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Android Accessories | iOS Accessories

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IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Pro Smartphone & Camera Stand / Selfie Pole With Bluetooth Shutter Control (B-STOCK)
Cat: 926008 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Original box damaged, product in different packaging but product is in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Original box damaged, product in different packaging but product is in perfect working order***

iKlip Grip Pro is the new large-grip, compact multifunctional iPhone and camera stand with an integrated detachable Bluetooth shutter control that is really 4 accessories in one: super secure tabletop tripod, large-grip video handle, monopod handle and standard tripod adapter. iKlip Grip Pro can securely hold any iPhone with or without a case, and features a standard mounting system for connecting small mobile video cameras like GoPror, compact digital cameras and stand-mount audio field recorders.

iKlip Grip Pro features a large, ergonomic handle that expands into a sturdy tripod, an integrated locking extension pole that extends up to 62 cm (24") for getting those "above the crowd" shots and selfies, plus a detachable Bluetooth shutter control for remote shooting.

It's all about the Grip:

First, iKlip Grip Pro is designed to firmly hold your iPhone. Second, iKlip Grip Pro is designed so you can firmly hold your iPhone because actually, you need both.

Firm Grip - Hold the Phone:

The secret to iKlip Grip lies in its ingenious expandable and secure holding bracket that allows you to precisely position your iPhone at any angle for capturing photos, video and audio. iKlip Grip Pro features an expandable spring-loaded soft-touch rubber bracket that provides secure superior holding power, and it holds your iPhone with or without a case for an added layer of protection. Repositioning your iPhone is as simple as expanding the brackets to release it then re-securing it. And the iKlip Grip Pro holding bracket features standard UNC 1/4"-20 tripod screw threads so it can be mounted to any standard tripod as a mobile device adapter.

Firm Support - the tabletop tripod

iKlip Grip Pro has a large ergonomic (a fancy name for "designed to actually fit in your hand") design that is comfortable and really "fits" your hand. The new larger grip is perfect for stabilizing video and capturing "blur free" photos, especially in zoom modes.

And while the base for iKlip Grip serves as a sturdy, steady handle when you're at a concert or trying to grab the perfect shot of the band for your Facebook feed, it also transforms itself (with a little help from you) into a compact tabletop tripod you can position on any relatively level surface for ultra-steady media gathering. The trick lies in its ingeniously designed locking handle - when closed and locked, iKlip Grip Pro is a handle suited for most "handler" tasks like selfies or ultra-steady video shooting on the go. But when unlocked, the handle magically transforms into a firm and sturdy tabletop tripod that is ultra-secure and steady. In tripod mode, you can easily shoot steady video and photos from a single location, or use the front-facing camera for hands-free FaceTime with your friends or live broadcast. All you have to do is fold the legs out you'll have a nice tabletop tripod for your video chats, Facebook Live, SnapChat or Periscope productions.

Firm Extension:

iKlip Grip Pro also features an integrated ultra-stable, locking 4-segment telescopic extension pole. At any time you can simply unlock the pole and extend it to your desired length, up to a max of 62 cm (24.4"). And since the pole is integrated into the design, no additional assembly is required - it's always there and ready.

The pole extension is perfect for the distant "selfie", but also ideal for getting "above the crowd" for audience-less band shots, closer-than-they-appear shots and anything in between. The extender also works in tripod mode so you can position your iPhone at the perfect distance above the table top.

Remote Control:

iKlip Grip Pro comes with an integrated yet removable Bluetooth smartphone shutter remote control that lets you remotely activate the shutter button in video and photo apps. A holder clip on the handle lets you use it as a thumb-activated shutter control, or when using iKlip Grip Pro as a table top tripod, you can easily detach the controller to capture shots remotely - perfect for shooting live video of your band or taking group photos. The remote is universally compatible with iOS 5.0 and above and can be operated up to 10 meters away from the device, perfect for capturing live performances, family vacation photos, movies and selfies.

Tripod Adapter:

If you remove the iPhone holder grip from the iKlip Grip Pro, you'll actually have two products: a standard UNC 1/4"-20 universal handle, monopod or tripod for small digital cameras and action video cameras, plus a secure grip iPhone holder that can be used on standard tripods. This is handy when you need a more professional tripod in demanding situations but still want to use your iPhone for capturing stills and video.
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 4 in stock HK$348.40
Ultimate Support HYP100B HyperPad iPad Stand (B-STOCK)
Cat: 925385 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box damaged, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order***

Ultimate Support's HyperPad is the industry's first 5 in 1 stand for the iPad (iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation, and the newest iPad 4th Generation). Whether you're using your iPad at home, at work, while singing at the coffee shop, out gigging, or laying down beats at the club, HyperPad has you and your iPad totally covered.

Fully capable of securely holding your iPad in both landscape and portrait view (and at varying angles), the HyperPad secures your iPad on all four sides. The handy kickback support leg rotates and angles so you're free to adjust it to any arrangement you need.

The HyperPad includes a mic stand pole clamp that securely attaches to poles from 0.8" to 1.25". We've included an adjustable gooseneck attachment for further personalized positioning.

Sometimes, you simply want a secure way to position your iPad on a table. So, whether it's your studio desk, DJ coffin, or the kitchen table, the included desktop clamp and gooseneck arm mounts to any flat surface from 0.5" to 1.6" in thickness providing a flexible, secure mounting option for your iPad.

In addition to clamping the HyperPad to the pole of your mic stand, the HyperPad can be mounted to the top of a microphone stand (5/8" thread) with the included gooseneck arm. So, if you want to make great use of that extra mic stand you have laying around in the garage, or simply prefer vertical access to your iPad, the Ultimate Support HyperPad delivers.
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 1 in stock HK$327.92
Vinyl Junkie iPad Tablet Cover (for generations 1-3 only)
Cat: 504493 Rel: 29 Aug 13
Tablet back cover designed to fit the Apple iPad
Notes: DMC Vinyl Junkie iPad Cover for iPad Generation 1-3 only.

We think this has to be the coolest, must have iPad cover for any dj, music lover or vinyl junkie anywhere!

Classic soul, breaks, hip hop, disco, funk, jazz & reggae lps are all featured in this stack of vinyl from the greatest, most influential artists, albums & labels of these genres:-

A Tribe Called Quest / Marvin Gaye / Roy Ayers / Donald Byrd / James Brown / De La Soul / Sly & the Family Stone / Isley Brothers / The Pharcyde / Beastie Boys / Public Enemy/ Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock / Gang Starr / ESG / Rae & Christian / Curtis Mayfield / Herbie Hancock / Chic / Shuggie Otis / Lalo Schifrin / Guru / Bill Withers / Studio one / Greensleeves / Mr Bongo / Rebirth of Cool / DMC / Young Disciples / Super Breaks / Pharoahe Monch / Grover Washington / DJ Spinna & Bobbito / Fred Wesley & The JBs / Willie Hutch / Soul Jazz / Def Jam / Blue Note / Talkin Loud / Atlantic Records / Rae & Christian
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 3 in stock HK$136.81
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