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Under The Waning Moon
Cat: PULABM 02. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Under The Waning Moon (Introduction) (1:09)
You & I (6:44)
Daddys Girl (6:29)
21 Days A Hoe (6:29)
Raining Down (7:58)
Incurable Dis Ease (6:44)
Wasted Wednesdays (6:48)
Therapy (part 2) (7:17)
Thank You (5:55)
Dissapointed Forgivness (interlude) (0:46)
Review: Toronto native Demur is a master of groovy, funky deep house and has been since his fine debut TruSkool back in 2016. He has been busy of late with Visions back in March finding him collaborating with the likes of Fred P and Aaron Gray. Now comes another full length in Under The Waning Moon, another compelling mix of contemporary deep house sounds, well-sourced and deployed samples and elements of everything from jazz to funk to downtempo colouring the grooves. For steamy late-night stuff look no further than '21 Days A Hoe' while 'Wasted Wednesdays' is delightfully sunny and well swung for cosy back room vibes.
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Played by: Rafa Santos
 in stock HK$230.70
Move On Up
Move On Up (limited 7")
Cat: GCV 7005. Rel: 24 Oct 23
Move On Up (Micky More & Andy Tee 7 Inch mix) (4:47)
Runaway (Micky More & Andy Tee 7 Inch mix) (4:51)
Review: Serge Funk, and his contemporaries Micky More & Andy Tee, bring utter floor-shaking heat to Groove Culture with 'Move On Up' and 'Runaway', two four-to-the-floor crowdpleasers working in rapidfire vocal samples and bass licks sifted from the trawled megahertz of funk. Compressed and pumped-out to no end, each track here balances the other out nicely in mutual a barrage of interwoven rhythms and vocal "hups".
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 in stock HK$106.14
SNA 004
SNA 004 (12")
Cat: SNA 004. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Bring It Around (6:24)
Don't Fight The Feeling (6:36)
Fantasy (5:56)
Get On Down (5:30)
 in stock HK$112.31
So Special EP
So Special EP (limited 12")
Cat: GCV 016. Rel: 21 Nov 23
So Special (Micky More & Andy Tee edit) (6:27)
It's Over Now (feat Kareem Shabazz - White Soul Project remix) (6:06)
Love Is All Around (feat Heston - Micky More & Andy Tee dub) (6:29)
Gotta Feeling (feat Karmina Dai - Micky More & Andy Tee mix) (7:03)
Review: Italian dance band Reverendos Of Soul, formed by Giovanni Ceccati & Andrea Tonici, have been lighting up the scene since 2013. The 'So Special' EP includes four of their best tracks showcasing a signature and euphoric blend of disco, soul and house; label heads Micky More & Andy Tee serve up three mixes of Reverendos Of Soul hits ('So Special', 'Love Is All Around' and 'Gotta Feeling'), with White Soul Project also sprinkling their magic onto proceedings for their delicious version of 'It's Over Now'. In summary, an ethereal and blissful future disco glitzer.
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 in stock HK$120.45
Now U Do
Now U Do (limited 12")
Cat: ZEN 12642. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Now U Do (extended) (4:51)
Now U Do (extended UKG mix) (4:52)
Now U Do (Carlita remix) (5:21)
Now U Do (Carlita remix - instrumental) (5:22)
Review: Ninja Tune favourite and sometime lo-fi house pin-up DJ Seinfeld continues to prove he was always about so much more with a new collab alongside Confidence Man that he describes as "quirky, naive and an ode to all the summer flings out there". It came about after the pair hung out a few times and enjoyed each other's company and the tun itself has already been something of a mini classic during festival season. As well as the original with its catchy drum loops, pop leaning vocal hooks and lush strings, there is a cheeky UK garage version that has even more irresistible bump and a Carlita remix that reworks into something different but equally essential.
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 in stock HK$106.14
(It Goes Like) Nanana
(It Goes Like) Nanana (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: XL 1374T. Rel: 28 Sep 23
(It Goes Like) Nanana (6:07)
(It Goes Like) Nanana (Nanadub) (6:07)
Review: Peggy Gou has long since broken out of niche dance music circles out on to the wider world thanks to her pro and well crafted DJ sets and earned ties with plenty of high-end fashion brands. Including this, she does have some fine music making credentials as her hit single '(It Goes Like) Nanana' shows - its an inescapably catchy house cut with an iconic hook that is easy to sing along to. It now arrives, having first come via her own label, on XL which will only make it reach even higher levels of ubiquity. All hail the Gou!
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 in stock HK$95.95
Pacha Ibiza 50 Years
Pacha Ibiza 50 Years (trifold 3xLP repress)
Cat: MXLP 4200. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Ultra Mane - "Free" (Mood II Swing mix) (7:09)
Moloko - "Sing It Back" (Boris musical mix) (8:32)
Robin S - "Show Me Love" (Stonebridge club mix) (7:38)
Silicone Soul - "Right On!" (instrumental mix) (8:29)
Sueno Latino - "Sueno Latino" (with Manuel Goettsching Performing E2-E4 - Paradise mix) (10:26)
Joe Smooth Inc - "The Promised Land" (feat Anthony Thomas - club mix) (5:07)
Tori Amos - "Professional Widow" (Armand Star Trunk Funkin' mix) (8:07)
George Morel - "Let's Groove" (feat Heather Wildman - Morel Full club mix) (6:59)
Robert Miles - "Children" (Dream mix) (7:05)
BBE - "Seven Days & One Week" (8:27)
Energy 52 - "Cafe Del Mar" (Three'n'One mix) (8:16)
Three Drives On A Vinyl - "Greece 2000" (8:06)
Review: Pacha Ibiza and its iconic hanging cherries are two of dance music's most recognisable institutions. The Ibiza club launched 50 years ago and remains one of the island's biggest draws all these many years and musical evolutions later. To mark the occasion it has put together this trifold triple 12" of all the many big tunes that have been synonymous with it over the years. Most of them are well worn but still effective anthems from the likes of Utra Nate, Robin S, Joe Smooth Inc, George Morel and Tori Amos, but it's always good to have them all together in one place for those more playful and nostalgic party sessions.
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 in stock HK$367.42
EP19 (12")
Cat: DFTD 697. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Jansons - "Hypnotic" (feat Dope Earth Alien) (5:40)
LP Giobbi - "Giodisco" (4:24)
Sam Divine - "Take My Hand" (feat Josh Barry) (5:57)
Oden & Fatzo X Camden Cox - "Lady Love" (4:55)
Review: Though mostly known for their colourful and soul-drenched house, Defected can also do more physical and tech-leaning sounds as exemplified on this new EP. It features a mix of new school tastemakers with Jansons opening up with the old school breaks and bars of 'Hypnotic' (feat Dope Earth Alien) then American star LP Giobbi layers up the freewheeling melodies and punchy drum loops on 'Giodisco.' Sam Divine gets for a deep and driving house sound on 'Take My Hand' (feat Josh Barry) and Oden & Fatzo X Camden Cox close things out with a more light and airy vocal sound on 'Lady Love.' Some useful variation here.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Right On! (reissue)
Right On! (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: GR 12113. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Right On! (vocal version - 12" Disco edit) (7:28)
Right On! (instrumental version) (7:27)
Review: Scottish house music duo Silicone Soul aka Craig Morrison & Graeme Reedie's turn-of-the-millennium deep houser 'Right On!' certainly made a big splash back then, breaching the UK dance singles chart by bringing the genre an oily soulful emulsion. However, not their first release for the esteemed Soma Quality Recordings, 'Right On!' was an expert construction and a favourite for lovers of vocal house at the time. The track is a cover of Curtis Mayfield's 'Right On For The Darkness', a paean for living in the now and grabbing life by the bullhorns).
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 in stock HK$118.39
Discovery (reissue)
Discovery (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 190296 617164. Rel: 19 Mar 22
One More Time (5:26)
Aerodynamic (3:30)
Digital Love (4:48)
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (3:42)
Crescendolls (3:30)
Nightvision (1:42)
Superheroes (4:01)
High Life (3:16)
Something About Us (3:50)
Voyager (3:47)
Veridis Quo (5:44)
Short Circuit (3:22)
Face To Face (4:00)
Too Long (9:55)
Review: Daft Punk's defining album comes directly from the horses' mouths, seeing a new vinyl edition in 2022 released via the ex-duo's own Daft Life Ltd. label. With no frills or fluff, every original track on their third album from 2001 appears here in crunching glory, not sounding an inch rougher or time-weathered. Aptly, 'Discovery' was described by the duo as a reflection of their childhood memories, when they listened to music with a more innocent ear; 20 years on, Discovery can certainly be said to have lived up to that original inspiration.
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 in stock HK$242.95
The Man With The Red Face
Cat: F 119/1370119130. Rel: 21 Sep 00
The Man With The Red Face (original mix)
The Man With The Red Face (Svek remix)
The Man With The Red Face (Funk D Void remix)
 in stock HK$73.40
Best Of Native Soul Recordings Volume One (feat Asad Rizvi mix)
The Candy Dealers - "Train Of Thoughts" (6:13)
Harold Heath - "Slipstream" (6:59)
Jevne - "Moderize" (Asad Rizvi remix) (7:15)
Review: Native Soul Recordings has been around a long old time in dance music terms and now it looks back over some of its finest works with this first in a new series of Best Of comps. Music writer Harold Heath is first up with 'Slipstream,' an effortless smooth late-night house cut with introspective chords and silky pads bringing real depth. The Candy Dealers get more lithe and elastic with the spraying bass and jumbled percussive house of 'Train Of Thought' and last of all, Asad Rizvi remixes Jevne's 'Moderize' with a funky little bassline and chord vamps that keep you on edge. A tasteful package of timeless house grooves.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock HK$110.25
The Weekend (reissue)
Cat: GR 12112. Rel: 26 Sep 23
The Weekend (extended vocal) (8:11)
The Weekend (12" mix) (5:53)
The Weekend (Glitterbox mix) (4:22)
Review: Capturing the carefree mood of the mid-00s in a dazzling burst of chart-topping funky house perfection, Michael Gray's 'The Weekend' remains an all-time floor-filling classic. The funked up filter house production takes its cues from the French trailblazers, but it's Shena's soaring vocal which makes it a perennial favourite, transmitting a message everyone can relate to about the week-long hustle and the joy of letting it all go when Friday night rolls around. This reissue brings together different mixes of the track which subtly shift the parts around without messing with the heart and soul of the track, while the Glitterbox mix shifts it down a gear to a slower disco strut which will sprinkle some crowd-pleasing magic over any warm up set.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Move Your Body
Cat: TX 117. Rel: 22 Mar 02
Move Your Body
Baby Wants To Ride
Review: Re-press.
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! low stock HK$110.25
Don't Fight The Feeling
Cat: DD 047. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Don't Fight The Feeling
Don't Fight The Feeling (The Mighty Zaf edit)
Review: Diggers Dozen has got a superb vinyl exclusive here as they press up the glorious Tampa hit 'Don't Fight The Feeling' to 7" for the first time ever. The band formed in 1977 in Miami and was a popular house band in the Tampa Bay nightclub that mostly played covers as well as their own originals in an array of styles. One day the group ripened to an advert on a local radio station for forums to submit music to be inclined on a new comparison showcasing local talents and this is the track they sent it. It is one of only ten tunes to have made the cut and it's easy to see why - it's a fine and high-paced fusion of jazz, disco and soul that sweeps you off your feet. The Mighty Zaf edit on the flip distills things slightly into a track that's even more potent.
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 in stock HK$106.14
Homework (reissue)
Homework (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: 190296 611926. Rel: 06 May 22
Daftendirekt (3:14)
WDPK 83.7 FM (1:00)
Revolution 909 (4:25)
Da Funk (5:22)
Phoenix (5:00)
Fresh (4:02)
Around The World (7:07)
Rollin' & Scratchin' (7:30)
Teachers (2:59)
High Fidelity (5:58)
Rock'n Roll (4:39)
Oh Yeah (5:00)
Burnin' (6:56)
Indo Silver Club (4:33)
Alive (5:13)
Funk Ad (0:49)
Review: The album that started it all for Daft Punk sure explains why they were one of the biggest acts in dance music for so long. Even now, all these years later, it is still a mind blowing work that blew electonic music wide open. Homework landed in 1997 and showcased astonishing production skills, a dizzyingly wide-array of influences and spawned plenty of stone cold dance classics such as 'Around The World,' 'Da Funk' and 'Teachers' which shouted out all of the French duo's biggest influences.
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 in stock HK$242.95
Street Player (Dimitri From Paris remixes)
Cat: ZEDD 12345. Rel: 07 Feb 23
Street Player (DFP Super Disco Blend - parts I & II) (10:05)
Street Player (DFP Special dubwize mix) (7:03)
Review: Dimitri From Paris has the kind of masterful touch which makes any one of his remixes buy on sight material. But if you need to know more, on this 12" for Z Records he's taking on the Russian band Leonid & Friends and their cover of 'Street Player' by Chicago. Of course the original was an iconic joint made even more classic by 'that' Bucketheads tune, and you can hear DFP having fun nodding to that iconic bit of 90s chart-topping house in these deadly versions. If you like your disco house fierce and fiery but still delivered with finesse, this record is all you need.
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 in stock HK$126.62
Better Off Alone
Better Off Alone (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DOTB 09. Rel: 19 Jun 23
Better Off Alone (vocal club) (6:55)
Better Off Alone (radio) (3:37)
Better Off Alone (instrumental) (6:39)
Review: For many of a certain age, Alice Deejay's 'Better Off Alone' is one of those tunes that takes you directly back to a very specific time in your life - quite possibly when you were first heading out to local bars and clubs, the sort with insane drinks offers and sticky carpets, a DJ who got on the mic too often and lots of fights in the taxi queue on the way home. That's to say it's a cheesy but loveable Euro-dance hit that sure will bring some fun to the floor now, almost a quarter of a century after it was first released.
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Tags: European | 90s House
 in stock HK$118.39
Time To Dance EP
Cat: SEL 010. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Smoke Sax (6:34)
Breath Away (6:36)
About House (6:05)
Space Lounge (6:55)
Review: Selections mark the milestone of making it to a 10th release with Mate Records founder and Madrid mainstay Rafa Santos serving up his unique deep house sounds. Santos has been around a while now, with EPs dating back over a decade on the likes of Greta Plan but mostly on his own label since 2019. He brings elements of funk and soul to his house and it is well-versed in the traditional sounds of New York and Chicago. Never overproduced and with just the right amount of raw, all four of these pair competing drum programming with emotive synth work that both soothes you and moves you on the dance floor.

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 in stock HK$112.31
Sgt Slick Recuts Vol 1
Cat: SSRV 001. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Replay (6:49)
Wait (6:18)
In The Air (5:42)
45 Theme (5:34)
Running (5:31)
Review: Sgt Slick kicks off their new own Sgt Slick Recuts label which is presumably going to deal in red hot edits of big house and disco tunes, with a new four 12" that does just that. 'Replay' is feel good house music with funky bass and soulful vocals that will get hands in the air, no doubt. 'Wait' then pairs a well known vocal line with some super smooth and rolling soulful house groves and 'In The Air' is another one with a timeless singalong vocal that is reworked into some percussion laced house beats. Add in the big disco of '45 Theme' and 'Running' and you have a versatile EP.
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 in stock HK$112.31
A Touch Of Love EP 4
Cat: BL 149. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Seamus Haji & Michael Gray - "Wish" (feat Audrey Martells)
Mark Lower & Fleur De Mur - "Burn For Love"
FrescoEdits - "Get Free"
Saison - "Be Yourself" (feat Kameelah Waheed)
 in stock HK$118.39
Time For Freakness
Cat: PAGER 014. Rel: 31 Oct 23
Time For Freakness (5:47)
Move For Me (5:01)
Digital Lust (3:41)
Jazz Painter (3:19)
The Music Sounds Good (4:43)
Review: Sweely has been hugely impressive of late. The artist has really broken through in quick time with a house sound that is futuristic and full of great synth raft. Here we get a more classic take on the genre on 'Time For Freakness' with some warm old school soul and muttered vocals next to squelchy pads. 'Move For Me' is as catchy as a cold with its clipped beats and withering sci-fi keys next to a sultry vocal and three flip side cuts explore boogie-tastic Dam Funk style house beats on 'Digital Lust', skittish rhythms on 'Jazz Painter' and pumping deep tech on 'The Music Sounds Good'. Another standout.
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 in stock HK$112.31
Different Sides Of The Sun
Different Sides Of The Sun (gatefold transparent blue vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: HN LP001B. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Isis (feat Egyptian Lover) (6:31)
Operate (feat Kenny Glasgow) (4:11)
Reverse Skydiving (feat Anabel Englund) (5:30)
Different Sides (4:28)
Benediction (6:42)
Planet Us (6:20)
Forward Motion (5:17)
Tightrope (3:47)
People Change (feat SYF) (4:04)
Take You There (5:17)
Mercury Rising (feat Anabel Englund) (5:24)
Alternate State (feat Roisin Murphy) (4:03)
Detroit (4:27)
Physical Control (5:12)
Emerald City (feat Anabel Englund) (3:20)
Review: Hot Natured emerged on the crest of a new school deep house wave more than ten years ago as part of a circle of artists centred around Jamie Jones and Lee Foss and they Hot Creations label. It's a collective featuring Ali Love, Anabel Englund, Roisin Murphy, The Egyptian Lover, Kenny Glasgow and S.Y.F and produced by Jones and Foss as well as MK and Luca C. They had a cross-over hit with 'Benediction' and ten years ago this August they dropped their debut album Different Sides of the Sun. It's a perfect showcase of their sound that still stands up - creamy grooves, pool-side vibes, smooth and seductive vocals and plenty of sweet hooks. Now you can cop it on triple transparent blue vinyl to mark the occasion.
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 in stock HK$244.91
Visions (limited 12")
Cat: BK 061. Rel: 21 Feb 23
Starlight (5:41)
Glimmer (5:21)
Moon Glow (5:29)
Moon Rock (6:10)
Review: Cloud was a Brit-funk group back in the 80s whose catalogue is continuing to get plenty of attention. Their All Night Long EP was a big reissue with a remix from Ge-Ology and now we get Backatcha serving up this EP of four dazzling cuts. The well-crafted and floor-facing tunes here mix up disco, nu-disco, synth-pop and jazz funk with plenty of unique style. It's another doozy for the collection that saves you from forking out high prices for any originals you may be able to find.
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 in stock HK$126.62
Best Of 2023
Best Of 2023 (limited gold vinyl LP)
Cat: XPRESS 58. Rel: 26 Sep 23
Luke Delite & Michelle Weeks - "Give Me Your Love" (Dave Lee edit) (7:04)
Sam Karlson & Barbara Tucker - "Be Yourself" (Michael Gray dub mix) (4:50)
Sparkling Attitude - "Giving Nothing" (feat Dyanna Fearon - Art Of Tones remix) (3:42)
Magnolia - "Believe In L" (feat Mani Hoffman & Million Miles) (3:23)
Generoco - "Disco Jazzin'" (4:46)
Alastair Lane - "Disco Malefico" (4:23)
Georges - "Love's Away" (4:10)
Review: Full steam ahead! Put on your dancing shoes and jump aboard The Disco Express as the much loved London label unveils its hugely anticipated Best of 2023 compilation. Featuring seven original dancefloor weapons, this electrifying compilation encapsulates the most unforgettable tracks from the label this year. Pressed on limited edition gold vinyl, the V/A seamlessly blends classic funk and soul elements with cutting-edge production, boasting a truly stacked lineup of talent; celebrating the vibrant spirit of The Disco Express whilst perfectly infusing modern twists, and optimised for contemporary dancefloors.
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! low stock HK$153.18
French Touch Vol 2: The Finest Selection Of Electronic Music Made in France
Cat: 341388 6. Rel: 15 Jul 22
Laurent Garnier - "Crispy Bacon" (5:42)
Mr Oizo - "Flat Beat" (3:56)
Dj Gregory - "Block Party" (6:14)
St Germain - "St Germain" (3:55)
Guts - "Man Funk" (3:48)
Soha - "Soha" (7:11)
Stereo Action Unlimited - "Lovelight" (4:08)
Kid Loco - "She's My Lover" (4:38)
Bob Sinclair - "Save Our Soul" (5:01)
Superfunk - "The Young MC" (club extended version) (4:20)
Vitalic - "Poison Lips" (4:00)
Thylacine - "Painy Pianino" (4:40)
Cheek - "Venus (Sunshine People)" (DJ Gregory remix) (4:55)
Kazam - "With Your Love" (4:49)
Gotan Project - "Mi Confesion" (4:19)
Agoria - "Up All Night" (radio edit) (3:00)
Review: The so-called French touch sound that emerged from France in the 90s and beyond will always be one of the Gallic country's most famous musical exports, certainly in electronic terms. Its god fathers are of course Daft Punk who fomented filter heavy, textural, and loopy jams that are bustling and overflowing with good vibes. But many an artist followed and added their own spin, plenty of whom are included here on a second volume of the genres finest moments. Standouts come from greats like Justice, St Germain, Alex Braxe & Fred Falke and more.
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 in stock HK$137.70
Brotherhood: The Definitive Singles Collection
Cat: ASW 34818. Rel: 23 Oct 08
Hey Boy Hey Girl
Block Rockin' Beats
Do It Again
Star Guitar
Let Forever Be
Leave Home
Keep My Composure
Out Of Control
Midnight Madness
The Golden Path
Setting Sun
Chemical Beats
 in stock HK$171.41
Push The Feeling On (reissue)
Push The Feeling On (reissue) (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: GR 1286. Rel: 11 Nov 21
Push The Feeling On (The dub Of Doom) (6:33)
Push The Feeling On (MK dub Revisited) (8:40)
Push The Feeling On (MK mix 95) (7:07)
Review: The Nightcrawlers' tune 'Push The Feeling On' is one of US garages most iconic. It was a hit on dance floors and in the charts all over the western world and was also what lay the foundations for MK's whole career. The dub version he served up became a signature sound for the producer throughout the 90s and beyond. That original 95 mix is included here and has the yearning vocals pacing about the mix, the snappy hits and warm, fat drums rolling down low. A Revisited version tweaks things only slightly and the Dub of Doom version is the most chunky and paired back of the lot with a slightly dark sense of menace pervading the whole affair.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Ministry Of Sound: Origins Of House
Cat: MOSLP 542. Rel: 20 Sep 19
Frankie Knuckles - "Your Love" (feat Jamie Principle) (6:46)
Steve 'Silk' Hurley - "Jack Your Body" (original club Mx) (5:08)
Marshall Jefferson - "Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)" (feat Curtis McClain) (4:15)
Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk - "Love Can't Turn Around" (feat Darryl Pandy) (5:41)
Jesse Saunders - "On & On" (7:51)
Ron Hardy - "Sensation" (long version) (6:41)
Housemaster Boyz & The Rude Boy Of House - "House Nation" (7:10)
Ralphi Rosario - "You Used To Hold Me" (feat Xavier Gold) (3:45)
Ten City - "That's The Way Love Is" (Underground mix) (4:11)
Joe Smooth - "Promised Land" (5:26)
Raze - "Break 4 Love" (5:15)
Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula - "This Is Acid" (4:38)
808 State - "Pacific State" (5:51)
Orbital - "Chime" (3:14)
Phuture - "Acid Tracks" (7:01)
Played by: Jay Hill
 in stock HK$204.14
Music Sounds Better With You (reissue)
Music Sounds Better With You (reissue) (limited 1-sided etched 12")
Cat: BEC 5543668. Rel: 28 Jun 19
Music Sounds Better With You (6:43)
Played by: THE REFLEX
 in stock HK$114.27
Love Story Vs Finally (Paul Woolford 2023 remix & original)
Cat: XL 1329T. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Love Story (Vs Finally) (Paul Woolford 2023 extended mix) (5:43)
Love Story (7:52)
Review: 'Love Story' is one of the most classic tunes in all of house music. It was written by Layo & Buschwaka who heard the original 'Finally' by Kings of Tomorrow and wanted to tweak it to their own ends so mashed it up with further samples from Dave, Nina Simone and Tati Quebra-Barraco. It's a rousing, heartwarming dancefloor trip of the highest order and who better to remix it than the always on fire Paul Woolford. His extended 2023 edit brings all the best bits to the fore and ensures we will be hearing this one all summer long. No complaints here.
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 in stock HK$93.89
Visions Remixed Vol 1 (DJ Spen mixes)
Cat: PUL 006. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Home Sweet Home (The Journey) (DJ Spen remix) (7:29)
Home Sweet Home (The Journey) (DJ Spen dub) (6:23)
Home Sweet Home (The Journey) (DJ Spen Hump mix) (5:53)
Review: Demuir's Visions album gets its first series of remixes here as standout cut 'Home Sweet Home (The Journey)' gets reworked by Baltimore's finest dance music ambassador and bona fide legend DJ Spen. First up he brings some shuffling and deep soul to the groove with an irresistible skip to the drums and a lush vocal. The dub pairs things back a little further with more splash in the percussion and last of all comes the Hump mix. This one has noodling keys working their way up through the mix to bring real enlightenment.
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Played by: Toronto Hustle
 in stock HK$100.06
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
Cat: SL 0061. Rel: 07 Mar 20
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray remix) (7:33)
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray dub mix) (7:38)
Review: What more needs to be said about this timeless disco hit? A staple of DJ sets by everyone from Derrick May and Laurent Garnier to James Murphy, this Harvey Fuqua and Patrick Cowley production from 1979 is a truly timeless classic whose spirit still lives to this day on modern dancefloors. Here we are treated to a rework by Britain's undisputed king of funky house Michael Gray (Full Intention) on his Sultra label. With full respect to the original, Gray's rework injects some dancefloor dynamics for the modern sound system. You even get a bonus instrumental "Dub Mix" on the flip!
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 in stock HK$126.62
Higher State Of Consciousness (reissue)
Cat: SR 12321SPECIAL. Rel: 26 Jun 20
Higher State Of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk) (6:20)
Higher State Of Consciousness (Deep Slow Chill edit) (6:20)
 in stock HK$114.27
Touch Me (reissue)
Cat: GR 12100. Rel: 05 Jan 23
Touch Me (8:36)
Touch Me (Saffron mix) (8:06)
Review: Almost 22 years ago to the day, Portugese house DJ Rui Da Silva and British singer Cassandra Fox released one of the most iconic progressive house songs of all time 'Touch Me'. Releasing officially on New Years Day 2001, it topped the charts becoming the first Portugese and Progressive House song to do so respectively. Combining elements of Eurodance and turn of the millennia club tropes, this song could singlehandedly be attribute to the Eurodance revival that acts like Cascada would go on to proliferate later in the decade. A sensational club filler that stands the test of time, with an incredible B-side deep house cut with the 'Saffron mix'.
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I Want Your Lovin'
Cat: QTZJM 001. Rel: 17 Oct 23
I Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit) (club mix) (7:51)
I Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit) (vocal dub mix) (7:57)
I Want You All Tonight (main club mix) (7:09)
I Want You All Tonight (alternative vocal dub mix) (6:21)
Review: John Morales is pretty universally credited with inventing the 12" when he decided he needed more run time for his remixes than could be found on a small 7" 45rpm. Those remixes were often done on the studio floor when he would cut up and splice analogue tape to insert new breaks and extended instrumentals. He remains as good as anyone at that and these new versions of Curtis Harrison's 'I Want Your Lovin' and 'I Want You All Tonight' show why. They are steamy and loved-up disco gems that have everything needed to set the floor alight- big vocals, big drums, lush synths.
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Kraken EP
Kraken EP (hand-stamped 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: SEMID 015. Rel: 25 Jul 23
Demi Riquisimo & Michelle Manetti - "All I Need" (6:35)
Corbi - "Kraken" (6:56)
Lulah Francs & Nebari - "Don't Make Me Wait" (5:12)
Nairless - "Swell" (5:46)
Last Magpie - "Release It" (5:22)
Jive Talk - "Wizard's Slippers" (5:31)
Review: Semi Delicious go full flavour for this new various artists EP to mark their 15th vinyl outing. It's Demi Riquisimo & Michelle Manetti who kick off with the surging house stylings of 'All I Need,' a vocal laced peak time track with rushy feels. Corbi cooks up some rugged broken beats on the sleepy 'Kraken' then Lulah Francs & Nebari tap into he Peech Bosy classic for the vocal top line of their 'Don't Make Me Wait' and pair it with classic analogue drum clatter and gurgling bass brilliance. The flip has three more tunes including the rave of 'Nairless' and blissed out, sun up cut 'Release It' by Last Magpie. Jive Talk's 'Wizards Slippers' is a lovely electro bubbler to round out a diverse EP.
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Break My Soul (remixes)
Break My Soul (remixes) (limited transparent green vinyl double 12")
Cat: ACT 1G. Rel: 09 May 23
Break My Soul (Terry Hunter remix) (5:33)
Break My Soul (Will I Am remix) (4:03)
Break My Soul (Honey Dijon remix) (6:29)
Break My Soul (The Queens remix) (6:00)
Break My Soul (Nita Aviance club mix) (9:42)
Break My Soul (4:54)
Break My Soul (instrumental) (4:39)
Break My Soul (acappella) (4:00)
Review: Beyonce's last album was widely heralded as a triumph by all. It found her diving into house music and working with scene stalwarts like Luke Solomon and Honey Dijon. It won a Grammy for its efforts. Now, even though plenty of the originals were ready to work a club dancefloor, we get treated to some remixes. They all focus on the standout single 'Break My Soul' and we get funky and soulful stuff from Terry Hunter, broken beat from Will I Am, house thumps from Honey Dijon, and filter-heavy stuff from The Queens. Add in the Nita Aviance club mix and the original version and you have a useful package indeed.
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 in stock HK$204.14
Good Lies
Good Lies (LP + insert)
Cat: XL 1300LP. Rel: 11 May 23
Feelings Plain (7:33)
Arla Fearn (3:45)
Good Lies (1:05)
Walk Thru Water (2:09)
Cold Blooded (3:37)
Skulled (5:06)
Sugarrushhh (3:38)
Calon (4:09)
Is U (3:49)
Vermonly (2:40)
So U Kno (3:40)
Calling Out (4:43)
Review: Overmono have become real techno darlings in the last two years. And rightly so - they have served up a fine run of EPs in that time which now brings us to their debut album Good Lies. They are also an award-winning live act who have brought new energy and invention to techno as well as a next level grasp of sound design. As such the pair are two of the most revered artists in the UK with a hardcore fan base who pack out their every gig. They will find plenty to love here on an adventurous record that features all the hallmarks you would expect of this duo as well as plenty of freshness.
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 in stock HK$171.41
Metamorphosis Part 2
Metamorphosis Part 2 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ZEDDLP 59X. Rel: 26 Oct 23
The Philly Avengers (9:53)
AC Express (7:17)
The Mystery, The Moment (5:48)
It's Got To Be Love (9:54)
Music For Your Pleasure (7:19)
Losing My Mind At The Disco (9:36)
Review: Disco mined straight from artisanal-analogue, rather than digital-mechanised, sources, this second part of the vinyl edition - like the first - is produced in collaboration with a 20-piece orchestra. An "album of pure indulgence" - as he calls it - it begins with huge, brass-and-string dominated 'The Philly Avengers' and covers a huge stylistic range, the LP inspired by Lee's memories of the golden era of TV as well as the soundtracks of his favourite childhood TV shows - in which a distinctly analogue sound abounded.
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Bossa & Swing EP
Bossa & Swing EP (pink marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 100. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Tough Times (5:26)
Shuffle & Swing (6:44)
Time To F
Review: As displayed on her recent Aus Music and Heist Recordings releases, CInthie Christl is more than adept at creating fresh cuts shot through with subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) references to US house cuts of the 1990s. She's on the tip once more on this surprise Shall Not Fade outing, first dousing a rolling house beat and undulating analogue bassline in spacey chords and riffs ('Tough Times'), before joining the dots between late 90s Strictly Rhythm dubs and bouncy New Jersey garage grooves on 'Shuffle & Swing'. Even better is 'Bossa', a fantastically dubby and sub-heavy slab of hypnotic peak-time deep house, while 'Time To F' is a more breezy and sun-splashed affair with restless riffs, squelchy bass and steppers-influenced deep house beats.
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Cat: SL 123. Rel: 26 Sep 23
Invincible (6:24)
You Got To Remember (6:46)
You Got To Remember (dub mix) (6:22)
Review: What would it be like to be invincible? An ecstatic funky house climax from the dream team of music-maker Michael Gray and singer Tatiana Owens, new one 'Invincible' channels the pure excitement of real love and connection, lyrically equating that excitement to feeling as if nothing could slow us down. Speaking of "common love" and "every day and every day", this is an unstoppable single, with its impenetrable march forward backed up by piano chords, stabbing string hits and punchy fills. Don't miss the B-side 'You Got To Remember', nor the live performed version on YouTube!
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Volume One
Cat: CMV 001. Rel: 27 Jun 23
Eye No You (8:00)
Beyond Far (7:16)
More Eye (8:36)
Rock The Dance (7:31)
Review: The Crates Motel crew make a head turning debut here with this inaugural release featuring some red hot classic all reworked with great care and plenty of dancefloor aplomb. Up first is 'Eye No You', a belting vocal cut with big disco energy that will have the floor in raptures. Things get slower and funkier on 'Beyond Far' with its loose and live drums and withering chords under a familiar riff. On the B-side the temp gets turned up again with 'More Eye', a Philly disco cut complete with lavish strings and raw male vocals full of heart wrenching soul. Last of all is 'Rock The Dance', a disco version of an epic Clash cut that is pure fun.
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Late Night Tales
Late Night Tales (2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 20. Rel: 02 Nov 23
The League Unlimited Orchestra - "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of" (5:10)
Roxy Music - "Love Is The Drug" (3:59)
Kitty Grant - "Glad To Know You" (5:06)
Depeche Mode - "Enjoy The Silence" (4:29)
Max Berlin - "Elle & Moi" (Joakim remix) (8:29)
The African Dream - "Makin' A Living" (5:47)
Midlake - "Rosco" (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve remix) (6:51)
Liquid People - "Son Of Dragon" (7:56)
Ace - "How Long" (3:20)
Chris Rea - "Josephine" (French edit) (7:04)
Will Young - "Friday's Child" (Andy Cato edit) (4:05)
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - "You're All I Need To Get By" (2:47)
Groove Armada - "Are 'Friends' Electric?" (Exclusive Cover version) (4:13)
Peter, Bjorn & John - "The Chills" (3:53)
The Cure - "Close To Me" (3:34)
Finley Quaye - "Even After All" (dub - clean version) (7:08)
Will Self - "The Happy Detective" (part 1 - Exclusive Spoken Word track) (2:11)
Review: Groove Armada might well be best known for their big beats, and fair enough. Their mastery of a smart sample and a compelling groove paired with catchy vocal hooks made that chart topping superstars who went on to tour the world endlessly before then disappearing and remerging on more underground labels like Hypercolour. But you don't get that good at sampling with being deep digging record fiends. And that is exactly what made them such a perfect fit for the Late Night Tales series which is all about offering up alternative sounds to accompany post-club comedowns. These collections were gateways into new musical worlds for many dance fans and they still stand up today so it's great to have them back in print.
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This Brutal House
This Brutal House (custom shaped 12")
Cat: TOOL 1195. Rel: 19 Sep 23
Nitro DeLuxe - "This Brutal House" (UK edit) (7:02)
Mark Knight & Nitro DeLuxe - "Brutal" (extended mix) (6:18)
Review: Toolroom founder Mark Knight lands back on his own imprint, updating one of house music's most influential records, 'Let's Get Brutal' by Nitro Deluxe, bringing it forward to floors in 2023 under the new title 'Brutal'. Following up his collaboration with NYC house legend Todd Terry on the label in March with 'Make You Happy', this reissue reminds us of the esteemed, originally Cutting Records-released classic - a track which later went on to be sampled by Kevin Saunderson (aka Good Life) in his equally impactful hit 'Big Fun'. The original - with its nonsensical "brutal with the millimetre" vocal sample, god knows where it's from, though seeming to effortless capture some inexorable facet of the German psyche - sounds as great as ever, though it also comes backed by a new extended remix from Knight on the B.
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Played by: Paul Starey
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Club Lonely (remixes)
Cat: XSS 688580. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Cub Lonely (I'm On The Guest List mix) (6:56)
Cub Lonely (Not On The List instrumental mix) (3:56)
Cub Lonely (DJ Pierre's Afro club mix) (6:53)
Cub Lonely (Bellbottoms & Platforms mix) (5:06)
Cub Lonely (Radically Lonely mix) (4:26)
Review: Chicago house great Lil Louis really nailed it when he wrote 'Cub Lonely' back in 1992 with his group The World. It was taken from their album A Journey With The Lonely and has lead vocals by Joi Cardwell that helped it become an instant club smash. All these years later it always gets a big reaction on the floor which is why it has now been reissued by Epic complete with a series of remixes. The I'm On The Guest List mix is the one with the wonky sax lines and steamy vocals, the instrumental is paired back and more club-ready then DJ Pierre's Afro club mix bringing some big and freewheeling synth energy. The Bellbottoms & Platforms mix is a subtle tweak and then the most raw of the lot is the Radically Lonely mix to close down.
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Played by: Rafa Santos
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What Is Love
What Is Love (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: DOTB 002B. Rel: 14 Mar 23
What Is Love (7" mix) (4:30)
What Is Love (12" mix) (6:42)
What Is Love (club mix) (4:54)
What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro mix) (5:24)
Review: What is love? An ancient emotion? Or a relatively recent sociological construct used to justify convenient marriages from the Victorian era onwards? This 90s dance anthem by the Trinidadian-German artist Haddaway readily asks the question and it's fair enough that he does - he wants to be sure, since he also asks us not to hurt him in the same breath. Love is a fickle beast, one that can placate and violate in equal measure, but thankfully eurodance is one of the best sounds through which to express it. Its catchy synth hook, pulsing beat, and Haddaway's soulful vocals make this a timeless club hit that still resonates today.
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Tags: European | 90s House
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Quest For Fire
Quest For Fire (translucent ruby vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ATL 6252441. Rel: 21 Jul 23
Skrillex & Bobby Raps - "Leave Me Like This" (3:09)
Skrillex, Missy Elliott & Mr Oizo - "Ratata" (2:06)
Skrillex, Joker & Sleepnet - "Tears" (3:09)
Skrillex, Fred Again & Flowdan - "Rumble" (2:24)
Skrillex, Starrah & Four Tet - "Butterflies" (3:25)
Skrillex, Aluna & Kito - "Inhale Exhale" (3:21)
Skrillex & Eli Keszler - "A Street I Know" (3:38)
Skrillex & Nai Barghouti - "Xena" (4:12)
Skrillex, Swae Lee, Siiickbrain & Posij - "Too Bizarre (Juked)" (3:32)
Skrillex, Flowdan, Beam & Peekaboo - "Hydrate" (3:35)
Skrillex - "Warped Tour '05" (with Pete Wentz) (0:48)
Skrillex & Starrah - "Good Space" (2:13)
Skrillex, Noisia, Josh Pan & Dylan Brady - "Supersonic (My Existence)" (2:50)
Skrillex - "Hazel Theme" (1:51)
Skrillex, Porter Robinson & Bibi Bourelly - "Still Here (With The Ones That I Came With)" (5:16)
Review: It's been a long time since Skrillex (Sonny Moore) pioneered his distinctive complextro sound, characterised by roaring vocal samples, bitcrushed melodies and novelty growls and wobbles. Surprisingly hailing from from an emo background, Moore has leveraged this sound to become an established force of nature, becoming the instigator of an entire tidal sea-change in electronic music. His latest bout of albums, though - one of which is Quest For Fire - hears him exercise his penchant for collaboration more than ever, indulging something of a DJ Khaled-esque streak, but for the EDM-pop crossover world. It's also much less fidgety, erring more on the melodic pop side. Referring to the film of the same name, in which figurative prehistoric cavemen embark on a quest for the discovery of fire, the album is equally a reflection of Skrillex's quest for musical exploration and innovation, as well as his passion for global culture and diversity. We admit: only Skrillex could bring together underground greats like Mr. Oizo, Sleepnet, Joker, Dylan Brady and Flowdan; fresh faces like Starrah, BEAM and Nai Barghouti; and pop-consciousness occupiers like Swae Lee, Aluna, Missy Elliott and Bibi Bourelly.
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Tags: UK Garage
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Flat Beat
Flat Beat (12")
Cat: F104. Rel: 20 Mar 99
Flat Beat
Monday Massacre
Sick Dog Try To Speak
 in stock HK$81.64
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