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NetChap is a professional adult product industry consulting site on the entire network. It mainly provides professional adult product purchase, use, maintenance, as well as information about sex skills and other sites. It has long provided professional sex toys information and information, which has been received by many sex toys. Beginner’s favorite


10 Vibration 5 Rotating Masturbation Cup 

Automatic masturbation cup for men 

Automatic retractable masturbation cup for men

Electric masturbation cup for men —— 150 degrees rotation

Electric masturbation cup for men

Fleshy Auto-Sucking Masturbator

High Frequency Rotating Masturbation Cup

Male masturbation cup automatic intelligence 

Manual male masturbation cup 

Oral Massage Vibration Masturbation Cup

Vibrating Masturbator Designed For Big Cocks 

0.4 Inch Retractable Anal Docking Plug 

3 In1 Anal Vibrator 

Cock Ring And Vibrating Butt Plug

Crazy Vibrating Anal Plugs 

Multi-Roller Ball Vibrating Prostate Massager



Good material. Filled feeling and awesome looks and feels like real.


Gentle but Pleasurable
Exactly as advertised. Put it in her butt and go about your business.


Easier to clean than other reviews gave it credit. Doesn’t warm but doesn’t matter; it warms up pretty quick.

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