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New releases this week: All genres

New All genres vinyl in stock + the latest preorders
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Holiday (limited 7")
Cat: TTR 45006. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Holiday (2:42)
Vacation (3:54)
 in stock HK$110.25
My Acidic Being
My Acidic Being (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: PNKMN 051. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Laying It On Thick (5:27)
Trailing Effects (7:07)
I've Been Here Before (6:13)
It Seems Like Yesterday (6:44)
 in stock HK$118.39
Community Disc #05
Community Disc #05 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: CDO 05. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Admin - "Share Your Boogie" (6:25)
James Greenwood - "Dub Attack" (5:35)
Simba - "Funkin' You Down" (5:00)
Ricky Chong - "Loves Smile" (5:52)
 in stock HK$118.39
Your Eyes EP
Cat: SYSTM 047. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Your Eyes
Eight Times Eight
Review: Coming up on Innamind, Killa Sound and Moonshine Recordings, Ago has been flying the flag for soundsystem innovation in the scene where dubstep still pushes forwards and the connection to traditional dub values remains at the forefront of the practice. It makes perfect sense he's now been snapped up by V.I.V.E.K's System label then and he arrives on the label with four outstanding cuts pushing at typical 140 forms and offering something wholly unique. 'Your Eyes' keeps plenty of space in the half-step rhythm, but the springy synth out front runs with an urgent double time which elevates the impact of the track. 'Crippling' is a more claustrophobic pressure cooker, while 'Eight Times Eight' turns out a leftfield strain of steppas before 'Riverwind's techy propulsion brings the record home in outstanding fashion.
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 in stock HK$112.31
Babaloop (12")
Cat: HOTC 223. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Minimal/Tech House
Babaloop (7:44)
No Fear (6:52)
 in stock HK$112.31
Spirit Moves
Cat: TOKEN 121. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Presence (5:36)
Spoken Word (5:57)
Spirit Moves (6:38)
Blue Lace (5:02)
Review: For their next voyage into the peak time techno dimension, Token welcome Altinbas for a swift follow-up to the Illumination 12" from earlier this year. This four-tracker is brimming with tension and invention as the Brussels-based producer brings some deft programming flair to classic 909 drum sounds. 'Presence' has an atmospheric, dubby mood thanks to its reverb drenched synth blooms, but 'Spoken Word' shifts the focus onto the rhythms and keeps the energy up with dynamic switches between formations of vintage percussion. 'Spirit Moves' has a little Robert Hood-flavoured paranoia in its synth line, and 'Blue Lace' brings the record full circle with a spacious cut that lets the melodic elements lead, albeit still strapped to some of those incisive beats.
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 in stock HK$114.27
Wovv Tools Part 1
Cat: POP 001. Rel: 10 Dec 23
UK Garage
Back From Stutgart (7:39)
 in stock HK$124.56
Time Crash EP
Cat: M 26. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Gates Of Oblivion (5:19)
Innerview (5:42)
Orbit (4:58)
Further Back In Time (5:14)
 in stock HK$104.18
Booth Napper
Booth Napper (limited 12")
Cat: CTR 004. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Alinaz (7:20)
Alinaz (Daniel Anselmi remix) (7:27)
Alinaz (Reedale Rise remix) (6:01)
Phaula (6:12)
Booth Napper (6:02)
 in stock HK$128.68
Let There Be Light
Cat: SUNCDEP 02RP. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Psy/Goa Trance
Filteria - "Filtertraces" (Astral Projection remix)
Astral Projection - "Let There Be Light" (Filteria remix)
Astral Projection - "Enlightened Evolution" (Morphic Resonance remix)
Astral Projection - "Another World" (2017 remix)
 in stock HK$144.95
Aristotelian Tradition EP
Cat: MDZN 017. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Aristotelian Tradition (5:24)
Aristotelian Tradition (Ben Sims remix) (5:52)
I'm Just All You Need (5:05)
I'm Just All You Need (Temudo remix) (6:29)
 in stock HK$112.31
Sometimes Cap
Cat: CB 030. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Minimal/Tech House
Sometimes Cap
Some Of That
Repeat Business (6:05)
Chesire Badger (5:58)
Review: Constant Black and Josh Baker are two key parts of the current underground conversation and here they come together in perfect harmony here as the UK's hit maker Baker gets down and dirty with his signature blend of minimal and tech. 'Sometimes Cap' opens up with rolling, fleshy bass and light footed drums that get you hopping. 'Some Of That' brings muted acid lines and curious bell hits while the squelchy bass rolls deep. 'Repeat Business' keeps the pressure up with a bristling mix of snares and hits over slick drums that have plenty of drive. 'Cheshire Badger' shuts down with real urgency and dark tech funk that is perfect for strobe lit backrooms.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$100.06
Unfixed (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: STS 419LPC. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Birmingham Screwdriver (4:31)
Wick & Wax (9:07)
Golden Hammer (4:25)
Percussive Maintenance (8:34)
Review: Barker makes his debut for Smalltown Supersound here with four cuts that find him move away from the beatless experiments of his 2019 album Utility and his Debiasing EP the year before. Here the Berghain resident explores what he says is "the variability and sonic possibilities of the kick-drum." The EP kicks off with the acid-laced first single 'Birmingham Screwdriver' which is a fine introduction to what is a fine EP. The EP reflects the organic approach that Barker takes to making music and showcase great ideas and fine sound designs throughout.
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Played by: Evan Michael
! low stock HK$126.62
A New Chapter
A New Chapter (limited 1-sided eco vinyl 12"")
Cat: BAL 008. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Bastian Balders - "Hazy Vision" (5:10)
Glos - "Scarlit Scandals" (4:54)
More Influenza - "Between The Line" (5:00)
 in stock HK$102.12
Half Speed
Cat: ALSD 002. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Seams (5:24)
Half Speed (3:27)
Flown (8:23)
The Fifth (5:03)
Review: Batu has proven himself hugely capable of making a wide range of music. He might be best known for his perfect techno designs but here delves further into the world of ambient. Across four tracks he explores a number of moods with painterly synth work that is detailed with gentle percussion, gorgeous keys, and in the case of 'Flown,' jazzy splashes of cymbal. 'Half Speed' is idk a slow awakening on a distant planet. 'The Fifth' brings more bright and energy synth motifs and 'Seams' is a soothing lullaby. A beautifully escapist listen.
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 in stock HK$122.41
Shuiler (12")
Cat: HCS 991. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Shuiler (6:23)
Fusilli (6:56)
Review: Electro heavyweight Marco Bernardi is back on Harbour City Sorrow with his first release in four years. Given his considerable history exploring the outer limits of machine funk, you'll be pleased to know this new single offers another two excursions into parts unknown that shirk the formulaic tendencies of so much contemporary electro. 'Shuiler' opens the record up in a shimmer of high-definition synth lines tipped towards melancholic braindance and perfectly suited to warm-up hours or the afters alike. 'Fusilli' takes a wholly different approach steeped in sharp, abrasive drums more indebted to industrial than electro, and some deadly rompler slap bass which will keep dancers on their toes in the parties adventurous enough to give this mutant beatdown a spin.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Respiration (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: TIC 010. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Respiration (Flying High remix) (4:27)
Respiration (4:23)
Review: The latest record to be added to Lil Static's catalogue is 'Respiration', a classic track by Mos Def and Talib Kweli under the duo name Black Star - and featuring an uncredited cameo verse from fellow rap stalwart Common - first released in 1998 on their self-titled album. Known for famously sampling a monologue from the hip-hop/graf documentary Style Wars in its intro, the pair exchange authentic rhymes and riffs, contemplating many ideas in the lyrics such as inner city Brooklyn life, personal philosophies, and Pan-Africanist ideas.
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 in stock HK$95.95
Deep Trax Volume 2
Deep Trax Volume 2 (limited 12")
Cat: CUNT 033. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Deep House
Blak 'N' Orange - "Feeling Real Good" (6:13)
Black Chunes - "Don't Hold Back!" (7:42)
Black Chunes - "Feel The Flow" (5:55)
The Deep Music Agenda - "That Crazy Thing" (6:03)
Review: We always love to hear from the Club Unite label because if nothing else it has our favourite catalogue numbering system of any label out there. The tunes are of course class too - old school house with a heavy Chicago influence. This various artists selection starts with the taught bass and spangled synths of Blak 'N' Orange's 'Feeling Real Good.' Black Chunes gets more raw and off kilter with the organ claps and clipped vocal cries of 'Don't Hold Back!' and then up the party with the piano bounce of 'Feel The Flow' complete with smooth and seductive vocal coos. Last of all, The Deep Music Agenda brings some US garage swing to 'That Crazy Thing'.
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Played by: Paul Starey
Tags: US Garage
 in stock HK$108.20
Dimensions (limited 12")
Cat: BLUEHOUR 024. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Dimensions (5:56)
Sun Dogz (5:44)
Review: Blue Hour is very close to a quarter of a century of releases but just ahead of that notable milestone the label daunter and eponymous techno project step up with two bangers on a nice limited 12". 'Dimensions' is a brilliantly unbalanced techno workout with distant church bells bringing some unusual chaos to the high-speed drums and prickly percussion. It's a great one that will cut any floor loose. 'Sun Dogz' on the flip gets even quicker and fires lasers out like bullets. High octane stuff that is pure fire for the club.
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 in stock HK$132.70
One Last Call
One Last Call (limited hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ZEN 302WL. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Minimal/Tech House
One Last Call (extended) (5:17)
One Last Call (alternative version) (5:13)
 in stock HK$112.31
Used To Be A Fool (reissue)
Cat: RF 449. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Reggae Classics/Ska
Milton Boothe - "Used To Be A Fool" (2:36)
Emotions - "Soulful Music" (3:14)
 in stock HK$97.91
BOOTYBART 03 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BOOTYBART 003. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Minimal/Tech House
BootyBart keeps things in house again for this third outing and it is another one with the dance floor squarely in mind. As well as the label, EP and artist all coming under than name, the tracks do too, which suggests this artists is all about the music rather than the faff around it. In the case of the opener it is percussive tackle with sleek drums and loops smoothing the grooves. On the flip is 'BootyBart03.2' which flips the vibe and layers in some buttery Sade samples to a dreamy deep house groove. Last of all is 'BootyBart03.3', a more intense and percussive tech cut with a fluttering snare up top and acidic bassline.
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 in stock HK$116.43
Boygenius (5th Anniversary Revisionist History Edition)
Cat: OLE 1408T3. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Bite The Hand
Me & My Dog
Stay Down
Salt In The Wound
Ketchum, ID
Review: Even if you've no idea who Boygenius are the subtitle of this reissue alone should warrant investigation. Originally released in 2018, five years on the American indie group are looking to revisit and relive their wildly successful debut EP, which at the time of its initial release had critics fawning over the quality of its content. NME, for example, awarded it a perfect score, while the normalised rating on Metacritic, which aggregates all reviews and works out the average, gives it 84 out of 100. So what was so good about the record? Well, for one thing, each of the artists involved brings their own personality to the equation, resulting in a wonderful stylistic marriage that sounds like minimalistic and melancholic rock and poetic folk pop. And thematically, this is emotionally very highly charged stuff, destined to grab you by the heartstrings and never let go.
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 in stock HK$144.95
This House Is Made Of Corners
This House Is Made Of Corners (translucent pink vinyl 12")
Cat: ATO 0656. Rel: 07 Dec 23
The Future Is Our Way Out (4:26)
Impressively Average (3:13)
Eddie My Love (3:19)
You Are Only Made Of Dreams (3:14)
Palm Of Your Hand (3:33)
 in stock HK$136.81
Zzzz EP
Zzzz EP (12")
Cat: EPM 27V. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Kos (6:00)
ZZZZ (4:13)
Track 4 (5:31)
F9 (4:16)
Review: On this latest drop on EPM, the steadfast UK techno label welcomes steadfast UK techno titan Mark Broom for a collaboration with Australian in Berlin Patrik Carrera. The result is four slices of no-nonsense jackhammers from two experts in the field, leading in with the edgy loops and bludgeoning kicks of 'Kos' and neatly stepping over to the shoulder-shaking pressure of 'ZZZZ'. 'Track 4' features one of those deadly chord stabs which just lands squarely between the eyes, while 'F9' rides the cymbals mercilessly and keeps an abundance of funk in the low end - pure dancefloor dynamite in action from two well-versed detonators.
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 in stock HK$126.62
Between Darkness & White Snow
Cat: NE 92. Rel: 07 Dec 23
I (10:18)
II (10:16)
III (14:06)
IV (4:05)
Review: Matti Bye is Between Darkness & White Snow on this deeply absorbing new 12" on Northern Electronics. It comes as four separate pieces that all play out as part of a larger narrative. First up is 'I', a quiet, gloomy landscape on a grey winter's day with the gentle sound of flowing water and muted synth modulations placing you right in the middle of it. 'II' has more presence, a growing sense of melancholy and unease and 'III' allows a little heavenly light into the mix to gently uplift. The final chapter has a feeling of hope with subtle keys radiating from deep inside.
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 in stock HK$193.95
There Was A Time
There Was A Time (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 226. Rel: 08 Dec 23
There Was A Time (7:05)
There Was A Time (instrumental) (3:54)
 in stock HK$120.45
Synchronicity EP
Cat: VACU 001. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Carriego - "Sector 5" (5:48)
Stonem - "Another" (6:44)
Adelina - "Namaliuy Meni Nich" (5:58)
Nicole - "Lies In Your Head" (4:06)
 in stock HK$128.68
Ortodossia II (Congratulations Edition)
Cat: 584050 8. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Live In Pankow (2:39)
Mi Ami? (2:49)
Spara Jurij (1:51)
Punk Islam (6:48)
Played by: Manu Archeo
 in stock HK$224.63
GITP (12")
Cat: ONEF 057. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
GITP (3:54)
Overdue (feat Bidl) (4:15)
Up The Place (4:29)
Swing King (feat Hamdi) (4:25)
Review: 1985 Music's brilliant 2023 ends with one more fine EP. This one follows on from an outing from the boss man Alix Perez back in November and comes from Cesco. It's a fresh fusion of dubstep, trap and grime with opener 'GITP' riding a lurching beat with filtered vocals bringing some streetwise swagger. 'Overdue' (feat Bidl) has filthy and screwface bass drilling down deep and 'Up The Place' is all about the manic loops and skittish double-time drums. Last but not least is 'Swing King' (feat Hamdi) which is another hot stepping nu-dubstep devastator.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Nature Of Mortality
Nature Of Mortality (yellow & black splattered smash vinyl 12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: FWR 0621. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Sorry (0:53)
Relief (2:00)
No Coming Back (1:49)
The Cost (1:28)
Static (1:10)
Nature Of Mortality (3:05)
Live With The Choice To Make Crew
 in stock HK$200.12
Cat: PRS 013. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Deep House
Speedstick (6:49)
99 Bass Tones (5:37)
Faker (5:08)
Review: It is now 13 releases deep and each and every time a new one arrives, Private Recording System's music sells out. This one comes from returning label regular, 2 Bit Crew member and Safe Radio associate CK who again cooks up a future fusion of house, tech and minimal. 'Speedstick' is first out of the blocks and is an intergalactic tech trip with hurried drums and silvery hi-hats and snares riding the beats. '99 Basstones' then gets more tribal and stripped back with compelling kicks and bass bringing plenty of bounce and 'Faker' shuts down on something of a funky, loopy techno tip.
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 in stock HK$93.89
Stand Alone
Stand Alone (limited 12")
Cat: NGM 017. Rel: 08 Dec 23
200 Camel & A Hot Desert
In Silence We Pray
Closer Than Expected
Stand Alone
Stand Alone (Anthony Linell remix)
! low stock HK$102.12
Still Smoking 2 Dis II
Cat: CVR 12. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Deep House
I Like It
It's All Good
Let It Go (remix)
Let's Move
Played by: Superbreak
 in stock HK$130.64
Renata Tracks II
Renata Tracks II (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: PHORMA 014. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Pace (Variation) (3:17)
Pace (7:36)
Into Dust (8:21)
I Only Said (6:15)
Review: Adam Craft is back with a second selection of his Renata Tracks. The first EP in this series came back in 2017 on Arsenik Records but here he lands on Phorma. Things kick off with the cinematic ambient of 'Pace' (Variation) which then becomes a deep and dubby techno roller in original form. Things stay well below the surface with 'Into Dust' which is another fresh dub cut that is rippled with frosty chords. 'I Only Said' is a traintrack groove that locks you into its linear rhythm and keeps you there for a lovely old hypnotic trip.
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 in stock HK$93.89
Rocksteady EP
Cat: KF 182. Rel: 06 Dec 23
UK Hardcore
Rocksteady (Sidestalker version) (4:04)
Hot Mess (7:38)
Rocksteady (4:56)
Cold Dish (8:25)
 in stock HK$122.41
Remasters Vol 1
Cat: KF 224. Rel: 06 Dec 23
UK Hardcore
Presence (5:41)
Amen Again (4:26)
Drums Of Doom (Slipmatt remix) (5:39)
 in stock HK$122.41
Remixes Non Specific
Cat: KF 227. Rel: 06 Dec 23
UK Hardcore
I See You (Blame remix) (5:28)
Joyrider (Bat B Kane remix) (4:52)
Melting Pot (Ron Wells remix) (6:08)
 in stock HK$122.41
Nuclear Night (reissue)
Nuclear Night (reissue) (1-sided translucent red vinyl 12")
Cat: MSCBD 001PROCOLOUR. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Nuclear Night (Special Disco mix) (7:50)
Tags: Disco Funk
! low stock HK$112.31
Nuclear Night (reissue)
Cat: MSCDB 001PROBLACK. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Nuclear Night (Special Disco mix)
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock HK$112.31
Cody Currie EP
Cat: RNTR 063. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Deep House
Evernight (feat Stee Downs & Mik) (5:25)
Yes Bruv (feat Mik) (4:19)
Holding On (feat Marlena Dae) (3:33)
Everynight (Vincenzo remix) (6:14)
Hot Water (feat Cor.ece) (4:58)
Furball (feat Ally McMahon) (2:49)
Review: Londoner Cody Currie is a master of dusty and loveably rough-edged house music that is packed with emotional heat. He serves up another fine EP of just that here on Razor-N-Tape and soon wins you over with the synth-laced house funk of opener 'Evernight' (feat Stee Downs & Mik). 'Yes Bruv' (feat Mik) has a more low-slung and late-night deep house sound and then things take a jazzy and broken beat direction on the lounge vibes of 'Holding On' (feat Marlena Dae). On the flip side is the hip-swinging goodness of Vincenzo's remix of 'Everynight' amongst other timeless sounds.
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Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock HK$120.45
D:FFERENT PLACE 006 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: DEF 006. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Deep House
Mr Science
U Got Me UP
Analog Tales
Review: D:fferent Place started life back in 2019 and key a low profile and has done the same ever since. We still are not sure who or what is behind these releases but they keep coming at an unhurried rate but always with great style. This sixth offering is another club-ready mix of house, tech and minimal starting with the dry, stiff beats of 'Mr Science' before bringing more loose feels and broken beats to the deft 'Funkadelic.' 'U Got Me UP' is pure backroom house tackle with dubby undercurrents and last of all is the bumping, acid laced 'Analog Tales' for a nice mid tempo workout.
Read more
 in stock HK$122.41
Cantico EP
Cat: BL 029. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Minimal/Tech House
Low Pressure (Afro Acid mix) (7:25)
Feel Me (Deep mix) (7:16)
Cantico (Synth Wave mix) (7:13)
Take It Off (Techno mix) (6:37)
Review: Pietro 'Peter' Macaluso has been around for some time, operating between Berlin and his native Sicily, though remarkably this is the first time his productions have been showcased on vinyl. It comes via Balance Recordings, with boss man Chez Damier acting as 'executive producer'. There's much to admire across the EP, from the suspenseful, alien electronics and slow-build groove of deep Afro-tech bubbler 'Low Pressure (Afro-Acid Mix)', and the light-touch deep house hypnotism of 'Feel Me (Deep Mix)', where DJ Ronaldo-esque synth string sounds catch the ear, to the ultra-deep techno haziness of 'Cantico (Synth Wave Mix)' and the tough, bleeping throb of 'Take It Off (Techno Mix)'.
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 in stock HK$104.18
Whispers From The Lake EP
Whispers From The Lake EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: DOWNBEAT 014. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Minimal/Tech House
Melanin Vegan
Deep4life Retrograde
Wonder Seven
Dug Deep
Review: New York City native Darand Land is one of many dons of deep house to come from the Big Apple and its environs. He sits right at the top of the pile alongside the likes of Fred P for his smoky, low-lit basement sounds as he once again shows with this new EP on regular label Downbeat. 'Melanin Vegan' is a gorgeously bottomless and smooth as you can imagine with wispy pads and vocals off in the distance. It's gorgeously melancholic and is backed up by the heads down 'Deep4life Retrograde', more upbeat and airy 'Wonder Seven', and final gem 'Dug Deep'. What a doozy.
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 in stock HK$110.25
Parabolic Minds
Parabolic Minds (limited 12")
Cat: SISM O03. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Hoy Tengo Ganas (5:28)
Galactic Echo (6:13)
La Cuarta Dimension (6:01)
You Clear Me The Space To Fall (5:21)
Review: It's time for a showcase of the finest electro transmitting out of Spain, as Sismo invites Dark Vektor and Gravedad Cinetica to pool their talents on a 12" trip to the dark side of the force. At a time when the electro coming out of their country is at an all time high in both quality and quantity, on this 12" the duo prove themselves to be right at the crest of the wave. 'Hoy Tengo Ganas' is a pitch-perfect slice of synth noir which calls to mind Miss Kittin & The Hacker, while 'Galactic Echo' nods to Drexciya and Jonzun Crew in equal measure. There's some more experimental angles to 'La Cuarta Dimension' and 'You Clear Me The Space To Fall' comes on heavy with the influence of the Motor City pioneers from Stinson & Donald to Aux 88.
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 in stock HK$118.39
Tears (Fantasia Version)
Cat: RECIPE 052. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Tears (Fantasia version) (6:21)
Rinsa (5:47)
Review: Bristol jungle lynchpin Dead Man's Chest is usually found steering the good ship Western Lore, but back in 2017 he did a series of drops for Ingredients billed as Trilogy Dubs. Originally available on the label's Bandcamp site, now the first volume is pressed up on 10" for some deck-based air time. 'Tears (Fantazia Version)' on the A-side leads with a sad-eyed r&b sample and some lingering piano, but when the drop comes its pure Reese power with a slant towards d&b rather than the jungle DMC's more commonly associated with. 'Rinsa' on the flip is a rowdy slice of Mentasm trickery - the perfect counterpoint to the lead track's solemn vibe.
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Played by: Soul Intent
 in stock HK$93.89
Damage & Repair EP
Damage & Repair EP (hand-stamped 10" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: COR 10015LTD. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Cell Sync (6:31)
In The Space Of (6:28)
Review: It's hard to refer to Cocoon without calling it 'mighty' because the now 20+ year old label run by Sven Vath is one of European techno's most prominent. It is synonymous with colourful parties all over the world but still does a great job of serving up fresh sounds too. Two mainstays combine for this one with Defekt and Extrawelt cooking up 'Cell Sync' which is dark and menacing, with rigid drum loops and menacing synths. 'In The Space Of' has more molten synth modulations layered up to a ghoulish effect over slamming drums. It's peak time stuff, for sure.
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 in stock HK$120.45
Emotional North End Cuts Vol 2
Cat: CBFR 005. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Morning Workouts (5:15)
Prewar Vibe (5:04)
In Love On The Balcony At Terminal 5 (5:10)
Summertime On Michigan Ave (4:57)
Review: Detroit label Choose Better Friends made an immediate impact late last year when it dropped three EPs all in the same week. We've had to wait a while for this next one but it has been worth it: Bale Defoe is on the buttons and brings some dusty Motor City house heat with opener 'Morning Workouts' which rides a bumpy, booty shaking broken beat with meaningful chords and aching vocal snatches up top. 'Prewar Vibe' brings some swinging jazz chords and cut-up drums seemingly bashed out on an MPC. There is subtle euphoria in the bursts of excitable chords and vocal fragments of 'In Love On The Balcony At Terminal 5' and plenty of humidity in the diffuse synths and bumps drum funk of 'Summertime On Michigan Ave'. It's EPs like this that keep our fascination with Detroit very much alive.
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 in stock HK$104.18
Euphoria (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TIS 003. Rel: 06 Dec 23
We Move (5:22)
Techno Appeal (5:35)
Inner Voices (6:49)
Midnight Ride (5:32)
Green Hornet (6:33)
 in stock HK$87.81
Pura Lempuyang Dua Part 1
Pura Lempuyang Dua Part 1 (limited turquoise vinyl 12")
Cat: LPY 14.1. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Dib - "Cieloterra" (6:13)
Federsen - "Random Motion" (6:26)
Grad U - "From The Shadows" (7:14)
Altone - "Emergent Structure" (6:48)
Review: Coming in hot after last year's Pura Lempuyang compilation is this new two part 12" offering up cuts from it on limited edition turquoise wax. Dib kicks off with 'Cieloterra' which is a devilishly deep and dubby techno cut with fizzing synths running across its face. Federsen is much more smooth and silky with liquid pads and a sublime sense of frictionless groove to his 'Random Motion' while Grad U offers more heavy and stumbling dub quakes on 'From The Shadows.' Last of all is Altone's 'Emergent Structure,' a lush minimal excursion with deft hits and feathery pads over sublime drums.
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Tags: Dub Techno
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