The Unknown (9:46)
Silver Lining Suite: Drifters (12:15)
Silver Lining Suite: Fortitude (10:02)
Uncertainty (10:21)
Someday (7:20)
Jumpstart (6:42)
11:49PM (13:26)
Ribera Del Duero (5:24)
! low stock HK$214.43
Symbol (remastered)
Symbol (remastered) (limited translucent yellow vinyl LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 7156CYEL. Rel: 04 Oct 21
Long Long Silk Bridge (2:59)
Purple Rose Minuet (3:34)
Traveler In The Wonderland (4:00)
Song Of The Sleeping Forest (3:47)
The Plateau Which The Zephyr Of Flora Occupies (2:26)
Fairy Dance Of The Twinkle & Shadow (4:19)
Flaming Love & Destiny (4:53)
The Dying Black Swan (2:20)
Blue Sky & Yellow Sunflower (3:14)
Capriccio & The Innovative Composer (2:02)
I Close The Door Upon Myself (2:24)
Symbol Of Life, Love & Aesthetics (3:54)
Music From The Lake Surface (3:03)
Review: Sample-based music can be many things to many people. Few would ever expect it to sound quite as beautiful as this, though. For his latest addition to an increasingly weighty and extensive back catalogue, Susumu Yokota looks to hit the nail on the head in terms of answering the question 'what does Susumu Yokota sound like?'

On Symbol the bedroom composer takes a selection of often familiar, sometimes odd and relatively unknown classical movements, cuts them up and pastes them back together, creating brand new rhythms. In a lot of ways it's the epitome of sample music, but we've not heard many records that pull off the task and wind up with something that doesn't really sound as looped or fixed as it is, largely achieving this with original work that's a century old, if not (much) more.
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 in stock HK$455.33
Twilight (translucent red vinyl LP)
Cat: DFLP 33. Rel: 04 May 23
Edward At Her Bed/Bella's Lullaby (3:30)
The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (3:09)
Phascination Phase (1:51)
How I Would Die (1:45)
I Dreamt Of Edward (1:08)
I Know What You Are (2:40)
New Moon (1:46)
Memories Of Edward (1:45)
Marry Me, Bella (2:25)
Love Death Bird (2:57)
The Meadow (4:15)
A Nova Vida (4:04)
Lets Start With Forever (3:50)
! low stock HK$177.68
All Quiet On The Western Front (Soundtrack)
All Quiet On The Western Front (Soundtrack) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile translucent smokey vinyl LP + 4-page booklet)
Cat: MOVATM 369C. Rel: 04 May 23
Remains (2:20)
Uniform (1:48)
Rain & Night (0:58)
Flares (1:17)
Burried & Found (2:17)
Dog Tags (1:25)
Ludwig (1:26)
Comrades (2:18)
Search Party (3:45)
Tanks (1:46)
War Machines (1:51)
Retreat (1:32)
Bomb Crater (3:09)
Night Fires (1:28)
Tjaden (1:25)
No End (3:50)
Making Sense Of War (1:52)
Paul (1:43)
Review: Music on Vinyl gives the full treatment to Volker Bertelmann's epic score to All Quiet On The Western Front and serves it up on limited and numbered 180-gram audiophile transparent smokey vinyl with a four-page booklet featuring movie still to boot. Set during World War I, the film follows an idealistic young German soldier and received a leading 14 nominations at the 76th British Academy Film Awards, including one for Best Original Score. It is a truly immersive listen that captures the range of emotions conveyed in the film.
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 in stock HK$271.57
Museum (180 gram white vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HTH 161. Rel: 24 Apr 23
The Orchid (4:17)
Life Man (3:18)
Spectator (4:00)
Air Unfolding (3:51)
Flower Bridge (2:23)
Valentine (2:54)
Sideways Moon (4:50)
February (4:15)
Underneath The Sun (4:44)
 in stock HK$163.27
Enys Men (Soundtrack)
Enys Men (Soundtrack) (red vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: INV 289LP. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Enys (part 1) (10:34)
Menhir (part 1) (2:34)
Jynnji (part 1) (1:55)
Goelann (2:31)
Hunros (part 1) (2:35)
Menhir (part 2) (2:01)
Enys (part 2) (6:34)
Menhir (part 3) (2:09)
Jynnji (part 2) (2:42)
Knoukya Knoukya (2:45)
Hunros (part 2) (2:31)
Bleujen (1:56)
Enys (part 3) (3:44)
 in stock HK$177.68
Oblivion (Soundtrack) (10th Anniversary Edition)
Oblivion (Soundtrack) (10th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold eco vinyl 2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: MOND 009C. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Jack's Dream (1:25)
Waking Up (4:07)
Tech 49 (5:53)
Starwaves (3:31)
Odyssey Rescue (4:13)
Earth 2077 (2:15)
Losing Control (3:55)
Canyon Battle (5:56)
Radiation Zone (4:06)
You Can't Save Her (5:00)
Raven Rock (4:37)
I'm Sending You Away (5:34)
Ashes Of Our Fathers (3:23)
Temples Of Our Gods (6:21)
Fearful Odds (2:21)
Undimmed By Time, Unbound By Death (4:40)
Oblivion (1:09)
Review: Joseph Kosinski, famous for his direction on 'Tron: Legacy' scored by Daft Punk, wanted to go a completely different direction for 2013's 'Oblivion' starring Tom Cruise. An emotional, epic soundtrack composed by French electronic act M83 was the only real option for him - a match made in heaven. Immediately, 'Jack's Dream' and 'Waking Up' are cinematic and vast in scope with blaring strings that swell in ways that only movie soundtracks can. A complete departure from Anthony Gonzalez's megahit 'Midnight City', 'Oblivion' is an orchestral affair that is bold and punchy, with soft and ethereal ambient patches scattered throughout. The title track is a major standout, featuring Norwegian talent Susanne Sundfor, a favourite vocalist and frequent collaborator of Royksopp. Expect the unexpected, but prepare to be amazed.
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 in stock HK$428.77
Transilvania Smile 1994 (Soundtrack)
Cat: SHUKAI 8. Rel: 30 Aug 23
Episode III
Episode I
Episode II
Episode IV
Episode V
Episode VI
Episode VII
Review: Svitlana Nianio is a Ukrainian artist, musician, and singer known for her standing in the nation's avant-garde circuit. Cutting her teeth as a member of the experimental group Cukor Bila Smert (Sugar White Death), her work has over the years blossomed into an ever-keen exploration of voice and composition. After a spate of relative non-success, she "disappeared from the public eye" until a resurgence in popular interest came in the mid 2010s. However, we cast our minds back: the newly reissued Transilvania Smile is an early work, containing the original soundtrack for a dance theatre performance of the same name, which Nianio composed and performed in 1994 in collaboration with the choreography group Pentamonia, based in Cologne. A delicate balance of Nianio's vocals, backed by piano and harmonium, create a haunting and atmospheric sound blending folk, classical, and ambient elements.
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 in stock HK$220.41
Aiir (LP)
Cat: FLO 0014LP. Rel: 12 May 23
4am (4:49)
Hiding Moon (4:09)
Still Waters (5:20)
God's Will (5:11)
5am (5:58)
Review: The mysterious London-based music collective Sault are in the process of reissuing their first five albums on vinyl, in full, after they were released as a free digital download in late 2022. AIIR is among the lesser-cited of the quintuplet bunch, being a five track EP and sequel to their sixth album AIR. Providing a rapturous counterpoint to that album while building on its choral themes, this LP could consist of anything from outtakes from the making of AIR to true reprises; it's hard to tell. What we do know is that the music here would have been as equally suited to the high-flung parabolae of grandiose mid-century American filmmaking as it now is for the modern music lover. Pieces like 'Still Waters' and 'God's Will' - with their divine harp flourishes, choirs of angels, and complex string and timpani movements - are evocative enough to recall sublime pastoral classics like Watership Down or A Matter Of Life And Death - not just UK music royalty.
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Music From The Mandalorian: Season 1 (Soundtrack)
Music From The Mandalorian: Season 1 (Soundtrack) (picture disc LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: 874648 1. Rel: 08 Dec 22
The Mandalorian (3:13)
Jawas Attack (3:37)
Signet Forging (1:54)
The Ponds Of Sorgan (2:50)
Speederbikes (3:25)
Welcome Back (1:56)
The Arrival (2:55)
The Baby (3:28)
The Mandalorian (orchestral version) (2:16)
Review: There isn't a Star Wars fan in the known galaxy who isn't singing the praises of The Mandalorian, a series which has gifted the world (and the merchandising machine) with the magic of Baby Yoda. As well as the stunning sci-fi action on screen, the series is also notable for the striking soundtrack from Swedish composer Ludwig Goransson, and now you can score a highly collectable edition of that very work thanks to this awesome picture disc. With the titular hero's helmet on one side, and of course wee little Grogu in his hover basket thing on the other, this is one that will look as good on the shelf as it will sound on the platter.
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 in stock HK$200.12
Over Tage
Cat: GONDCD 057. Rel: 03 Nov 22
Everything Possible
Over Tage
 in stock HK$102.12
Music For Film
Music For Film (gatefold white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SILLP 1652. Rel: 21 Nov 22
Yumeji's Theme (In The Mood For Love) (2:47)
Theme Of The Empress (Curse Of The Golden Flower) (3:11)
Curse Of The Golden Flower (2:09)
Mother & Jai (3:39)
Polonaise (2046) (3:08)
Interlude (1:55)
Main Theme (4:37)
Main Theme (Incendiary) (5:19)
Victoria Station (3:00)
Joan's Cello (Hero) (3:02)
Vendetta March (Charleston & Vendetta (Tears For Sale)) (2:51)
George's Waltz II (A single Man) (3:21)
A Variation On "Scotty Tails Madeleine"/Carlos (3:03)
Hollow Inside (Hannibal Rising) (3:30)
Train (Zhou Yu's Train) (2:02)
Moyou (Pattern) (Sorekara (& Then)/The Grandmaster) (2:21)
Sorekara Main Theme (Sorekara (And Then)) (2:40)
In Times Past & Gone (4:27)
No Way Out (House Of Flying Daggers) (3:50)
Farewell No 2 (2:29)
Lovers (4:01)
Review: Once the leader of iconic and legendary Japanese New Wave rockers EX, Shigeru Umebayashi's Music For A Film compilation showcases the better-known work (in today's terms at least) of this multifaceted and multi-talented composer. 21 tracks of absolute beauty, all of which are taken from his 30-strong-plus oeuvre of movie scores, built over time since he first began writing tracks for screens in 1985, after said band called time.
Opening with what may be his most famous work of all time, 'Yumeji's Theme' (title piece from Siejun Suzuki's critically acclaimed 1991 movie, Yumeji) the playlist here really showcases the vision and musicality Umebayashi is renowned for, and removed from the context of movies the work is elevated to new heights. Classical, choral, quiet epics, and romantic mini-overtures rarely sound so good.
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 in stock HK$265.39
The Omen (Soundtrack) (reissue)
The Omen (Soundtrack) (reissue) (limited blood red & black splattered vinyl LP)
Cat: 724264 2. Rel: 24 Nov 22
Ave Satani (3:30)
The New Ambassador (1:44)
The Killer Storm (2:55)
A Sad Message (1:45)
The Demise Of Mrs Baylock (3:02)
Don't Let Him (3:00)
The Piper Dreams (3:03)
The Fall (3:29)
Safari Park (5:04)
The Dogs Attack (3:00)
The Homecoming (2:39)
The Altar (2:13)
Review: In the grand tradition of devilish offspring on film, has there even been one as powerfully creepy as little Damien in The Omen? The film may show its age these days, but the Gregory Peck-starring horror remains an all-time classic, and that's in no small part down to Jerry Goldsmith's score. Just listen to the eerie choral chants opening up 'Ave Satani' and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. This seminal horror soundtrack has now been repressed on a limited blood red and black splattered vinyl, all the better to channel your own demons from the comfort of your home.
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 in stock HK$166.80
Chateau Mordecoly
Cat: ALT 71. Rel: 31 Aug 23
 in stock HK$151.12
Seasons (limited 180 gram clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: UCJY 9002. Rel: 10 Jul 23
Where Life Comes From & Returns (3:48)
Dear Sunshine (2:09)
Fallen Flowers (3:02)
Niji No Kanata (4:18)
Faraway (2:23)
Vega (2:30)
Gentle Voice (2:10)
Zoetropw (3:07)
Left Behind (3:32)
Passgae Of Light (4:40)
Towards The Dawn (3:21)
Hereafter (1:51)
 in stock HK$355.26
Radiant Faults
Cat: DAIS 222CD. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Faster Depth
Circuit Hum
Invisible Friend (I)
Angels Of Combat
Invisible Friend (II)
Recurrent & Ephemera
 in stock HK$95.95
Demain Des L'Aube
Demain Des L'Aube (limited cassette)
Cat: PITPV 054MC. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Faraway (4:43)
Heather In Bloom (4:36)
Tomorrow At Dawn (9:22)
Day Will Be As The Night
I Will Walk Eyes Fixed On My Thoughts (10:17)
Across Mountains (10:17)
When The Land Whitens (8:36)
A Bouquet Of Green Holly (14:33)
Review: This is a special cassette tape version of the recent album from zake, one of ambient's most prolific artists, alongside From Overseas on his own Past Inside The Present label. As always it is an almost impossibly deep ambient selection that once again finds him exploring fresh and always emotionally moving musical territory. Demain Des L'aube features eight tunes that convey real melancholia and have a gently persuasive sense of movement. Each one is vast in scale and sweeps you up and sinks you into the grainy lo-fi pads, wispy melodies and distant string-based sombreness.
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 in stock HK$85.75
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