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Z Records Vinyl & CDs

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Street Player (Dimitri From Paris remixes)
Cat: ZEDD 12345. Rel: 07 Feb 23
Street Player (DFP Super Disco Blend - parts I & II) (10:05)
Street Player (DFP Special dubwize mix) (7:03)
Review: Dimitri From Paris has the kind of masterful touch which makes any one of his remixes buy on sight material. But if you need to know more, on this 12" for Z Records he's taking on the Russian band Leonid & Friends and their cover of 'Street Player' by Chicago. Of course the original was an iconic joint made even more classic by 'that' Bucketheads tune, and you can hear DFP having fun nodding to that iconic bit of 90s chart-topping house in these deadly versions. If you like your disco house fierce and fiery but still delivered with finesse, this record is all you need.
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 in stock HK$126.62
Produced With Love II
Produced With Love II (gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: ZEDDLP 55. Rel: 17 Jun 22
Dave & Omar - "Starlight" (7:07)
Jayenne - "Love Walked In The Room" (feat Gina Carey) (6:46)
Foreal People - "Raise A Blaze" (feat Xan Blacq) (8:21)
Mistura - "Want Me Back" (feat Jemini) (6:54)
Dave Lee - "Taste My Love" (feat Billy Valentine) (5:58)
Mistura - "If You Ever Need Somebody" (feat Tiffany T'Zelle) (5:55)
The Sunburst Band - "Face The Love" (feat Angela Johnson) (5:45)
Raw Essence - "Do It Again" (feat Lifford) (6:27)
Dave Lee - "Power Of The Mind" (feat Billy Valentine - Power Trip mix) (6:14)
The Sunburst Band - "Let's Do It In Style" (7:11)
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - "Don't Leave Me This Way" (Dave Lee Philly World mix) (8:33)
Kokomo - "Use Your Imagination" (Dave Lee Re-Imagined mix) (7:18)
Review: DJ, curator and producer Dave Lee (fka. Joey Negro) continues to celebrate his 30-odd year long career in music with his second curatorital comp release. The 'Produced With Love' series charts all of Lee's original productions in soulful house and disco, and this second edition includes choices songs by the likes of Destiny II, Leroy Burgess and Andreya Triana. Always collaborative and with effortless attention to funking detail, Lee brings it once again.
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 in stock HK$220.41
Distorted Dreams EP
Cat: ZEDD 12262. Rel: 27 Jun 18
Distorting Space Time (Ron Trent remix) (8:51)
Latican Boogie (Crackazat remix) (5:38)
In Search Of The Dream (feat Angela Johnson - Lay-Far remix) (6:36)
Distorting Space Time (Fouk remix) (6:56)
Review: The veteran producer's latest EP, in which a quartet of highly regarded producers tinker with tracks from his vast catalogue, contains some real gems. Top of the pile is Ron Trent's rework of "Distorting Space Time", which is not only typically warm, woozy and percussion rich, but also makes great use of some decidedly trippy, delay style effects. Elsewhere, Crackazat grins his way towards piano house anthem territory via an arms-aloft revision of "Latican Boogie", Lay-Far joins the dots between jazz-funk, boogie and sumptuous deep house on a delightful rework of "In Search of the Dream" and Fouk successfully breaks up the beats on a jazzy and bass-heavy mix of "Distorting Space Time".
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 in stock HK$110.25
Attack The Dancefloor Volume Twenty
Cat: ZEDD 12332. Rel: 12 Apr 22
Mike Lindup - "Atlantia" (Dave Lee extended remix) (8:05)
Raw Essence - "Do It Again" (feat Lifford - Lazywax remix) (5:51)
Jungle - "Keep Moving" (Dave Lee Jungle Boogie mix) (6:03)
Doug Willis - "Dougswana" (Emmaculate Afrodisia mix) (8:23)
Review: Dave Lee's Z Records hits the milestone 20th edition of this Attack The Dance floor series. It has always been a reliable outlet for glossy, disco tinged and floor friendly house tunes from some of the genre's most accomplished names. This time out, Dave Lee appears ac couple of times, firstly with the feel good and soul-licked remix of Mike Lindup's 'Atlantia' and then with a boogie mix of Jungle's 'Keep Moving' which comes with a nice dotted funk bassline and big shiny strings. Lazywax and and Emmaculate Afrodisia remix further boost this useful 12".
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 in stock HK$110.25
Life's Better With Disco
Cat: ZEDD 12324. Rel: 09 Nov 21
Firefly - "Love Is Gunna Be On Your Side" (Dave Lee Love Emergency mix) (9:42)
Ruffneck - "The Power - The Rhythm" (Backroom Productions Feel The music mix) (5:17)
Johnny Dynell - "Rhythm Of Love" (Larry Levan Garage dub) (5:33)
Doug Willis - "Doug's Disco Theme" (Doug Disco mix) (7:18)
Review: In its full digital form, Z Records' excellent Life's Better With Disco Comp is an epic 37 tracks deep. Naturally there aren't that many cuts on this sampler 12", but the four on show are undoubtedly amongst the set's many highlights. Boss man Dave Lee kicks things off via a superb classic disco-meets-nu-disco revision of Firefly's 'Love Is Gunna Be On Your Side', before there's a chance to cop an obscure Backroom Productions rework of their early proto-house/garage-house gem (as Ruffneck), 'The Power - The Rhythm'. The mid-'80s fun continues on Larry Levan's vintage remix of Jonny Dynell's 'Rhythm of Love' - a killer fusion of dubbed-out synths and drums and Konk style Latin percussion - while Doug Willis' 'Doug's Disco Theme' is a classic disco-house number from Lee under one of his many alternative aliases.
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 in stock HK$110.25
Period Works Album Sampler
Cat: ZEDD 12310. Rel: 25 May 21
Deep House
Waterfalls (6:06)
In My Dreams (5:42)
Sensationalised (5:21)
Fire Drift (5:47)
Review: Crackazat's Period Works album, which dropped on CD and digital in the autumn of 2020, was a wholehearted celebration of his musical influences, most notably mid 1990s U.S house and garage, disco and jazz-funk. This four-track sampler presents some of the tracks exclusive to the album, naturally swerving those that had previously appeared on wax. Opener 'Waterfalls' is a superb slab of soaring, string-drenched disco-soul revivalism, while 'In My Dreams' is a bouncy, piano-driven slab of U.S garage of the kind that Dave Lee once used to make under his (now discontinued) Joey Negro alias. Crackazat delivers more low-slung disco-boogie brilliance on flipside opener 'Sensationalised', before once more showcasing his love of warming and soulful us house on 'Fire Drift'. Simply sensational.
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 in stock HK$110.25
Dave Lee's Essentials Sampler
Cat: ZEDD 12372. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Jamiroquai - "Little L" (Dave Lee Re-Blend) (8:14)
Shelia & B Devotion - "Spacer" (Dave Lee Disco Fantasy mix) (9:00)
Review: Long time house and disco devotee Dave Lee comes through on Z Records once more with a sampler from this years ZR Essentials collection. It features two of his masterful reworks starting with Jamiroquai's 'Little L'. He flips into a funked up cosmic delight with plenty of the original's synth flourishes melodic hooks and orchestration all present and correct but with added slap bass, replayed rhodes and beefy new drums which make this a surefire dancefloor winner pretty much anywhere. On the flip comes Dave Lee's Disco Fantasy mix of Shelia & B Devotion's 1979 hit 'Spacer' which has a more retro disco sound thanks to the masterful original work of Chic. Additional clav, new string parts and solo-ing keys give 'Spacer' the extended DJ mix it never had at the time of original release.
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 in stock HK$110.25
I Want To See You Dance
Cat: ZEDD 12361. Rel: 18 Sep 23
I Want To See You Dance (9:26)
The Talented Mr Adams (9:26)
Review: This special 12" features two tracks that will not be on the vinyl version of the forthcoming AC Soul Symphony, Disco opus "Metamorphosis" featuring a 20 piece orchestra alongside a whole host of top live players. That makes it an even more vital pick up because both are pure disco fire. 'I Want To See You Dance' has the title's classic refrain repeated over big Salsoul style string licks, funky basslines and soloing piano. 'The Talented Mr Adams' is a tribute to the legendary disco producer Patrick Adams and is a super sweet swooner with golden live strings and brass backing up a loose-limbed rhythm and vamping pianos that get you in the mood for love. These two tracks act as a fine teaser for what's to come on the much-anticipated album from a contemporary version of acts like MFSB and Love Unlimited Orchestra.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Under The Influence Vol 10
Cat: ZEDDLP 57. Rel: 30 Sep 22
Santrax - "Come & Get It" (5:18)
Marini - "Let’s Get It On" (6:43)
Time Unlimited - "Back Fire" (8:34)
Venus Dodson - "Shoot Me (With Your Love)" (6:16)
Wings Of Light - "He Loves You" (5:00)
Ship Of The Desert - "Count Of Monte Thisgo" (6:00)
Frank Hatchett Dance Explosion - "Super Hero" (1:51)
Cherish - "For You" (3:26)
Jaze - "Wanna Get Down With You" (7:21)
The 21st Century - "One Of These Days" (5:23)
Porno Disco - "Go Down Moses" (4:19)
Cousin Ice - "Catch Your Glow" (feat Zack Sanders) (6:18)
Boobie Knight - "Juicy Fruit My Love" (6:27)
John Lamkin - "Ticket" (6:21)
Review: You can always count on Z Records to bring a deep-digging, dedicated approach to anything they put out, and that goes double for their flawless Under The Influence series. The 10th volume in the series sees them inviting the incredible Chicago-born DJ Rahaan to select some seriously headsy cuts from his collection, carefully cleaned up, de-clicked and remastered for the best listening experience. Given the nature of the series, don't expect the usual suspects, and instead savour the discovery of some of Rahaan's most treasured cuts, presented here on a double LP comp brimming with discoid magic.
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 in stock HK$173.86
Attack The Dancefloor Volume Nineteen
Cat: ZEDD 12327. Rel: 15 Mar 22
Prospect Park - "Shake It Up Tonight" (Dave Lee Disco Reshake) (7:21)
Wipe The Needle - "On Time" (feat Sacha Willamson - WTN 4x4 mix) (8:14)
The Sunburst Band - "Garden Of Love" (Dam Swindle remix) (8:19)
Doug Willis - "Forever Douglas" (Doug Be Good 2 U mix) (6:00)
Review: British disco veteran Dave Lee's Z Recordings presents Attack of the Dancefloor Vol.19, featuring some quality disco heat. First up on the A side is Prospect Park with a remake of the Cheryl Lynn classic "Shake It Up Tonight" on which the label chief himself serves up a Disco Reshake, followed by Wipe The Needle who get super lo-slung on the deep disco cut "On Time" (feat Sacha Willamson - WTN 4x4 mix). Over on the flipside, Amsterdam's dynamite duo Dam Swindle get deep down and dirty on a rework of Lee's own classic from way back "Garden Of Love".
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 in stock HK$110.25
Attack The Dancefloor Volume Twenty One
Cat: ZEDD 12342. Rel: 25 Oct 22
Mistura - "Want Me Back" (feat Jemini - Jimpster Jazz'd Right Up remix) (6:26)
Joey Montenegro - "Do What You Feel" (Birdee remix) (7:27)
Lakeshore Commission - "In 2 The Light" (feat Bluey - Dave Lee Mind Travel mix) (7:40)
Destiny II - "Play To Win" (feat Angela Johnson - Dave Lee Destination Boogie mix) (7:11)
Review: Z Records' ongoing 'Attack The Dancefloor 'series of compilation style vinyl EPs has long been a reliable source of disco-fired excellence, and this 21st edition is another high-quality affair. We're first treated to a superb Jimpster revision of recent Mistura single 'Want Me Back', where Jemini's spoken word vocal, jazzy keys and spacey synth sounds rise above loose-limbed deep house beats and wiggly TB-303 lines, before Birdee drops a genuinely joyous, organic-sounding disco-house take on 1991 classic 'Do What You Feel' (now credited to Joey Montenegro, rather than his now retired Joey Negro alias). Elsewhere, Lee's own rework of Lakeshore Commission's Bluey collaboration 'In The Light' is a smooth, soulful, string-drenched delight and the veteran producer's 'Destination Boogie' tweak of Destiny II's 'Play To Win' is a revivalist '80s electrofunk delight.
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 in stock HK$110.25
Attack The Dancefloor: Special Remix EP
Cat: ZEDD 12305. Rel: 30 Mar 21
Funky/Club House
The Sunburst Band - "He Is" (Jimpster remix) (7:21)
Joey Negro - "I Recognise" (feat Sacha Williamson - Andres remix) (6:27)
Prospect Park - "The Kinda Love" (Jkriv remix) (8:06)
Jakatta - "My Vision" (feat Seal - The Vision remix) (7:03)
Review: Dave Lee aka Joey Negro has pulled together a fine team of remixers here to serve up their own versions of tunes by him, Jakarta, The Sunburst Band and Prospect Park, all for his own Z Records. Freerange boss and deep house Don Jimspter goes first and brings real sunshine to his take on 'He Is.' Detroit badman Andres then does what he does best to 'I Recognise', that is layering in hip hop slanted beats and nice rolling baselines under lush chords. On the flip are two more positive house vibrations to make this a handy EP.
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 in stock HK$110.25
A Slap Around The Bass EP (Dave Lee remixes)
Cat: ZEDD 12321. Rel: 22 Feb 22
The Sunburst Band - "Magnificent Mango" (Journey To The Fruit mix) (8:11)
Bah Samba - "Save Our Freedom" (Let Freedom Reign mix) (8:02)
Foreal People - "In The Mood To Groove" (Aurra Of Life mix) (7:58)
Foreal People - "In The Mood To Groove" (Aurra Of Life instrumental) (7:29)
Review: Like many disco, boogie and jazz-funk heads, Z Records supremo Dave Lee has long been a fan of rubbery bass guitar, and in particular slap-bass. This EP, which boasts a quartet of his own remixes from the label's vaults, is a veritable slap-bass extravaganza. He sets the tone with a fabulous revision of Sunburst Band's Earth, Wind & Fire-inspired 'Mango Madness' that adds killer slap bass solos to a 'Brazilian Rhyme' style backing track, before offering up a superb, jazz-funk-fired soulful house revision of Bah Samba's 'Save Our Freedom'. Over on the flip he doffs a cap to Salsoul boogie act Aurra via slap-bass-heavy vocal and instrumental revisions of Foreal People's 'In The Mood To Groove'; both takes are little less than superb slabs of early '80s boogie brilliance.
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 in stock HK$110.25
Cat: ZEDD 7002. Rel: 28 Jun 22
Dave & Omar - "Starlight" (4:16)
Destiny II - "I'm Here For This" (feat Aria Lyric) (4:54)
Review: Z Recordings chief Dave Lee has teamed up on this one with Omar, a prolific multi-instrumentalist who was awarded an MBE in 2012 for services to music. The result is 'Starlight', a serving of emotive soul funk with a nod to legend Stevie Wonder. Over on the flip, we have the late night boogie-down vibe of Destiny II's 'I'm Here For This' featuring Aria Lyric's powerful vocal delivery, underpinned by an uplifting arrangement that has summertime vibes abound. A new project by Lee, it debuted earlier this year with the excellent 'Play 2 Win'
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 in stock HK$110.25
Backstreet Brit Funk Vol 2: Part 2
Cat: ZEDDLP 044X. Rel: 22 Jun 18
Cache - "Jazzin' & Cruisin'" (5:07)
Congress - "You Gotta Get It" (4:51)
The Hudsons - "Show Me You Care" (5:17)
The Antilles - "I've Got To Have You" (6:08)
Index - "Starlight" (6:26)
Cloud - "All Night Long" (6:58)
Touchdown - "Ease Your Mind" (6:06)
AD 2000 - "Love Time Machine" (6:14)
Paradise - "Stop & Think" (5:20)
Ritual - "Non-Stop Boogie" (4:07)
 in stock HK$163.27
Rotations & Reworks Album Sampler
Cat: ZEDD 12314. Rel: 01 Sep 21
Deep House
Matty & Monique - "Now What" (Sean McCabe remix) (6:52)
The Blackbyrds - "Mysterious Vibes" (Sean McCabe Classic rework) (8:52)
Akabu - "Timeline" (Sean McCabe club rework) (7:05)
The Sunburst Band - "Far Beyond" (Sean McCabe Broken Down rework) (7:18)
Review: Sean McCabe's work has formed a solid backbone for Dave Lee's Z Records in the last couple of years. He has a fresh disco style that pairs the old with the new in essential ways. For this new 12" he teases his new album with a sampler of four reworks and remixes. His take on 'Now What' is deep and glossy, then he takes The Blackbyrds' 'Mysterious Vibes' in a slick and soulful deep house direction complete with standout lead sax. The deep house mood continues on the 'Timeline' remix chi has late night keys and exudes real warmth. Last of all is a fantastic broken beat workout that is lush and jazzy.
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 in stock HK$110.25
Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 3 Part 1
Cat: ZEDDLP 056. Rel: 04 Mar 22
Idris Ackamoor - "Island Dance" (4:01)
Andrea Brachfeld - "Descarga Del Mundo" (10:43)
Bellita & Jazztumbata - "Oyelo Sonar" (5:28)
Joshua Jaswon Octet - "Extinction" (10:06)
Martin Johnson B3 - "Yatra Ta" (4:17)
Jane Bunnett & Maqueque - "Reencuentro" (6:30)
JuJu - "Wanting Touch" (7:04)
Bellita & Jazztumbata - "Bellita's Pilon" (8:38)
GeeW - "La Fiesta" (5:09)
Jorge Degas & Marcelo Salazar - "Ballali" (5:35)
GeeW - "Racing To Somewhere" (7:24)
JuJu - "Musa" (4:22)
Tingvall Trio - "Cuban SMS" (3:24)
Review: UK radio DJ Colin Curtis has enjoyed reinvigorated commercial success with his extensive 'Jazz Dance Fusion' compilations, bringing together all the best tracks that have featured on or best represent his Worldwide FM show. Every song on these comps has formerly 'evaded' a vinyl release, giving Curtis near exclusive license to release them, being the key tastemaker to have brought them to initial limelight. Standouts from this first part of Volume 3 of the series include new and old bits from Idris Ackamoor, JuJu, GeeW, Andrea Brachfeld and Jane Bunnett.
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 in stock HK$191.89
Listen Love (remixes)
Cat: ZEDD 12323. Rel: 08 Dec 21
Funky/Club House
Listen Love (Dave Lee Jazz Funk Renaissance mix) (7:59)
Listen Love (Louie Vega & Josh Milan dub) (8:45)
Listen Love (Louie Vega & Josh Milan remix) (8:58)
Listen Love (Dave Lee Flute Reboot) (5:28)
Review: Originally dropped mid-summer as a digital release, the quality on this remix package from The Sunburst Band was just too good to keep off wax. First up, bandleader Dave Lee himself steps up with a 'Jazz Funk Renaissance' version of 'Listen Love' which frames Wayne Hernandez's stirring vocal turn with molten Rhodes and wah-wah guitars aplenty. Then the Louie Vega-Josh Milan dream team come correct with two spellbinding versions that speak to their prowess in the field of live, deeply rooted house music. For good measure, Lee rounds things off on the B2 with a 'Flute Reboot' for those who just want to zone in on the groove.

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 in stock HK$110.25
Metamorphosis Part 1
Metamorphosis Part 1 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ZEDDLP 59. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Windy City Theme (10:02)
Tradewinds (8:44)
Six Billion Dollar Man (10:52)
Seneca Village (7:13)
Metamorphosis (6:28)
Review: The first of two vinyl editions for house/disco megastar Dave latest album 'Metamorphosis'. Beginning with the heartstring-tugging, cello-led 'Windy City Theme' and touching familiar ground on the original, fill-laden, sunshade-touting version of 'Six Billion Dollar Man' - the 'Playout Edit' of which was already released in October - the pressing is loud enough to be playable-out, yet intricate enough to sate Lee's fans with the biggest, most meticulous, experience-honed ears.
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 in stock HK$226.68
Jazz Dance Fusion
Jazz Dance Fusion (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ZEDDLP 42. Rel: 23 Feb 18
Richie Cole - "New York Afternoon" (3:50)
Michele Hendricks - "What's Going On" (5:52)
Dom Salvador - "Image" (8:34)
Dom Um Romao - "Ponteio" (6:06)
Emanuel K Rahim & The Kahliqs - "Spirit Of Truth" (7:43)
Harold Ousley - "El Exi-Hente" (4:40)
Charlie Earland - "Murilley" (6:24)
Bill Hardman - "Samba Do Brilho" (7:30)
Mark Murphy - "Empty Faces" (5:16)
Dom Um Romao - "The Angels" (4:02)
Eric Kloss - "The Samba Express" (7:52)
Ron Eschete - "To Let You Know I Care" (5:55)
 in stock HK$306.26
Metamorphosis Part 2
Metamorphosis Part 2 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ZEDDLP 59X. Rel: 26 Oct 23
The Philly Avengers (9:53)
AC Express (7:17)
The Mystery, The Moment (5:48)
It's Got To Be Love (9:54)
Music For Your Pleasure (7:19)
Losing My Mind At The Disco (9:36)
Review: Disco mined straight from artisanal-analogue, rather than digital-mechanised, sources, this second part of the vinyl edition - like the first - is produced in collaboration with a 20-piece orchestra. An "album of pure indulgence" - as he calls it - it begins with huge, brass-and-string dominated 'The Philly Avengers' and covers a huge stylistic range, the LP inspired by Lee's memories of the golden era of TV as well as the soundtracks of his favourite childhood TV shows - in which a distinctly analogue sound abounded.
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 in stock HK$226.68
Secret Life Of Us (Special 45 Version) (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
The Sunburst Band - "Secret Life Of Us" (Special 45 version) (3:27)
Dave & Maurissa - "Look At The Stars" (2-Step Soul mix) (5:02)
Review: This 2023 RSD release on Z Records is a treat for fans of soulful disco and 2-step garage. The A-side features a special 45 version of 'Secret Life Of Us', a catchy and uplifting anthem from The Sunburst Band's fourth album. The B-side showcases a 2-step soul mix of 'Look At The Stars', a smooth and romantic tune from Dave Lee's Produced With Love II album. Both tracks showcase the vocal talents of Maurissa Rose, who adds warmth and emotion to the songs.
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 in stock HK$134.76
Under The Influence Vol 10
Cat: ZEDDCD 57. Rel: 29 Sep 22
Santrax - "Come & Get It"
Marini - "Let’s Get It On"
Time Unlimited - "Back Fire"
Venus Dodson - "Shoot Me With Your Love"
Wings Of Light - "He Loves You"
Ship Of The Desert - "Count Of Monte Thisgo"
Frank Hatchett Dance Explosion - "Super Hero"
Cherish - "For You"
Jaze - "Wanna Get Down With You"
The 21st Century - "One Of These Days"
Porno Disco - "Go Down Moses"
Solid Gold - "It's The Magic"
Cousin Ice - "Catch Your Glow" (feat Zack Sanders)
Boobie Knight - "Juicy Fruit My Love"
John Lamkin - "Ticket"
Joyce Lawson - "Ride Like The Wind"
Gerard Djoumbissie Avec Les "golden Sounds" - "Till I Make You See Straight"
Kay Carter - "Disco Sickness"
Rosa King & Upside Down - "Summer Time"
Will King - "You're My Woman"
Ford & Co With The Co Co - "Be Who You Are"
Gordon Herderson & U Convention - "Hard World"
Review: Under The Influence is Z Records' effort to document and preserve lost, forgotten soul-and-funk-feeding-into-house finds. Rahaan, from Chicago, here gets their attention and praise; a DJ and early progenitor of Chicago house, these tracks (unearthed from the vaults) are expensive and weighty forays through italo, disco and new wave, all carefully chosen by the man himself.
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 in stock HK$114.27
90s House & Garage Vol 2
Cat: ZEDDCD 47. Rel: 28 Feb 20
Hard House
Satoshi Tomiie - "Inspired" (feat Diane Charlemagne)
United Future Organization - "Flying Saucer" (Kings Of Tomorrow remix)
N-Joi - "Anthem" (Kerri Chandler Distant Run mix)
LNR - "Reachin'" (vocal mix)
Sound Source - "A Naked Theme" (Source mix 1)
Fini Dolo - "Blow" (Restless Soul Poetic Peak Time mix)
Abacus - "Moonbeamz"
Glenn Turner - "I Need A Lover For Myself" (Key mix)
Bonnie Byrd - "We Can Make It"
Biddu Orchestra - "Humanity" (club mix)
Screamin' Rachel - "Rock Me" (The Marshall Jefferson Deep Underground dub)
Martha Wash - "Runaround" (Tee's 12" mix)
Ele Ferrer - "I'll Make U Happy Baby" (X-Tended club mix)
Alexander Hope - "Share" (Tommy Musto's New York Thang mix)
Slam Mode - "100% Power "
Alexis P Suter - "All Night Long"
Mama's Children - "Let Us All Be Friends" (feat Lee Truesdale - Colonel Abrams original mix)
Cassio Ware - "Makin' Love" (Mentalinstrum remix)
Kathy Summers - "I'm In Love" (House Of Jazz mix)
Donald O - "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
Joi Cardwell - "Run To You" (Philip Damien extended vocal mix)
Mental Instrum - "Music On My Mind" (Smack Productions mix)
Joey Negro - "Take Me Higher"
Review: If there's one label to trust with presenting a faithful and knowledgeable overview of the '90s garage house sound, it is surely Z Records. Joey Negro's evergreen stable has been a bastion of the music since its inception, and this second volume of gold standard tracks is as well-informed as the first. Serious cuts and mixes from the likes of Satoshi Tomiie, Kings Of Tomorrow, Kerri Chandler, Marshall Jefferson - the list of big hitters goes on. But it's not just marquee bookings - there are some seriously headsy jams in here that will even have connoisseurs learning a thing or two. Bursting with musicality, soul and grooves by the pound, this is exactly how a comp should be done.
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 in stock HK$97.91
Superfunkanova Vol 3
Cat: ZEDD 7005. Rel: 31 May 23
Together Band - "Calif Curl Calif Girl" (4:29)
The Firebolts - "Firebolts Hustle" (3:13)
Review: The latest in the 'Superfunkanova' series hears Woody Bianchi unearth little-heard-before rarities in the genre, with two rather naive and lo-fi but ultimately delightful songs peeking through the fold. The deep-friend strings of 'Calif Curl Calif Gurl' by the Together Band helms up the A-side, while the inflammable, instrumental soul mass that is 'Firebolts Hustle' by The Firebolts comes hits us like a Flaming Moe on the B.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 2
Cat: ZEDDCD 051. Rel: 27 Nov 20
Paoli Mejias - "Revelation"
Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen Trio - "Keeper Of The Flame"
Curtis Lundy - "Never Gonna Let You Go"
8VB - "Gengis"
Marita Alban Juarez Quartet - "Upa Neguinho"
JD Walter - "Golden Lady"
Steven Kroon - "Tombo 7/4"
Hajime Yoshizawa - "Celebration" (feat Navasha Daya)
Raffaela Renzulli Ensemble - "Brasilia"
Carmen Lundy - "So This Is Love"
Tino Gonzales - "Latin Gypsy"
Grady Tate - "Little Black Samba"
Jam Session Goes Latino - "Manteca"
Review: Two years ago, Z Records gave Colin Curtis - one of the UK's longest-serving DJs, and a pioneer on the Northern Soul and jazz-funk scenes - a chance to dig deep into the crates and showcase some of the music he's used to make jazz dancers spin, shuffle and footwork over the previous 50 years. Here he delivers a sequel, and the good news is that it's also full-to-bursting with Latin jazz, fusion and jazz-dance treats. The plentiful highlights include - but are in no way limited to - the high-octane heaviness and life-affirming piano solos of Marita Alban Juarez Quartet's 'Upa Neguinho', the carnival-ready cheeriness of Steven Kroon's 'Tombo 7/4', the deep jazz-dance soul of 'Brasila' by Raffaela Renzulli Ensemble and 'Manteca', a killer drum workout by Jam Session Goes Latino.
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Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 3 Part 2 (B-STOCK)
Cat: ZEDDLP 056X (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Papo Vazquez - "Plena Drumline"
Andrea Brachfeld - "Latin Sunset"
Mark Paul Norton & Born74 - "Blue Bayou" (feat Regis Molina)
Papo Vazquez - "Huracan"
Joe Collado - "Ahi Na Ma"
Martin Johnson - "500 Miles High"
The Drive - "Africa Bossa" (live)
Siya Makuzeni Sextet - "Hold On"
GeeW - "Latin Deep"
Born 74, Arema Arega - "En Las Calles De Rio"
Joel Penner Sextet - "Tombo 7/4"
GeeW - "Som Do Tambor (Sound Of The Drum)"
JD73's ElecTrio - "Crazy Cats"
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Attack The Dancefloor Volume Twenty Three (feat Fouk & Dave Lee remixes)
Opolopo - "Stroke My Disco" (Fouk remix)
Wipe The Needle - "Skyscrapers"
Backroom Productions - "Classic Vibe" (Dave Lee remix)
Raquel Rodriguez - "Undone" (Dave Lee's Disco Blend)
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