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Brazilian Rhyme (reissue)
Cat: ABEWAF 001. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Brazilian Rhyme (Danny Krivit re-edit) (3:00)
Runnin' (Danny Krivit re-edit) (8:18)
Review: Danny Krivit's officially sanctioned re-edits of Earth Wind & Fire's "Brazilian Rhyme" and "Runnin" have been sought-after since they first appeared on a Japan-only 12" back in 2004. In fact, such is demand that even later bootleg pressings now go for silly money online. As this reissue proves, though, they're arguably amongst Krivit's strongest scalpel works. Certainly, his three-minute revision of the always too short "Brazilian Rhyme" teases it out to just the right length, in the process delivering a sweltering, sing-along summer anthem. The flipside revision of the equally as summery "Runnin" is every bit as good, with Krivit making merry with the original's life-affirming scat vocals and killer piano solos.
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Tags: Jazz Funk
 in stock HK$118.39
Tighten Up & Take It Over
Tighten Up & Take It Over (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ECR 002. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Tighren Up & Take It Over Boogaloo (Lessons #3) (3:49)
(Hey Girl) Try It, You'll Like It Boogaloo (Lessons #4) (3:23)
Review: Si Cheeba tops up his nascent Cheeba's Latin Bros edits venture with a new addition to the Echo Chamber label. Following up 'What You Gotta Say - Hey Hey!' released earlier this year, now appears two tutorials for you, on how exactly to handle any forthcoming electric boogaloo, before you blow a fuse... as ever continuing his mission to join the dots between funky and soulful sounds past and present, Cheeba delivers two fresh, impossible-to-source samply instrumental edits straight to the dome - the first a handclapping, big-breaksy dance pedagogy (it's urgent upstarts like you learn), and the B laying down a more seductive medley ("try it...") replete with a djembe solo.
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Tags: Latin | Boogaloo
 in stock HK$87.81
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado remixes)
Cat: RNT 45011. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's Gulab Jamun rework) (4:10)
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's 4 AM mix) (4:48)
Review: Elado Gulab Jamun did a fantastic job with his edit of this Bollywood gem to the extent that it has become a real dancefloor gem that's been much loved all around the world for the last two years. Now it makes its way to a 7" vinyl pressing and is backed with his 4am mix of the same tune. This one is a sublime and dubbed out, acid tinged electronic trip that comes with original CD artwork that pays great tribute to original artist Nadim Khan. Another tasteful outing from Razor-N-Tape for this fresh edit.
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 in stock HK$112.31
Evangelion Finally (Soundtrack)
Evangelion Finally (Soundtrack) (pink splattered vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 194398 43151. Rel: 30 Apr 21
The Cruel Angel's Thesis (4:06)
Fly Me To The Moon (Yoko Takahashi Acid Bossa version) (3:51)
Soul's Refrain (5:14)
Thanatos -If I Can't Be Yours- (4:53)
Komm, Susser Tod (M-10 Director edit version) (7:48)
Kyou No Hi Wa Sayounara (2:43)
Tsubasa Wo Kudasai (4:47)
Fly Me To The Moon 2020 (4:35)
Kokoro Yo Genshi Ni Modore 2020 (5:05)
Mugen Houyou (5:33)
Shiawase Wa Tsumi No Nioi (4:38)
Come Sweet Death, Second Impact (7:07)
Dilemmatic Triangle Opera (5:19)
The Image Of Black Me (7:43)
Dilemmatic Triangle Opera (Ayanami version) (5:44)
 in stock HK$228.64
Yoyi (reissue)
Yoyi (reissue) (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MRBLP 286. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Banana (4:40)
Del Copacabana A 34 (5:51)
Mi Pequeno Gran Paolo (3:33)
Paco La Calle (3:50)
Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar (2:58)
Yo Mejor Te Doy (2:26)
Rutta 30 (6:06)
Abuela Tula (6:07)
El Fino (5:39)
Review: Mr Bongo's launch their new Cuban Classic Series with this reissue of a sought-after, psychedelic funk masterpiece: Yoyi. A fusion of traditional Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms meets disco, jazz, and funk, with hints of 70s soundtrack productions, this much-loved cult album by Grupo Los Yoyi hears nine predominantly instrumental tracks. Together, they were originally released in 1977 on Areito Records, a sublabel of the state-owned label Egrem, it has become one of the rarest (even in Cuba) yet in-demand albums to be procured by the label. It is the sole album from Grupo Los Yoyi and was composed, orchestrated, and produced by the mysterious, Jorge Soler Leo.
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 in stock HK$183.76
Sacred Love
Cat: SE 703. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Sacred Love (feat Giulia La Rosa) (4:14)
Sacred Love (feat Giulia La Rosa (Clapping version)) (4:19)
Review: As Galathea, Sicilian producer Massimo Napoli has been cooking up some outstanding cuts for the Italian Space Echo label over the past couple of years. Afro-Latin rhythms, soul jazz, dub and more besides all feed into his sound, which manifests perfectly on this new single fronted by vocalist Giulia La Rosa. 'Sacred Love' has a stripped-back, minimalist approach which makes it all the more potent, as Napoli exercises a restraint which creates drama and tension in the negative space around the groove. La Rosa's smouldering vocal is the icing on the cake for this deep, funky cut which will turn heads each and every time it gets dropped.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Italian
 in stock HK$95.95
Badala Zamana (reissue)
Cat: MTMB 01. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Badala Zamana (3:11)
Badala Zamana (extended) (4:15)
Review: Here's something rather tasty: a reissue of Zohra's obscure - but brilliant - 1977 single "Badala Zamana", which joined the dots between dancefloor disco and a traditional form of Algerian music known as "Rai". The original seven-inch single has become a sought-after item of late and it's easy to see why. Although the vocals are Arabic and the infectious rhythm draws heavily on the artist's Algerian heritage (she apparently moved to France when she was four), the sweeping strings and funky bass are straight out of the New York disco playbook (or at least the French translation - some may hear a touch of Cerrone here and there). It's a genuinely thrilling and hard-to-resist hybrid. Happily, the label has included a fresh extended re-edit on the flipside that stretches out the all-too-short original mix to four and a half spellbinding minutes.
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! low stock HK$114.27
Racional Vol 1
Racional Vol 1 (limited LP)
Cat: SER 1. Rel: 30 May 23
Imunizacao Racional (Que Beleza) (5:03)
O Grao Mestre Varonil (0:23)
Bom Senso (5:05)
Energia Racional (0:13)
Leia O Livro Universo Em Desencanto (2:39)
Contacto Com O Mundo Racional (3:06)
Universo Em Desencanto (3:45)
You Don't Know What I Know (0:33)
Rational Culture (12:23)
 in stock HK$142.89
Racional Vol 2
Cat: SER 4. Rel: 30 May 23
Quer Queira Quer Nao Queira (4:49)
Paz Interior (2:53)
O Caminho Do Bem (6:06)
Energia Racional (2:51)
Que Legal (4:12)
Cultura Racional (4:59)
O Dever De Fazer Propaganda Deste Conhecimento (5:52)
Guine Bissau Mocambique E Angola Racional (6:08)
Imunizacao Racional (Que Beleza) (3:30)
Review: From the early 1970s, Tim Maia released a string of superb albums that cemented his reputation as Brazilian music's most soulful artist - a guitarist and singer who created thrilling new musical hybrids that owed as much to U.S funk and soul as samba, bossa-nova and MPB. 1975's "Racional Volume 2", a hard-to-find set that's finally been reissued, is one of the best of Maia's key early albums. Rhythmically, the majority of the tracks feature typically shuffling South American rhythms, but the instrumentation and vocals above are far closer in tone to the sunnier, more horn-heavy end of the soul and funk spectrum (with some sweeping orchestration thrown in to add a touch of MPB class). It's a brilliant blend that guarantees good times from start to finish.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian Funk
 in stock HK$142.89
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell remixes)
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell remixes) (transparent yellow vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: SRM 230. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Afro Jazz version) (14:04)
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Cosmic Arts dub) (8:37)
Turbulent Times (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Afro dance Rough demo version) (7:19)
 in stock HK$171.41
Desert Wind
Desert Wind (1-sided red vinyl 7")
Cat: HC 80. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Desert Wind (4:07)
Review: Hot Casa France reissue a sultry drum workout from master Turkish darbouka player Yasar Akpence's 2004 album 'Passion Percussion'. 'Desert wind' layers unbelievably tight darbouka trills and phrases over a pulsing, almost dembow-esque core, making for a perfect Balearic DJ tool for any occasion. We can imagine this one bookending hypnotic techno wormholes in a small hours Donato Dozzy set, with its wide stereo drum intrusions and tight production longing to be aired off a suitably weighty soundsystem. Truly chameleonic and compelling music!
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Tags: Turkish
 in stock HK$130.64
Diablos De Chuao
Diablos De Chuao (red marbled vinyl 7")
Cat: BJR 45029. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Diablos De Chuao (3:00)
Navaja Bogota (4:11)
Review: Cyril Cyril and Meridian Brothers are two entirely different bands, but they complement each other exceedingly well on this fresh release for Bongo Joe, whose preferred turf lies somewhere between the inosculated canopies of experimental, psych, folk and tropicalia. On the A, Cyril-Cyril's 'Diablos De Chuao' is a beautifully chanty bop through Venezuelalike rhythms, electric guitars and synths; the B-side's 'La Ciudad De Los SueNos', meanwhile, mixes cumbia, dub and electronic beats.
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 in stock HK$97.91
Musky Nutta
Cat: SBTP 1003. Rel: 16 Aug 23
Musky Nutta (Jim Sharp edit) (3:25)
Fuego A La Jicotea (DJ Grouch & Jim Sharp edit) (3:58)
Review: London-based beat digger Jim Sharp has been stupid busy recently serving up edits from across his omnivorous taste for a good groove. Now he's up on Soul By The Pound with a couple of snappy Brazilian edits, going in on the eternal Sergio Mendes classic 'Man Que Nada' on the A side and giving it a subtle nip and tuck. On the B-side, he turns his attention to Marvin Santiago's 'Fuego A La Jicotea', a suitably fiery slice of salsa from 1979 which sounds even feistier with a little bump underneath its rhythm section.
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Tags: Samba | Salsa | Latin House
 in stock HK$114.27
Cumbia Y Tambo
Cat: MP 609SG. Rel: 12 Jul 23
Cumbia Y Tambo (Quantic remix) (4:44)
Cumbia Y Tambo (Quantic instrumental remix) (4:45)
Review: The Mushroom Pillow label was established to revive and rejuvenate some lost Latin classics from days gone by, and it has so far excelled at its mission. This latest 7" is a cumbria gem that gets reworked by a contemporary master of the form in Quantic. His remix of La Pesda's 'Cumbia Y Tambo' goes big on the horns, with swaying rhythms and Latin vocals next to great keys to make you move your feet. It's as steamy as they come and a great blend of the modern and the traditional. The B-side is home to a Quantic instrumental remix that pairs things back to the core essentials.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Latin House
 in stock HK$104.18
I Believe In Miracles (reissue)
Cat: SUN 7001RED. Rel: 13 Jan 21
I Believe In Miracles (3:52)
I Believe In Miracles (instrumental) (3:51)
Review: Back in 2010 composer and Latin jazz specialist Claudio Passavanti put together a scaled-down ensemble of Latin musicians and percussionists to record a salsa cover version of the Jackson Sisters disco classic "I Believe In Miracles". The seven-inch single was a riproaring success, with jazz and Afro-Latin DJs around the world turning it into a bona fide scene anthem. Happily, Passavanti has decided to reissue it on red vinyl to celebrate the track's tenth birthday. It's a superb cover all told and, somewhat surprisingly, "I Believe In Miracles" actually works really well as a Salsa record. Full of fiery horns, sing-along, Boogaloo style vocals and infectious percussion, we actually prefer it to the over-played Jackson Sisters take. Recommended!
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Tags: Latin | Jazz Funk | Salsa
 in stock HK$87.81
Espirito Do Rio
Cat: DD 018JIM. Rel: 05 Oct 21
Jim Dunloop - "Espirito Do Rio" (Brazil Wave edit) (3:13)
Jim Dunloop & GRZLY Adams - "Different Sweetnuts" (Walk In The Shade edit) (3:58)
Review: For the latest "45" in the Dusty Donuts series of edits and mash ups, the Berlin-based crew has turned to long-time crew member Jim Dunloop, a jazz-trained pianist-turned-producer best known for his work alongside Marc Hype. He begins with "Spirit De Rio", a wonderfully warm, head-nodding, hip-hop style revision of a summery-sounding old samba gem rich in dewy-eyed female vocals and glistening guitars. Long-time friend, and occasional collaborator Grizzly Adams lends a hand on flipside cut "Different Sweetnuts", a deep and woozy revision of a fragile, female-fronted soul number that wraps drowsy elements from the pair's source material around a bass-heavy beat.
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 in stock HK$114.27
Aykathani Malakon
Aykathani Malakon (blue vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MAIS 054LPC. Rel: 30 Aug 23
Aykathani Malakon
Ayouha Al-Taiin Fi Al-Mawt
Ya Nass
Shajar Al-Touti
Oulo La Emmo
Tags: Arabic
 in stock HK$204.14
 in stock HK$120.45
Cumbia Cienaguera (Jacques Renault Edit)
Genesis - "Cumbia Cienaguera" (Jacques Renault edit) (4:45)
Sangre Joven - "Chevere" (Jacques Renault edit) (4:59)
 in stock HK$97.91
Funkyjaws & Friends
Cat: FJM 03. Rel: 09 May 23
Eddie C - "Do You Wanna Dance" (6:48)
Elado - "25.4 Millimeters" (5:21)
Scruscru & S Timoshenko - "Ace! ID?" (5:21)
Funkyjaws - "In Your Ear With It" (5:53)
Review: The FunkyJaws Music label invites us deep into their world for a third time here with another delicious 12".It's a various artists EP that features one of our top disco favourites - Eddie C. He opens up with 'Do You Wanna Dance' which has vocals pacing about the mix and old school acid bass twangs under raw house drums. Elado's '25.4 Millimeters' is a Middle Eastern funk workout with spangled drum hits and the flip side brings twisted acid disco and the cosmic trip that is 'In Your Ear With It' from Funkyjaws themselves.
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 in stock HK$97.91
Minhas Versoes
Minhas Versoes (limited LP)
Cat: POE 002. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Luedji Luna - "Banho De Folhas" (Tahira Maculele remix) (4:10)
Mundo Livre SA & Pedrosa DJ - "Meu Esquema" (Tahira rework) (4:24)
Latinaotearoa - "Chi Chi Cha Cha" (Tahira remix feat Ully Costa) (5:28)
Captain Planet & Zuzuka Poderosa Raphael Futura - "Moqueca" (Tahira remix) (4:56)
Leticia Fialho - "Corpo E Cancao" (Tahira edit) (3:45)
Edground - "Iroke" (Tahira Samba Jazz instrumental) (3:37)
Review: Brazilian DJ, producer and firebrand, DJ Tahira, unveils a new vinyl EP of exclusive edits and remixes here on Poeria Music. Establishing a fierce repertoire as a sample-oriented musical researcher and remixer, Tahira is renowned not only for the kind of work heard here, but also for two prior compilations in the international dance realm; Levanta Poeira and Brasil Novo. Described by its label as a "glimpse into the future soundtrack of global dancefloors", Tahira lays down a six-track slaying of remixed secret weapons, journeying through many Latin and Afro-Brazilian classic rhythms, from the Maculele basis of Baile Funk to the rhizomatic quirk that is New Zealand samba.
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 in stock HK$114.27
Viemos De Longe
Viemos De Longe (limited 7" + insert)
Cat: BJR 45031. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Viemos De Longe (4:24)
Visita Noturna (4:22)
Review: Collignon brings some real class to this new one on Bongo Joe Records. It is a tidy two-track 45rpm that is best described as psychedelic tropical. Opener 'Viemos De Longe' is a dense and busy mix of warped synth wobbles and steamy jungle effects, humid pads and mystic melodies that take you deep into overgrown flora where all manner of birds and frogs await with their weird and wonderful calls. Add in some psyched-out rock guitars and a sense of 60s spy theme funk and you have a marvellous cut. Flip it over for further sonic fun in the form of the magical 'Visita Noturna.'
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Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock HK$97.91
Yegelle Tezeta
 in stock HK$71.44
Sidi Bou Said
Cat: FLKR 002. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Sidi Bou Said
El Haouaria
El Haouaria (Byron The Aquarius Late Night dub)
Sidi Bou Said (Theme)
! low stock HK$126.62
Born Slippy (reissue)
Born Slippy (reissue) (7" + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: PARK 1036R. Rel: 21 Jun 22
Born Slippy (3:29)
Groove Tube (3:18)
Review: Over the last couple of years, we've been treated to numerous reissues of classic cover versions by Japanese reggae/rocksteady combo Inokasira Rangers, including takes on Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', Pharrell's 'Happy' and New Order's 'Blue Monday'. Here we're treated to another, as the band's 2017 take on Underworld anthem 'Born Slippy' gets a fresh pressing. It's certainly a revolutionary revision, with Keichi Sokabe's surprisingly Karl Hyde-sounding lead vocal rising above a lusciously languid, sub-heavy reggae groove. Over on the flip they take on 'Groove Tube', a 1991 indie-pop-meets-acid house single from Japanese outfit Flipper's Guitar, reframing it as a baggy, glassy-eyed rocksteady number.

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Tags: Japanese
 in stock HK$110.25
Ninguem Vai Me Segurar (reissue)
Ninguem Vai Me Segurar (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP repress)
Cat: FARO 212LP. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Agora Ou Nunca Mais (2:59)
Roda Mundo (2:29)
Acalanto (2:00)
Cordao (3:40)
De Um Jeito So (3:19)
Eu Sou Mais Eu (3:17)
Canto De Meditacao (3:23)
Feel Like Making Love (3:53)
Bairro Negro (2:41)
Sou (2:25)
Review: Far Out has decided to pay tribute to one of Brazilian music's most overlooked - and, let's face it, obscure - talents, Ana Mazzotti. She recorded just two albums in the 1970s before passing away from cancer in her early 30s a few years later. Both of those album have become sought-after, particularly 1974 debut "Ninguem Vai Me Segurar". This first ever reissue proves why. Warm, breezy and effortlessly soulful, it sees Mazzotti and her backing band sashay between languid samba-jazz, intergalactic bossa, soft-focus Brazilian soul and the kind of attractive jazz-funk/fusion that would later become the hallmark of Azymuth (not much of a surprise since two of that band's founder members were part of Mazzotti's backing band).
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 in stock HK$163.27
Xango (7")
Cat: BRZ 45084. Rel: 26 Mar 21
Magalhaes - "Xango" (3:21)
Os Panteras - "Lambada Pauleira" (2:42)
Review: The previous instalment in Mr Bongo's ongoing Brazil 45s series offered up two sought-after cuts from Di Melo's 1975 self-titled debut album. This volume takes a slightly different approach, instead delivering killer cuts from two different artists, both of whom hail from the North of Brazil. On side A you'll find Magalhaes' 1986 gem 'Xangos', a cheery and energetic Lambada workout rich in jangling guitars, shuffling percussion, ear-catching vocals and restless bass. On the reverse Os Panteros takes over with 1987 jam 'Lambada Pauleira', a quirky chunk of Lambada full of fuzzy synths, infectious percussion and lo-fi guitar licks. The cut was famously re-edited some time back by Joutro Mondo, though this original version is - in our opinion - far superior.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Cumbia
 in stock HK$57.14
Fever (Latin version)
 in stock HK$75.56
Safari (7")
Cat: LAT45 011. Rel: 25 May 16
Tito Puente - "Safari" (4:06)
Willie Bobo - "Be's The Other Way" (2:24)
 in stock HK$71.44
Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds: Extended 12 Inch Versions
Painel De Controle - "Relax" (extended Waxist version) (5:54)
Rabo De Saia - "Ripa Na Xulipa" (Charles Maurice extended version) (5:28)
Famks - "Labirinto" (Nick The Record extended version) (6:17)
Review: France's Favorite label dabbles in all things funky and disco-flavoured, and this time they've decided to go with a Brazilian edge on their latest 12". Painel De Controle begins with a Waxist mix of "Relax", a chilled-out boogie monster with sultry vocals, while "Ripa Na Xulipa" by Rabo De Saia is more uplifting and heavy on the disco strings. Finally, Nick The Record rewires "Labirinto" by Famks into a subtly electro-fied boogie nugget. Nice!
Read more
 in stock HK$110.25
Only You
Only You (12")
Cat: SNDW 12025. Rel: 28 May 19
Steve Monite - "Only You" (Frankie Francis Disco Jam edit) (7:55)
Tabu Ley Rochereau - "Hafi Deo" (Nick The Record & Dan Tyler re-edit dub) (10:15)
Review: Edits in the hole! Two Afrofunk gems enjoy floor-primed refocuses: Steve Monite's Doing It In Lagos-featured "Only You" gets a little juice from Sofrito's Frankie Francis who really brings the bass out in proceedings. Meanwhile on the B Nick The Record and Idjut Boy Dan Tyler tweak the energy and sheen of Tabu Ley Rochereau's "Hafi Disco" as the drums are given a little more momentum and the chorus and horns are really brought to the centre of the action. Stunning.
Read more
 in stock HK$87.03
Teatro D'Ira Vol 1
Teatro D'Ira Vol 1 (translucent orange vinyl LP)
Cat: 194398 72901. Rel: 03 Sep 21
Zitti E Buoni (3:13)
Coraline (4:58)
Lividi Sui Gomiti (2:45)
I Wanna Be Your Slave (2:54)
In Nome Del Padre (3:39)
For Your Love (3:44)
La Paura Del Buio (3:24)
Vent'anni (4:11)
 in stock HK$204.14
Ma Ma Ma Ma Mae (A Lingua Dos Anjos)
Cat: BRZ 45081. Rel: 16 Oct 20
Jorge Ben - "Ma Ma Ma Ma Mae (A Lingua Dos Anjos)" (4:09)
Cauby Peixoto & Jorge Ben - "Dona Culpa" (3:25)
Review: Mr Bongo's excellent Brazil.45 series digs deeper into the legacy of Jorge Ben, one of Brazil's most famous musical exports and an enduring samba king. Opening up is 'Ma Ma Ma Ma Mae (A Lingua Dos Anjos)' which was originally on his 1980 album Alo Alo, Como Vai? It's a modern sound, with disco inflections and big wind sections, but also some trademark Ben playfulness in the lyrics which speak of flying saucers and angels. O the flip, things slow down and get more steamy and sensuous on 'Dona Culpa' from his Cauby! Cauby!' album of the same year. Two sides, two styles, one irrepressible artist.
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 in stock HK$57.14
Solta O Pavao (reissue)
Solta O Pavao (reissue) (limited pink vinyl LP)
Cat: SVVRCH 009CV. Rel: 20 Jul 23
Zagueiro (3:03)
Assim Falou Santo Tomaz De Aquino (2:56)
Velhos, Flores, Criancinhas E Cachorros (3:18)
Dorothy (3:57)
Cuidado Com O Bulldog (2:57)
Para Ouvir No Radio (Luciana) (4:21)
O Rei Chegou, Viva O Rei (3:04)
Jorge De Capadocia (3:52)
Se Segura Malandro (2:55)
Dumingaz (3:32)
Luz Polarizada (2:23)
Tesualda (2:45)
Review: Much like his countryman Tim Maia, Brazilian samba king Jorge Ben loved to put out plenty of albums, and loved to name them all pretty much the same thing. This one though has its own unique name and a sound that is just as singular. It finds him bring his acid sounds to swaying and shuffling pervasive grooves with lush vocal harmonies, his own real braking ad libs and elements of Western sound from rock to soul. Originally released in 1978, it features onset about footballers, a girl's social climbing, love songs with flutes and plenty more.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Samba
 in stock HK$126.62
Life Lesson EP
Cat: RHSTOREJAMS 023. Rel: 19 Jun 23
Life Lesson (vocal mix) (5:22)
Life Lesson (instrumental mix) (5:59)
Medicine (vocal mix) (9:54)
Medicine (instrumental mix) (7:20)
 in stock HK$114.27
Hit The Bongo! The Latin Soul Of Tico Records (75th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: 725091 0. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Ray Barretto Y Su Charanga Moderna - "El Watusi" (2:30)
Willie Bobo - "Bobo! Do That Thing" (2:39)
Willie Bobo - "Be's That Way" (3:03)
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "El Pito (I'll Never Go Back To Georgia)" (3:03)
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Bang! Bang!" (2:32)
Candido - "Madrid" (2:46)
Ray Barretto - "Babalu" (2:07)
Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader - "Come An' Get It (Boogaloo)" (2:55)
Tito Puente Y Su Orquestra - "Fat Mama" (2:58)
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Oh Yeah!" (2:28)
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Sock It To Me" (2:26)
Tito Puente/La Lupe - "Steak-O-Lean" (3:27)
Tito Puente's Orchestra - "TP's Shing-A-Ling" (2:49)
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Hey Joe, Hey Joe" (2:44)
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Psychedelic Baby" (3:10)
Eddie Palmieri & His Orchestra - "The African Twist" (2:33)
La Lupe - "Fever" (2:45)
The Modern Sound Of Al Escobar - "Tighten Up" (2:48)
The Modern Sound Of Al Escobar - "The Horse" (2:11)
Celia Cruz/Tito Puente - "Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In" (3:37)
Gilberto Sextet - "Yes I Will" (part 1) (3:59)
Tito Puente & His Orchestra - "Hit The Bongo" (3:36)
Tito Puente & His Orchestra - "Oye Como Va" (4:31)
Jimmy Sabater - "Times Are Changin'" (3:09)
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Do You Feel It?" (3:38)
Joe Panama & Company - "My People" (3:42)
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Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical (remastered)
Cat: LBLBOP 1S. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Jorge Ben - "Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma)" (3:50)
Maria Bethania & Gal Costa - "Sonho Meu" (2:49)
Gilberto Gil - "So Quero Um Xodo" (4:53)
Caetano Veloso - "Um Canto De Afoxe Para O Bloco Do Lle (Lle Aye)" (3:06)
Caetano Veloso - "O Leaozinho" (3:06)
Chico Buarque - "Cacada" (2:57)
Chico Buarque - "Calice" (4:06)
Lo Borges - "Equatorial" (3:13)
Milton Nascimento - "San Vicente" (2:47)
Gilberto Gil - "Quilombo, O El Dorado Negro" (4:29)
Jorge Ben - "Caramba! Galileu Da Galileia" (2:28)
Nazare Pereira - "Caixa De Sol" (3:27)
Nazare Pereira - "Maculele" (2:29)
Caetano Veloso - "Queixa" (4:19)
Gilberto Gil - "Andar Com Fe" (3:16)
Jorge Ben - "Fio Maravilha" (2:15)
Milton Nascimento - "Anima" (4:11)
Caetano Veloso - "Terra" (6:42)
Review: It was originally back in 1989, that iconic Talking Heads frontman David Byrne first shared his love of music from Brazil with the world. He dropped a three-part collection called Brazil Classics that focused on MPB, samba and Forro music. It was a nascent scene back then but has exploded now - still, these albums have withstood the test of time and are still essential. This is volume one and it has been remastered for the latest reissue on his own label. It offers a mix of landmark and lesser-known cuts from some of the true masters of Latin genres and remains a vital addition to your collection.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Samba | Bossa Nova
 in stock HK$259.32
Mahlali Noum
Mahlali Noum (LP + insert)
Cat: MIR 06LP . Rel: 06 Dec 23
Ache Adani Ya Ma (What Got Into Me) (4:44)
Mahlali Noum (Insomnia) (3:58)
Gouli Ache Ka Tabrini (Tell Me Why You Love Me) (4:27)
Ha Hbibi Ha Mimouni (My Love My Fate) (4:23)
Adi Wella Khali (Take It Or Leave It) (4:50)
Rabi Ikhalesse (God Will Bless You) (3:19)
Ana Walah Nachak Fik (I Swear I Love You) (4:13)
Lajabni Achkak (Your Love Brought Me Back) (4:10)
Wa Alache Ana Nachek (Why Do I Love You) (4:49)
Dabazte Omri (Lover's Quarrel) (5:39)
Tags: African | Arabic
 in stock HK$191.89
Box Set 6: Curated by Idris Elba
Box Set 6: Curated by Idris Elba (7xLP box set + booklet + poster)
Cat: KFR 40081. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Open & Close (LP1: Open & Close) (14:59)
Swegbe & Pako (12:31)
Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo (9:22)
Opposite People (LP2: Opposite People) (16:40)
Equalisation Of Trouser & Pant (16:43)
Stalemate (LP3: Stalemate) (12:56)
African Message (Don't Worry About My Mouth O) (15:40)
Fela Kuti & Roy Ayers - "2000 Blacks Got To Be Free" (LP4: music Of Many Colours) (18:36)
Fela Kuti & Roy Ayers - "Africa - Centre Of The World" (17:35)
MOP (Movement Of The People): Political Statement Number 1 (part 1 - LP5: live In Amsterdam) (19:05)
MOP (Movement Of The People): Political Statement Number 1 (part 2) (18:21)
Customs Check Point (LP6: live In Amsterdam - Continued) (16:12)
Gimme Shit I Give You Shit (part 1) (6:01)
Gimme Shit I Give You Shit (part 2) (19:14)
I Go Shout Plenty (LP7: I Go Shout Plenty) (13:02)
Why Black Man Dey Suffer? (14:57)
Review: Knitting Factory and Partisan Records share the sixth instalment of the much-anticipated vinyl reissue box-sets from the Fela Kuti catalog. Box #6 is curated by actor, producer, DJ, rapper and singer, Idris Elba (aka. DJ Big Driis). Limited to an edition of 5,000 worldwide, this one includes a 24-page booklet with lyrics, commentaries by Afrobeat historian Chris May, together with some never-before-seen photos, not to mention a 16x24" poster designed by Lemi Ghariokwu, the creative force behind many of Fela's greatest album covers. Previous curators include Chris Martin, Erykah Badu, Ginger Baker, Brian Eno, and Questlove.
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Tags: Afrobeat
 in stock HK$869.79
Salsa De Guaguanco (reissue)
Salsa De Guaguanco (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: VAMPI 292. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Salsa De Guaguanco (2:46)
Lo Canto Asi (3:16)
Violeta (2:21)
Pa' Lante (2:54)
Principe Llego (2:46)
Principe Descarga (6:06)
Oyelo (1:56)
Linda Muchachita (2:10)
Pachanga Ple (2:07)
Mis Deseos (1:51)
No Pares El Guaguanco (bonus track) (3:08)
Mi Inspiracion (bonus track) (3:32)
Todo Se Acabo (bonus track) (4:17)
Tags: Latin
 in stock HK$195.91
Napoli Segreta Vol 2
Cat: NG 03. Rel: 30 Mar 23
Antonio Sorrentino - "Luna Lu" (4:34)
Tonica & Dominante - "Babilonia" (3:19)
Gibo & Pummarola Band - "Sexy Pummarola" (3:32)
Ara Macao - "Reflection" (4:34)
Tony Verde - "Calypso" (3:17)
Maria Kelly - "Dimme" (4:41)
Bernardino - "Sciummo" (unreleased mix) (4:01)
Armando Cusopoli - "Non C'e Sole" (3:43)
Tony Iglio - "Luci Di New York" (3:29)
Review: Two years ago New Guinea joined forces with Early Sounds Recordings to offer up a killer compilation of rare 1970s and early 80s disco, jazz-funk and electrofunk recordings from Napoli, the Italian city they call home. Such was the success of the set that they've decided to offer up this equally impressive sequel. Amongst the mostly ultra-obscure, little-known cuts you'll find a wealth of highlights, from the high-octane disco stomp of Tonica & Dominante's "Babilonia", the spacey boogie business that is Ara Macao's super-sweet "Reflection", the languid AOR-funk of Maria Kelly's "Dimme" and the low-slung jazz-funk brilliance of Tony Iglio's "Luci Di New York".
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 in stock HK$185.82
All You Got To Do
All You Got To Do (clear marbled vinyl 7")
Cat: WCR 019. Rel: 04 Dec 23
All You Got To Do (feat Jimmy James & Alex Rose) (4:29)
Original (feat Marina Alberto) (4:01)
Review: Reposado aka Tequila Funk brings more Latin and Afro flavours magic to this new 7". It makes a perfectly international soundtrack for global dancefloor fun with A-side 'All You Got To Do' bringing an uptempo soul vibe with some legendary guitar from the one and only Jimmy James, while some soulful background cooing comes from Alex Rose. It's a feelgood gem that will unite all who hear it and then the reverse is a salsa-tinged delight. 'Original' has masterful piano from Marina Albero and is an irresistible gem that completes a fine two-tracker.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock HK$100.06
Vente Pa Ca
Cat: WW 217. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Vente Pa Ca (feat Jimena Angel, Jah Sazzah & Poirier) (4:34)
Vente Pa Ca (feat Jimena Angel, Jah Sazzah & Poirier - Poirier remix) (3:47)
Review: This is a global single with a great story that starts with an afro-funk groove made by Italian Jah Sazzah. He wanted a vocal for it so turned to Nickodemus who handed his own touches and then sent it Grammy-nominated Colombian vocalist Jimena Angel. The result is a vibrant Afro tune with vivid melodies. Remixer Poirier is a legend in Latin music circles. The Montreal man has formerly been associated with Ninja Tune and is synonymous with lots of classy remixes and fresh takes on a modern Afro-Caribbean sound. This is another one that reworks the ring into a more bouncy and infectious sound with gorgeous vocals and a clean arrangement that allows the drums and perc to shine.
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Played by: Jayl Funk
 in stock HK$97.91
Le Sato 2 (reissue)
Cat: AJXLP 771. Rel: 23 Nov 23
General Gowon (10:14)
Gendemou Na Wili We Gnannin (8:37)
A Non Zoun Mi (5:34)
La Verite Blesse (6:24)
Je N'en Peux Plus (4:15)
Review: Acid Jazz has got an ongoing deal to issue and reissue music from Benin funk supergroup Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou and the latest fruits of that is this reissue of their Le Sato album. It is a follow-up to the one they dropped back in 2021 and is another section of traditional voodoo ceremonial music from the group from the mid-seventies. The name of the album is taken from the large ceremonial Sato drum, which is played with wooden stick beaters at special ceremonial occasions. Here it can be heard in all its glory making traditional rhythms and deeply ritualistic grooves that will leave you in a trance.
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 in stock HK$202.18
Bailando Con Extranos
Cat: MN 014. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Cangrejeando En El Apocalipsis (4:40)
Baile De Muertos (5:06)
T'Hase Pnie (5:03)
La Parca (4:13)
No Hay Necesidad (3:22)
Desliz (6:09)
Son Para Gozarlas (4:15)
Charanga Mazuren (4:15)
Review: La Sonora Mazuren's Bailando Con ExtraNos is a flame hot fusion of worldly sounds. Funk, Latin and soul are the foundations but plenty of regional styles like cumbia, guaracha, champeta and psychedelic melodies all add extra colour. It's rhythmically playful and restless from the group about which we know very little. This is their debut album after a few singles since 2019 and for those who like their music percussive, expressive and free flowing it is about as good as it gets so do not sleep on this limited bit of Colombian gold.
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Tags: Colombian
 in stock HK$293.91
Wepa Sepa!!
Cat: FRZ 003. Rel: 01 Dec 22
Wepa Sepa!! (4:00)
Van Cortado (3:13)
Review: Detroit's hip-hop and house hero DJ Der, aka Andres, aka DEZ Andrez is taking care of the next two releases from the Future Rootz label which started in 2019 and only dropped its second EP in February. For his part, the former Slum Village member taps into his Cuban roots with a couple of sizzling and Latin-tinged grooves. His quintessential boom-bap drums are at the heart of each tune with plenty of big horn energy, fiery vocals and sun-kissed percussion all bringing 'Wepa Sepa!!' to life next to busy, happy keys. The flipside goes a little deeper with plenty of scratching, low-key beats and rump-wiggling percussion.
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Yona (7")
Cat: SBS 701. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Yona (3:13)
Ya Habib (2:39)
 in stock HK$122.41
Ain't Nothing But A Boogaloo Party
Cat: OGR 858. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Ain't Nothing But A Boogaloo Party (3:39)
Fiesta Bugalu (4:51)
Review: "Here we go again, yeah!" exclaim Luchito Rodriguez and Nestor Alvarez - Original Gravity's two core mainstays - who team up once again to evoke the undeniable spirit of a 'Boogaloo Party' for the ages. Channelling the sound of the inimitable Latin dance style, but also gradating it so as to be mixable in DJ sets, 'Ain't Nothing But...' delivers compelling call-and-responses and horn-swelling builds. 'Fiesta Bugalu' dubs things out for a reflection on the party just gone, retaining the tempo but relaxing things for extra percussive effect.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock HK$91.93
Indaba Is
Indaba Is (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BWOOD 236LP. Rel: 19 Mar 21
Bokani Dyer - "Ke Nako" (6:49)
The Brother Moves On - "Umthandazo Wamagenge" (8:47)
Lwanda Gogwana - "All OK" (5:07)
The Wretched - "What Is History" (8:47)
Sibusile Xaba - "Umdali" (with Naftali, Fakazile Nkosi & Ashk) (5:58)
The Ancestors - "Prelude To Writing Together" (11:16)
Thandi Ntuli - "Dikeledi" (9:00)
Iphupho L'ka Biko - "Abaphezulu" (feat Siyabonga Mthembu & Kinsmen) (9:00)
Review: South African jazz-influenced sounds take the lead on this new companion from the tireless Brownswood label. The collection explores the linage of the sounds and communities who helped it evolve as is spread across the country meaning plenty of subtle synths are taken in. The eclecticism is what makes this so essential as the music ranges from the hugely spiritual (from The Brother Moves On) to more late night and inmate (tasks to a fine entry from Sibusile Xaba) via the neo-soul drenched styles of Thandi Ntuli's beautiful 'Dikeledi' which is a particular highlight.
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Tags: African | Afro Jazz
 in stock HK$97.91
Esperar Pra Ver
Cat: BRZ 45043. Rel: 12 Apr 16
Esperar Pra Ver (2:07)
Que Bandeira (2:21)
Review: Two outstanding Brazilian funk cuts straight out of 1971: "Esperar Pra Ver" is a laden with an immense orchestrated groove that's triggered by a lean, unforgettable bass guitar riff that matches Evinha's purring, slinky allure. "Que Bandeira" rolls with more of a poppy bossa flow with militant rim shots, swooning strings and a momentum that builds on every verse. Both tracks are taken from Cartao Postal, Evinha's third album that has been known to pass hands for as much as L500 in the past.
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 in stock HK$73.40
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