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Guitar Amps | Electric Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar Amps | Electric Guitar Amplifiers in stock for same day-shipping
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Johnny Brook 20W Guitar Amplifier (blue) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985192 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Johnny Brook 20 Watt Amplifier is an ideal portable solution for any aspiring musician. It is suitable for most Electric and Electro Acoustic Guitars.

This ultra-portable amplifier is big on features: includes Volume Control (treble and bass), (6.5in.) 20 Watt speaker, 6.35 mm Input and 6.35 mm Headphone Output. It can also be used as a music speaker for your MP3 player, phone or laptop.
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 1 in stock HK$270.98
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Nu-X Mighty 8BT Guitar Amplifier
Cat: 747763 Rel: 16 Dec 19
8W amplifier with 6.5" speaker
Notes: NuX Mighty 8BT is a compact guitar amplifier with features that enable it to be more than just a bedroom combo. Powered from the included 12V mains adaptor or optionally from 8 x AA batteries for portable use. The guitar input has clean, overdrive and distortion modes with modulation/delay effects and digital reverb. Settings can be customised for tone and effects and these are stored for each of the 3 modes. Deeper effects editing is provided by the Bluetooth link using the Might app, which is available from Google Play or App Store. A mic input is also included with a dedicated reverb send for vocals. A built-in drum machine is controlled by a simple but intuitive tap tempo/style button and rotary volume control. Aux in and headphone out complete the control panel to provide a multi-purpose jamming and recording amp for guitar players of all genres.
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MRP:HK$1,216.88 SAVE 27%
 1 in stock HK$888.21
Nu-X Mighty Lite BT MK2 Bluetooth Portable Amplifier
Cat: 965835 Rel: 11 Aug 23
Portable amplifier.
Notes: Mighty Lite BT now reaches the mkII generation with this reinvented model, adding new features, modes and computer editing to an already winning formula, bringing a world of sonic possibilities to the guitar player in a compact and convenient package. Keeping with the desktop form factor and powered by 6 x AA batteries or optional 9V adaptor, the mkII adds a USB type-C port which can connect to a PC or Mac computer to edit settings using the Mighty Editor software. In addition, the Bluetooth connection enables wireless editing via the Mighty Amp app. Both software and app are free to download from www.nuxefx.com. Mighty Lite BT mkII also supports audio streaming over Bluetooth for backing tracks and a built-in drum machine for solo practice. New features include effects, modulations and new amp models with an IR loader for flexible cabinet simulation, which can be programmed and stored into 7 internal presets. This new version offers a huge palette of tones in a manageable and versatile package for bedroom practice, project studios and travelling guitar players.

Bluetooth audio streaming and preset editing
USB type-C port for PC/Mac editing and firmware
Mighty Editor™ software and Mighty App™ free to download
Inbuilt drum machine and metronome
Digitally modelled effects, modulations, delay and reverb
Selectable amp models, cabinet IR loader and acoustic IRs
5 Watt speaker
Runs from 9Vdc power adapter (not supplied) or USB via power bank or 6 AA Batteries
Suitable power supply: 173.290UK
Power supply: 9Vdc (6 x AA battery or optional adaptor) or USB-C (185mA)
Power in: 9Vdc, 120mA (5.5 x 2.1mm DC jack pin negative)
Inputs: Guitar in (6.3mm jack), Aux in (3.5mm jack)
PC Com: portUSB type-C
Speaker: 75mmO (3") 5W, 4 Ohm
Phones output: 3.5mm jack
Dimensions: 166 x 124 x 98mm
Weight: 720g

In the box
The box for this item contains :
Mighty Lite BT mkII amplifier
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MRP:HK$808.53 SAVE 14%
 1 in stock HK$694.16
Vox amPlug Series 2 Lead Headphone Guitar Amplifier
Cat: 637518 Rel: 12 May 17
Plug & play guitar amp simulation in pocket-friendly form
Notes: Lead: Searing, high gain lead tone that's perfect for solos.

With amPlug 2, the crucial analog circuit has been drastically improved, and each model now provides three modes. Guitar types provide multi-effect functionality, and a rhythm function has been added to the bass type. A foldable plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees and an auto power-off function are additional features that contribute significantly to improved convenience and ease of use.

The amPlug is the simplest way to get serious sound; occupying virtually no space, it's an ideal choice for any guitarist or bassist.

Plug Directly Into Your Guitar:

The Vox amPlug 2 Guitar Headphone Amp plugs directly into your guitar for authentic amp sounds through your headphones. The high-quality analog design simulates the circuitry of a vacuum tube amp and delivers rich, lead tones that you might not expect from such a compact unit.

Rotating Function:

With the Vox amPlug 2 Guitar Headphone Amp players are able to rotate it in five steps up to 180 degrees for optimum visibility. This innovative design is also compact and easily stored in a guitar case or bag. In addition, this updated model is equipped with an Aux-in jack, which is ideal for practising and connecting an MP3 player for jamming along to music.

Excellent Battery Life:

Unlike the previous model, the new Vox amPlug 2 now features an auto power-off function which automatically turns off by detecting audio signals of up to thirty minutes. This useful function prolongs the battery life, and further enhances the convenience of the amPlug.
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 1 in stock HK$310.38
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quote 637518
Vox Pathfinder 10 Cream Brown Limited Edition Guitar Amplifier (10W, cream brown)
Cat: 875587 Rel: 07 Jul 22
The Pathfinder 10 Cream Brown is a limited edition version of the highly popular Pathfinder 10 guitar amplifier.
Notes: Eye-catching 10-watt combo amps that sound as good as they look.

Based on Vox's most popular practice amp, the limited edition Pathfinder 10 Cream Brown and Union Jack Royal Blue versions feature a Vox bulldog 6.5'' speaker plus standard gain, treble, bass, volume, and clean/overdrive switches to craft your sound.

The all-analogue, solid-state design is responsive with a classic Vox chime. A clean/overdrive switch lets you change instantly between clean tones to warm distortion, from bluesy tones to high-gain modern-rock. With unique aesthetics and premium-quality Vox components, this amplifier is ideal for all guitarists, whether practising at home, warming up backstage, or recording.

Featuring a luxurious ivory cream leather-look housing for a warm and natural appearance, the Pathfinder 10 Cream Brown is a limited edition version of the highly popular Pathfinder 10 guitar amplifier.

Every bit a Vox amp in tone and appearance, the allanalogue Pathfinder 10 CB features the distinctive Vox diamond grille cloth, white piping, and chicken head knobs.


Output: 10 watts RMS/8ohms
Speaker: 1 x 6.5" Vox Bulldog
Inputs: 1 x 14" Jack
Outputs: 1 x headphone/line out
Controls: Volume, gain, bass, treble, clean/overdrive switch
Circuitry: Solid state
Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 170 mm
Weight: 4.8kg
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 1 in stock HK$808.53
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quote 875587
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