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Maestropolis Various Artists Vol 5
Aline Umber - "Qu'un Jour Ca Dure" (5:28)
Eli Atala - "City 17" (6:14)
Vithz & Emanuele Barilli - "Rubbery Dreams" (5:19)
Mario Liberti - "Welcome On Board" (6:17)
Noiro - "Fabul" (5:43)
Anna Wall - "Worlds Away" (5:17)
Review: Maestropolis is staking its reputation on expansive various artist releases like this one, where we take in a wide breadth of cheeky minimal tech house from underground operators who know how to have fun without sacrificing the headsy quality of the music. With six tracks on a single 12", there's plenty of heat to get hold of here, whether it's the squashed slap bass funk of Aline Umber's 'Qu'un Jour Ca Dure' or the tweaked sonic trip-out of Eli Atala's 'City 17' you're in the market for. Fresh approaches and rock solid grooves for the floor are in abundance on this latest must-grab from the promising French label.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$130.64
The Talkbox Track EP
The Talkbox Track EP (limited 12")
Cat: BIZR 004. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Felons & B Love - "The Talkbox Track" (5:34)
Felons & B Love - "M Is For Muff" (5:59)
Jhobei & Oliver R - "What's On Then" (6:31)
Love & Charleze - "IC3D" (6:44)
Review: Party starting outfit Bizarre is back with another offering of leftfield club cuts. The A-side of this one has been carefully curated by founding members Felon5 & B.Love. Their cosmic house excursion starts with the playful robot funk of 'The Talkbox Track' and then takes in the silky space tech of 'M Is For Muff' which is effortlessly cool. Jhobei & Oliver R then step up with 'What's On Then' which is another mix of warped bass and neon synth lines over popping tech funk and then Love & Charleze conspire to send you home on a nice warm hearted disco tech vibe with their 'IC3D' featuring some super synth expressions.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock HK$124.56
Born In The Echoes
Born In The Echoes (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: XDUSTLP 10. Rel: 24 Jul 15
Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (5:12)
Go (4:21)
Under Neon Lights (4:30)
EML Ritual (5:20)
I'll See You There (4:18)
Just Bang (5:18)
Reflexion (6:27)
Taste Of Honey (2:58)
Born In The Echoes (3:24)
Radiate (4:37)
Wide Open (5:48)
 in stock HK$161.31
Flat Beat
Flat Beat (12")
Cat: F104. Rel: 20 Mar 99
Flat Beat
Monday Massacre
Sick Dog Try To Speak
 in stock HK$81.64
Tour De France
Cat: 020146. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Tour De France (French version)
Tour De France (remix)
 in stock HK$110.25
Come With Us (remastered)
Come With Us (remastered) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 811682 1. Rel: 18 Nov 16
Come With Us (4:57)
It Began In Afrika (5:30)
Galaxy Bounce (4:15)
Star Guitar (6:26)
Hoops (6:35)
My Elastic Eye (3:42)
The State We're In (6:21)
Denmark (5:17)
Pioneer Skies (4:05)
The Test (7:48)
 in stock HK$171.41
Miku (teal marbled vinyl LP + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: PRC 439. Rel: 12 Aug 22
Miku (3:44)
Miku (Japanese version) (3:41)
Miku (NES remix) (3:48)
Miku (LLLL remix) (4:04)
Miku (Carpainter remix) (3:48)
Miku (Ben Aqua remix) (3:53)
Miku (Mino Mino remix) (2:43)
Miku (Lazerdisk remix) (3:22)
Miku (instrumental) (3:43)
 in stock HK$202.18
Further (2xLP)
Cat: 632 5301. Rel: 10 Jun 10
Escape Velocity
Another World
Horse Power
Wonders Of The Deep
 in stock HK$151.12
Deep Cuts (reissue)
Deep Cuts (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram magenta vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RABID 014RX. Rel: 20 Aug 21
Heartbeats (3:55)
Girl's Night Out (3:36)
Pass This On (3:46)
One For You (3:51)
The Cop (0:44)
Listen Now (2:48)
She's Having A Baby (2:09)
You Take My Breath Away (4:28)
Rock Classics (4:56)
Is It Medicine (2:25)
You Make Me Like Charity (3:06)
Got 2 Let U (4:00)
Behind The Bushes (4:15)
Hangin' Out (1:02)
Review: It's hard to believe it has been 20 years since The Knife first put out their game changing debut album Deep Cuts. It first came on Sweden's Rabid Records on CD only before getting a North America and UK release once the world had cottoned on to its brilliance. It is much brighter and more melodic that the dark and witchy sound they gravitated towards on later albums but still sounds way ahead of its time. There are effervescent, Eurodisco-tinged pop tunes like 'One For You' to get you singing along, then hardcore euro rave bombs like 'Listen Now' and the odd occult head masher like 'The Cop.'
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 in stock HK$151.12
Dig Your Own Hole (remastered)
Dig Your Own Hole (remastered) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 842950 1. Rel: 18 Nov 16
Block Rockin' Beats (5:14)
Dig Your Own Hole (5:31)
Elektrobank (8:19)
Piku (4:53)
Setting Sun (5:29)
It Doesn't Matter (6:15)
Don't Stop The Rock (4:50)
Get Up On It Like This (2:44)
Lost In The K Hole (3:52)
Where Do I Begin (6:51)
The Private Psychedelic Reel (9:30)
 in stock HK$244.91
Tim (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 776853 3. Rel: 09 Aug 19
Peace Of Mind (feat Vargas & Lagola) (3:00)
Heaven (4:36)
SOS (feat Aloe Blacc) (2:38)
Tough Love (feat Agnes, Vargas & Lagola) (3:11)
Bad Reputation (feat Joe Janiak) (3:25)
Ain't A Thing (feat Bonn) (3:06)
Hold The Line (feat ARIZONA) (2:53)
Freak (feat Bonn) (2:58)
Excuse Me Mr Sir (feat Vargas & Lagola) (3:08)
Heart Upon My Sleeve (feat Imagine Dragons) (4:12)
Never Leave Me (feat Joe Janiak) (2:50)
Fades Away (feat Noonie Bao) (3:00)
 in stock HK$214.43
Cross (2xLP)
Cat: BEC 5772110. Rel: 22 Jun 07
Let There Be Light
Phantom (part II)
Tthhee Ppaarrttyy
Waters Of Nazareth
One Minute To Midnight
 in stock HK$142.89
We Are The Night (remastered)
We Are The Night (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 394158 1. Rel: 28 Apr 17
No Path To Follow (1:04)
We Are The Night (6:33)
All Rights Reversed (4:43)
Saturate (4:50)
Do It Again (5:32)
Das Spiegel (5:53)
The Salmon Dance (3:40)
Burst Generator (6:38)
A Modern Midnight Conversation (6:08)
Battle Scars (5:54)
Harpoons (2:22)
The Pills Won't Help You Now (6:37)
 in stock HK$159.26
No Geography
No Geography (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: XDUSTLP 11. Rel: 12 Apr 19
Eve Of Destruction (4:40)
Bango (4:08)
No Geography (3:13)
Got To Keep On (5:17)
Gravity Drops (4:38)
The Universe Sent Me (6:03)
We've Got To Try (3:39)
Free Yourself (4:21)
MAH (5:37)
Catch Me I'm Falling (5:19)
Review: The Chemical Brothers are back with their 10th studio album (mixes and soundtracks not withstanding), and they're sounding especially fired up. The widescreen stadium psychedelia they've made their own spills out in abundance across "No Geography", but it's also matched with a feverish energy. The more up-tempo tracks, like "Gravity Drops" and "Eve Of Destruction", spit and snarl with the best of their classic, down and dirty dancefloor material, but there's plenty of space for the starry eyed songwriting they've made their own in more recent times. Just cop "The Universe Sent Me" and be immediately transported to a festival field, where you'll no doubt be catching The Bro's this summer.
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 in stock HK$151.12
Vol 5 Star Wars 2 (B-STOCK)
Cat: FIX 05 (B-STOCK). Rel: 30 Aug 06
Victim Of Change
Again Again (instrumental)
Funky Space
Bass Vine
Review: ***B-STOCK: Slight surface marks ***

The fifth volume of the acclaimed cult "Secret Mixes & Fixes" series is the second instalment of Star Wars. Legendary Detroit radio DJ the Electrifyin' Mojo would sometimes have a segment of his show called Star Wars where he would pit 2 favourites against each other, playing their best music, and letting the listeners call in and decide the victor. In that vein, the first Star Wars SMF Vol 4 pitted Prince against Rick James, we're still not sure who won. Here we find Montreal disco freak Gino Soccio going up against the timeless Marvin Gaye, how will Gino survive? Well, Gino has his hottest sing along disco synth cut "Remember" edited for maximum effect, with a bonus instrumental version. But Marvin sneaks in with his ultimate spaced out escapist anthem, "Funky Space Reincarnation", with its original 90 BPM tempo brought up into the realm of modern house, hopefully fooling mediocre DJs into actually playing something with soul. Marvin rounds it out with a knockout, the Slit's 7" only post punk classic cover of "Heard It Through The Grape Vine".
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 in stock HK$53.12
You Never Take Me Dancing
Cat: GRD 007. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Drift Into The Algorithm (5:13)
Side Gurn (6:03)
You Never Take Me Dancing (5:42)
Strangers On The Train (3:35)
Review: Midland has been smart about his arc as a producer, taking his time rather than churning out releases for the sake of it. As such, when we do get something new from the lad, it always feels like an occasion, and of course the music invariably matches the mood. 'You Never Take Me Dancing' is in fact the B-side opener on this new four-track record, but it plays out like the lead role on an EP bursting with fresh ideas. 'Strangers On The Train' toys with more experimental synthesis and a stripped back mix down that takes its cues from footwork, while 'Drift Into The Algorithm' plays out as the slinkier, shimmering house he's perhaps been better known for of late. The class and consideration just spills out of this record - more than worth waiting for.
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 in stock HK$130.64
Perla Negra
Cat: FLAWED 002. Rel: 19 May 21
Wall Of Sound (6:44)
Sleeping City (6:50)
Sr Gathijo (6:13)
Track 4 (with Fabri Lopez - bonus track) (5:45)
 in stock HK$81.64
Tone Dropout Vol 10
Cat: TD 2110. Rel: 17 May 22
Dawl - "Andromeda" (5:23)
Escape Earth - "Impact Event" (4:59)
Kiddmisha - "Retrodance" (4:41)
The He-Men - "Evolution 1" (6:16)
Marino - "Rave Alarm" (6:44)
Review: When it comes to retro-futurist, analogue-rich gems inspired by turn-of-the-'90s electronic music, there's no more reliable outlet than Tone Dropout. The label's latest drop - their tenth multi-artist extravagana - is once again packed with cuts that sound like they could have been made in 1990 or '91. Boss man Dawl kicks things off with a cracking fusion of punchy electro and bleep & bass ('Into Andromeda'), before Escape Earth deliver a dash of acid-flecked breakbeat hardcore ('Impact Event') and Kiddmisha explores acid-electro pastures on 'Retrodance'. The body popping fun continues apace on side B opener 'Evolution 1', a punchy electro club cut from The He Men - before Marino draws things to a close via the rumbling bass, skittish breakbeats and moody chords of 'Rave Alarm'.
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 in stock HK$81.64
Odd Look
Odd Look (12")
Cat: REC 107. Rel: 22 Aug 13
Odd Look (feat The Weeknd)
Odd Look (A-Trak remix)
Odd Look (Surkin remix)
Odd Look (Prince 85 remix)
Odd Look (Midnight Juggernauts remix)
Odd Look (album version)
 in stock HK$66.54
Another Bugged In Selection & Bugged Out Mix
Cat: K7 294LP. Rel: 31 Aug 12
Amin Peck - "Girl On Me" (instrumental edit)
Ron Hardy - "Sensation" (Obi Blanche edit)
Model 500 - "No Ufo's" (D-mix)
Unovidual & Tara Cross - "Like I Am/Comme Je Suis" (Based On The Sling & Samo edit)
Spandex - "The Bull" (Erol Alkan rework)
Children Of The Night - "It's A Trip" (Mike Hitman Wilson's Psychedelic remix)
Jan Hammer Group - "Don't You Know"
Adjagas - "Mun Ja Mun" (instrumental)
Buffalo Springfield - "Expecting To Fly"
The Space Lady - "Major Tom (Coming Home)"
Review: Erol Alkan's 2005 Bugged Out mix was a gateway release for many, soundtracking the entrance into club land, yet also introducing these virgin ears to more esoteric strains of music via the accompanying Bugged In Selection. Some seven years on, Alkan and the evergreen club brand have revisited the concept with a second edition, and like the inaugural release, the Phantasy Sound boss's ever lasting love for the vinyl format has seen a selection of tracks make the translation to this double vinyl release. Six tracks from the Bugged Out mix appear, with the Italo disco of Amin Peck brushing shoulders with Model 500 and an Obi Blanche edit of the Ron Hardy classic "Sensation", while the Bugged In Selection sees some psyche-folk fare from Buffalo Springfield and Space Lady among other gems.
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 in stock HK$132.70
Love Frequency
Cat: 888430 543225. Rel: 13 Jun 14
A New Reality
There Is No Other Time
Show Me A Miracle
Out Of The Dark
Children Of The Sun
Invisible Forces
Rhythm Of Life
Liquid Light
The Dreamers
Atom To Atom
Love Frequency
HK$100.06 SAVE 33%
 in stock HK$67.03
Chernobyl Samba
Cat: KPT 003. Rel: 15 Jan 21
Chernobyl Samba (5:32)
Chernobyl Samba (Balam remix) (6:04)
Fyre Drill (5:50)
Burn Scadta Burn (5:30)
Burn Scadta Burn (Gladkazuka remix) (6:57)
Acta Sd 9000 (5:00)
 in stock HK$81.64
Confuse The Marketplace
Cat: DFA 2180. Rel: 07 Dec 07
Freak Out/Starry Eyes
North American Scum (Onanistic dub)
Hippie Priest Bum-Out
Review: US only 12" from LCD Soundsystem on DFA, featuring tracks which were only on limited UK 7"S and 12"S - including 'North American Scum' Oananisyic dub mix.
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 in stock HK$104.18
Nite Versions
Cat: PIASB 060DLPR/9410060018. Rel: 08 Sep 05
Miserable Girl
E Talking
I Love Techno
Accidents & Compliments
NY Lipps
Played by: Kissy Sell Out
 in stock HK$191.89
Happy Birthday!
Cat: BPC 159. Rel: 14 Sep 07
2000007 (feat TTC)
Happy Brithday
Sucker Pin
Moderat - "Let Your Love Grow" (feat Paul St Hilaire)
The Dark Side Of The Sun (feat Puppetmastaz)
Deboutonner (feat Siriusmo)
Hyper Hyper (feat Otto Von Schirach)
The First Rebirth
The White Flash (feat Thom Yorke)
The Black Block
Review: After their homage to their mums and the digestion of piled up experiences of their musical freshmen years, the Arts & Crafts duo Modeselektor now release their second album, "Happy Birthday", on Bpitch Control.
Read more
 in stock HK$224.63
The Bump
The Bump (12")
Cat: HUSSYB 010. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Bump (original mix)
The Bump (Tonite Only remix)
 in stock HK$8.13
Cat: CDSTUMM 441. Rel: 08 Mar 12
Windup Robot
Bendy Bass
Single Blip
Skip This Track
 in stock HK$71.44
La 11 Eme Marche (remix)
Cat: PIASF 076/9420076130. Rel: 09 Nov 02
La 11 Eme Marche (Rollercoaster mix)
Anni Mari
 in stock HK$108.20
Nightcall (12")
Cat: REC 65. Rel: 31 Mar 10
Pacific Coast Highway
Nightcall (Dustin N'Guyen remix)
Pacific Coast Highway (Jackson remix)
 in stock HK$93.89
Trans Europe Express
Cat: CDSTUMM 305. Rel: 08 Oct 09
Europe Endless
The Hall Of Mirrors
Showroom Dummies
Trans Europe Express
Metal Metal
Franz Schubert
Endless Endless
 in stock HK$102.12
Woop Woop
Woop Woop (12")
Cat: LOEB 004. Rel: 01 Jun 07
Hot Chip/The Chap - "Woop Woop"
Zilla/The Chap - "President At Last"
Pier Bucci/The Chap - "Space = Volume"
Vincent Oliver/The Chap - "Aiti Where To"
 in stock HK$102.12
Random Access Memories
Cat: 888837 16862. Rel: 16 May 13
Give Life Back To Music
The Game Of Love
Giorgio By Moroder
Instant Crush
Lose Yourself To Dance
Get Lucky
Fragments Of Time
Doin' It Right
Review: So, after all the hype, social media arguments and YouTube parodies, here it is: the most talked about dance album of 2013. By now you should all know the story: Daft Punk do old-fashioned disco-pop with the help of a legion of high profile guests and collaborators. So is Random Access Memories any good? Certainly, it's a fine pop album; lavishly produced fare with an authentic, organic swing that benefits enormously from Chic man Nile Rodgers' distinctive guitar work. At it's best, such as on the goodtime disco rush of "Get Lucky" and "Lose Yourself to Dance" (both featuring agorgeous vocals for Pharrell Williams), or the quirky but brilliant "Girorgio by Moroder", it's impeccable.
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 in stock HK$75.37
Fever Ray
Cat: RABIDT 039. Rel: 02 Apr 09
If I Had A Heart
When I Grow Up
Dry & Dusty
Triangle Walks
Concrete Walls
Now's The Only Time I Know
I'm Not Done
Keep The Streets Empty For Me
 in stock HK$202.18
Body Language Five
Cat: GPMCD 018. Rel: 11 Oct 07
Bogdan Irkuk - "The Distant" (Arken remix)
Chateau Flight - "Baltringue" (The Body Language remix)
Chateau Flight - "116 BPM Beat"
Ceramic Hello - "Sampling The Blast Furnage"
I Cube - "Prophetization" (demo mix)
Fox 'n' Wolf - "Claws Against Knives" (Todd Terje/Bl edit)
I Cube - "Pazuzu"
Brifo - "Mi Piano Rojo" (Alex Attias mixes - main & Percumix)
Syncom Data - "Beyond The Stars" (beats)
Westbam - "Monkey"
Smith N Hack - "Space Warrior"
Riz Ortolani - "Il Corpo Di Linda"
Poni Hoax - "Antibodies" (Chateau Flight remix)
Henrik Schwarz - "Jimis 2006"
Punto - "3 Tempo 3"
Review: Following acclaimed contributions from Mandy, DJ T, Dixon and Jesse Rose, the fifth instalment of Get Physical's "Body Language" mix series comes courtesy of Chateau Flight (aka Gilbert Cohen and Nicolas Chaix). "Body Language Vol. 5" is a discerning, rich and tasteful celebration of the best in disco, techno, electro and house in all it forms and it's a joy to listen to, from start to finish. This is one Get Physical chartered flight you should not miss.
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Tags: Nu Disco
 in stock HK$106.14
Ceremonia (limited numbered LP + free MP3 download code)
Cat: ER 1171LP. Rel: 15 Nov 12
Arenas Movedizas
Luna Nueva
A Veces Ni Eso
Los Picos De Europa
Mas Fuerte Que Tu
Mil Veces
 in stock HK$163.27
Last Night EP
Cat: RB 106. Rel: 24 Mar 22
Last Night (7:32)
Last Night (1981 version) (5:25)
How We Started (6:59)
On Your Side (instrumental version) (6:19)
Review: Nacho Marco and Garen Moreno have not released much music as Jet Hammer - just two singles in a decade, in fact - but what they have put out is genuinely superb. Their latest EP, an expansive collection of retro-futurist gems inspired by 12" mixes of the 1980s, is similarly impressive. For proof, check opener 'Last Night', which sounds like the missing link between Italo-disco and the Cure; the Bobby Orlando-era Pet Shop Boys meets New Order wonder of 'How It Started'; and 'On Your Side (Instrumental Version)', which adds an early UK acid house veneer to the shimmering, club-ready extended synth-pop jams of the late '80s. Throw in an alternative new wave/post-punk style '1981 Mix' of 'Last Night', and you have an indispensable package.
Read more
Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock HK$87.81
Vexillology (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Vexillology (Record Store Day RSD 2022) (limited translucent blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: PLAYLP 009. Rel: 24 Jun 22
1981 (6:50)
Lai (7:40)
Dr Funkenstein (7:26)
Bounce (5:36)
Fustercluck (5:02)
Orca (8:28)
Plus (7:26)
Trepid (7:09)
Apply Overnight (5:10)
TL7 (4:31)
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$236.78
Full Circle (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Full Circle (Record Store Day RSD 2022) (limited silver vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: PLAYLP 008. Rel: 09 May 22
Turning Point (7:09)
Mr G (5:26)
1981 (Adam K remix) (6:09)
1981 (Minimal remix) (6:08)
Cyclic Redundancy (6:39)
Templar (6:24)
Subvert (5:58)
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$236.78
Mother EP
Mother EP (12")
Cat: DMU 091. Rel: 23 Mar 22
Mother (6:33)
Lost In The Stars (6:58)
Lost In The Stars (Avidus remix) (6:41)
Mother (Definition remix) (7:24)
 in stock HK$104.18
Supernature (reissue)
Supernature (reissue) (limited gatefold 140 gram transparent green vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 405053 8553963. Rel: 14 Aug 20
Ooh La La (3:27)
Lovely 2 C U (3:24)
Ride A White Horse (4:38)
You Never Know (3:27)
Let It Take You (4:34)
Fly Me Away (4:20)
Slide In (4:16)
Koko (3:20)
Satin Chic (3:26)
Time Out From The World (4:42)
Number 1 (3:23)
Review: By the time of their third studio album, English electronic pair Goldfrapp were already big news. Here they combined pop and electronic styles to critical effect, with a no 2 slot on the album charts coming in the first week of release. Lead single "Oh La La" went on to become the band';s biggest ever selling single and further singles "Number 1", "Ride a White Horse" and "Fly Me Away" also climbed high in the charts around the world. There's everything from in your face pop to glossy disco beats, glam style beats and lush synth ballads. Brash but beautiful, it's an English pop classic.
Read more
 in stock HK$164.74
Once Upon A Time In NYC
Once Upon A Time In NYC (translucent orange splattered vinyl LP + grey marbled vinyl 7")
Cat: BBQ 2223LP. Rel: 02 Jun 22
Freeez - "I Dub U" (feat John Rocca) (7:43)
John Rocca - "Once Upon A Dub" (7:21)
John Rocca - "I Want It To Be Real" (instrumental) (5:12)
John Rocca - "Englishman In New York" (extended) (7:27)
John Rocca - "Move" (extended mix) (8:14)
John Rocca - "The Dream" (radio edit) (4:08)
Freeez - "IOU" (feat John Rocca - 7" version remastered) (3:51)
John Rocca - "I Want It To Be Real" (3:45)
Review: Freeez founder John Rocca made these cuts between London and New York City from 1982 to 1987. Once Upon A Time in N.Y.C is a pioneering compilation of proto-electro and house cuts that, for this reissue, come on nice splattered orange vinyl. As well as the six standouts on the original abut, there is also a bonus 7" with two extra cuts, one of which is the international hit 'I.O.U.' Elsewhere, jams like 'Englishman In New York', 'I Dub U' and 'I Want It To Be Real' all still bang as brilliantly now as they did almost 40 years ago.
Read more
 in stock HK$191.89
Bmore Baby EP
Cat: CT 001. Rel: 06 May 22
Monk's Army (7:46)
Bmore Baby (5:44)
Revolver (6:17)
9 Dreams (6:05)
Tags: Minimal
 in stock HK$118.39
Volume 7
Volume 7 (12")
Cat: WGD 007. Rel: 04 Aug 22
Tin Man - "I Said Acid" (7:08)
Rai Scott - "I'll Meet You On The Dancefloor" (7:06)
Sound Synthesis - "Necessary Order" (6:01)
Roger Van Lunteren - "Le Dee Trois Trio Prends Trois" (4:18)
Review: Since launching two years ago, Bristol's We're Going Deep label has consistently delivered some of the deepest and most atmospheric club tracks around. The music they champion is, as many in the West Country would no doubt confirm, "proper deep". That's certainly the case with the tracks on the label's seventh multi-artist extravaganza. Acid Test regular Tin Man kicks things off with a touch of TB-303-doused proto-house minimalism ('I Said Acid'), before Rai Scott takes us 50 leagues below the sea on the ultra-deep, drowsy and hypnotic house cut 'I'll Meet You on the Dancefloor'. Over on side B, Sound Synthesis's 'Necessary Order' is a simply breath-taking trip into deep electro territory, while Roger Van Lunteren's EP-closing contribution is a deep (and deeply psychedelic) acid house trip.
Read more
Tags: Acid House
 in stock HK$110.25
Infinite Strikes
Cat: UTTU 116. Rel: 06 May 22
Infinite Strikes (5:31)
Extreme Meltdown (6:00)
Another Fish In The Pan (5:05)
Big Jason & The Fruit Fly (7:51)
 in stock HK$108.20
Curriculum Vitae
Cat: SL 111LP. Rel: 29 Nov 21
The Harmonist (2:08)
Some Velvet Morning (4:53)
Generationen (5:11)
Alla Porta Subito (3:50)
Die Unglucksreligion (2:38)
Synthwalz (0:54)
In Cerchio (3:24)
Bacin Bacetto (2:26)
Ritmo Denso (5:13)
Trost Der Massen (3:00)
Ein Kosmischer Tag (2:37)
Review: New Zealand's Strangelove crew serves up this brilliantly wide-eyed and genre non-specific album from CCCVVV to take you back to warmer days as winter really hits. The Brussels based duo of Clara Vellin and soFa Elsewhere have a retro-future take on electronic music that takes in slow motion sounds, comforting ambient bliss, lush downtempo instrumentals and plenty in the weird and wonderful spaces in between all that. There are decidedly cosmic affairs like 'Generationen' with its lush chords and pillowy pads, and more sun-kissed and beachy pieces like 'Bacin Bacetto' with its gently breaking waves.
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Club Pez
Club Pez (12")
Cat: ANS 5000. Rel: 17 Nov 21
Bonk (6:49)
Drops (6:17)
Pez Anthem (6:07)
Uni Vibes (6:48)
Solero (6:33)
Review: This is New York-based, Florida native Anthony Naples' first EP since OTT/ZTL back in 2018. Produced right at the start of NYC's summer reopening, the five tracks on Club Pez 'express a state of optimism and excitement for club and dance experiences equal parts real and totally imaginary.' A bouncy bass plays centre stage while underpinned by Afro-house beats on the psychedelic dance of 'Bonk', before taking it down a couple of notches for the deep and minimal afterhours acid of 'Pez Anthem' as well as the elevating energy of 'Solero' on the flip.

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JIN 05
JIN 05 (12")
Cat: JIN 05. Rel: 18 Feb 22
Jiehe (5:36)
Jiehe (Manuel Fischer remix) (4:42)
Flagada (6:45)
Flagada (Telephones remix) (8:17)
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The Teaches Of Peaches
The Teaches Of Peaches (pink vinyl LP)
Cat: XLLP 163. Rel: 08 Dec 11
Fuck The Pain Away
Aa Xxx
Rock Show
Set It Off
Cum Undun
Diddle My Skittle
Hot Rod
Suck & Let Go
Felix Partz
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Et le Vent?
Et le Vent? (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: NOW 0129LP. Rel: 07 Oct 20
Et Le Vent? (4:16)
Les Autres (3:52)
Premiere Vie (feat Hyacinthe) (3:44)
Steve (feat Leonie Pernet) (4:30)
L'exode (3:27)
Une Belle Personne (feat Ore) (2:58)
Hope (feat Hier Soir) (4:06)
Idem (2:56)
Normal (3:33)
Parfois (3:59)
Walking Now (feat Awir Leon) (3:33)
Sans A-coups (3:58)
Minuit (3:26)
Tout Ira Bien (2:49)
Holy (feat Penelope Antena) (3:33)
Decor (4:52)
A Demain (5:14)
Alea (live version) (4:05)
Huit Jours (live version) (6:07)
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Diapason Rex
Cat: LR 189. Rel: 01 Jul 22
Ecstasy (4:37)
Never Ending (3:43)
Phantom (3:47)
You Never Asked (4:00)
The Work (3:25)
Hollow (3:49)
Trust Yourself (4:26)
The Keeper (5:47)
Diapason Rex (7:21)
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