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NDATL Muzik US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on NDATL Muzik US
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The Lower End Theory EP
Cat: NDATL 034. Rel: 06 Feb 23
Deep House
Mortise & Tenon (7:24)
The Lower End Theory (6:10)
Atlanta Deep (10:07)
Review: NDATL welcomes Abacus back to the US label's roster after notable appearances on Prescription and Guidance, with title track 'The Lower End Theory' proving to be a smooth, effortless and downright classy deep house calling card with the subtlest hint of acid. 'Atlanta Deep' follows next with a gloriously gloopy bassline a little reminiscent of Mayday's 'Nude Photo', and then 'Mortise & Tenon' closes the 12" with the lightest and most soulful of touches in both the rhythm and melody departments. Gorgeous stuff - dive in and wallow in the depths.
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 in stock HK$112.31
Underground & Black
Cat: NDATLX U&B. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Deep House
Undergound & Black (7:26)
Undergound & Black (NDATL dub 2) (7:28)
Undergound & Black (Leonce vocal mix) (5:31)
Undergound & Black (Leonce NDATL vocal dub) (5:30)
Undergound & Black (Leonce beats) (4:59)
Review: Underground and Black is the name of Detroit via Atlanta artist Ash Lauryn's well regarded blog, as well as being the title of her breakout 2023 tune alongside Kai Alce via his much hyped limited NDATL Special Edition. It has been played by tons of DJs all summer long and it arrives back on vinyl with mixes and remixes from another Atlanta native in the form of Leonce. The dubbed out and dusty deep house original, which shouts out all of Lauryn's influences, appeared first, and here comes a smooth dub before the percussive and lively Leonce Vocal Remix and a fleshy vocal dub. A super package - house doesn't get more authentic.

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 in stock HK$116.43
Libra Rising EP
Cat: NDATL 035. Rel: 03 May 23
Deep House
Libra Ascending (7:15)
Sheed's Rising (6:16)
Sheed's Rising (instrumental) (6:17)
Review: Kai Alce's faultless NDATL label brings us more goodies direct from his base in Atlanta, which might be best known for its rap but also packs a punch when it comes to house music. This one is from Rasheeda Ali, a new name that might be familiar to anyone who heard Kai's 'Sheed's Move' tune from a previous EP. She has also been on stage with none other than Jeff Mills and here her flute skills come to the fore with production from Kai. 'Libra Ascending' has a snappy bounce, then 'Sheed's Rising' showcases Rasheeda's gymnastic flautist abilities. A fine debut.
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 in stock HK$114.27
NDATL vs Makin Moves
Cat: NDATL 026. Rel: 13 Dec 19
Deep House
Emdee Brown - "Again" (Kai Alce remix) (6:05)
DJ Kemit & The Lounge Lizards - "Wake Up & Stand Up" (KZR vocal) (8:20)
DJ Kemit & The Lounge Lizards - "Wake Up & Stand Up" (unreleased Hardubb) (4:44)
Malik Alston - "Promise Me Love" (feat Laronn Dolley - Kai Alce remix) (9:28)
Wipe The Needle - "Rise Up" (feat Lifford - Kai Alce Distinctive remix) (7:47)
Review: Most of the cuts showcased on the latest EP from Kai Alce's NDATL label - released in cahoots with Makin' Moves - have previously only been available digitally, while the others have never appeared at all. For that reason alone, the 12" is well worth checking out. Alce begins by offering up his warm, soulful and groovy vocal revision of Emdee Brown's "Again", before treating us to two versions of DJ Kemit and the Lounge Lizards' "Wake Up Stand" - a righteous vocal take and a "Hardubb" that brilliantly recasts it as a rolling late night bumper. Over on side B you'll find the broken beat/deep house fusion of Alce's rub of Malik Alston's "Promise Me Love" and a baggy, soulful and lilting rework of "Rise Up" by Wipe The Needle.
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 in stock HK$116.43
What Am I Here For?
Cat: NDATL 016. Rel: 24 Dec 15
Deep House
What Am I Here For? (NDATL DISTINCTIVE vocal remix) (7:03)
What Am I Here For? (Irvin NDATL piano instrumental) (7:18)
What Am I Here For? (KZR Late Night mix) (7:04)
Swingin With The New Jacks (Kai Alce Distinctive remix) (5:40)
Review: Soulful fusionists The Dangerfeel Newbies are an interesting proposition. Certainly, the Atlanta-based trio has made an impression on NDATL Muzik boss Kai Alice, who's decided to release a trio of his own interpretations of Hariet album highlight "What Am I Here For". He begins by delivering a classic soulful house interpretation, placing the original's superb vocal and twinkling jazz pianos right at the heart of the action. Those superb piano lines come to the fore on his Piano Instrumental, before the Late Night Mix sees Alice sauntering off on a hazy, duvet-warm deep house tip. Best of all, though, is the bonus remix of "Swingin' With The New Jacks", a fizzing, rolling deep house groover replete with vibraphone solos and battling jazz horns.
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 in stock HK$112.31
June Jazzin EP
Cat: NDATL 037. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Deep House
Funky Monkey
Gogo's Stove Smoke
Harming Man
Review: It might be November but June is Jazzin with this new EP to close out another faultless year for Kai Alce's NDATL. The South African producer starts off with 'Funky Monkey' which is a deep and sumptuous house groove embellished with subtle but real melodies from Oliver Portal. 'Gogo's Stove Smoke' rolls just as deep, with balmy pads drenching the groove in soul and on the B-Side 'Valerie' layers up shuffling beats and heady pad work with a fantastic bassline. It's meditative stuff for cosy basements then 'Harming Man' brings a little more bounce as it closes the EP with sweet synth stabs, steamy vocal coos and warm rolls from the Rhodes.
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 in stock HK$110.25
Rain Fall Down (Anthony Nicholson, Marc Cotterell mixes)
Cat: NDATL 033. Rel: 07 Jul 22
Deep House
Rain Fall Down (Anthony Nicholson Rewerk) (7:36)
Rain Fall Down (Anthony Nicholson instrumental) (7:37)
Rain Fall Down (Marc Cotterell vocal dub) (7:56)
Rain Fall Down (Groove Victim FoSoul dub) (5:53)
Review: NDATL continues with the return of Kayenne, Rain Fall Down originally produced by Chris Brann is the first single from Kayenne's forthcoming full length, produced by various Atlanta based producers, Kai Alce, Stefan Ringer, DJ Kemit, Salah Ananse & Chris Brann. This first offering bring forth Kayenne's sweet melody over atmospheric rhythms & pads over driving drums brought together on Anthony Nicholson's rewerk. Next an unexpected late night groover from Plastik Recordings, Marc Cotterell where his deep chords transport you deep into the dancefloor. This last mix comes from Groove Victim aka Jay Brown (whom we unfortunately lost late 2021) simple but elegantly effective very reminiscent of the early 90' MAW dubs! Once again NDATL blazes forward!
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 in stock HK$114.27
Build A Bridge
Cat: NDATL 032. Rel: 13 Aug 21
Deep House
Build A Bridge (DJ Beloved BPM mix) (7:02)
Build A Bridge (DJ Beloved BPM instrumental) (4:58)
Build A Bridge (original NDATL radio) (3:58)
Build A Bridge (Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drum remix) (8:06)
Build A Bridge (Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drum Piano dub) (7:20)
Review: Few labels have as unique a house sound as Ka Alce's Atlanta imprint NDATL. It is deep, smoky, warm and with jazzy chords and soulful vocals that are all rooted in Black music. Miranda Nicole is next up with a new single that comes with some superb remixes. DJ Beloved's BPM mix is a supple roller that lets the vocal take centre stage. As well as an instrumental is the gorgeous original with its loungey chords and plaintive melodies. On the flip is a more driving but just as deliciously musical Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drum mix plus a final dub. Exquisite.
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 in stock HK$116.43
Dearly Beloved
Cat: NDATL 036. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Deep House
Gonna Be (4:58)
Power (4:46)
Bounce (4:18)
The Truth (feat Ophelia) (5:22)
Dearly Beloved (5:59)
Review: Kai Alce's pretty much faultless label NDATL looks to a fellow American house heavyweight here in Detroit soldier Norm Talley, who is head of his own Upstairz Asylum label. First up is a textbook hard edge but deep house sound from Norm on 'Gonna Be' He then keeps things brilliantly deep on 'Power' which is laced with insightful spoken words. Things are just as essential on the flip side with 'The Bounce' making sure dancefloors do just that thanks to Norm's next level drum sounds, then comes the hypnotic 'The Truth' before Norm shows a different look than usual with the more soft and tender delights of 'Dearly Beloved' ft Jerald Dameyon.
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 in stock HK$116.43
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