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How to massage the prostate?

Most people eager to broaden their sexual horizons will naturally have questions. What is double penetration? What is a shock game? What are anal beads? If you are ready to release the thrill of intense orgasm for penis users, then the prostate is your best bet. Many men and those designated as male at birth swear that the prostate or (P-spot) is the key erogenous zone3354 Once they try prostate stimulation, they’ll never go back.

It’s worth mentioning that some people explore their back door when the prostate is inflamed: they don’t know where the prostate is. In the words of GQ, “For many men, finding a woman’s g-spot is about opening a unicorn riding school to get there (my sympathy, ladies), but with your own recreation area, you have no excuses.” : Easy to find! … It doesn’t need a map or GPS–. You just need two hands and the ability to beat yourself up.”

The truth is, prostate stimulation is something every penis owner should try at least once, and it may become more frequent as you age, as prostate-related health complications may persist.

Where is the prostate?

It may be disappointing to hear this, but only men who gave birth naturally and men who were born with penises have prostates. The magic button, known as the prostate, is a walnut-sized piece of tissue located about 2-5 inches above the rectum.

This sweet little cryptic gland is responsible for producing prostatic fluid, which means it’s responsible for producing most of the sperm volume. The prostate is located just below the bladder and can be accessed either through the rectum (meaning it can be accessed from the inside) or through the external massaged (also called “stained”) portion of the perineum.

What are the benefits of regular prostate massage?

Not to mention, one of the main benefits of regular prostate massage is crazy orgasms. While anal play and anal penetration can be a little scary for some people, especially if this is a new area of ​​exploration, keep in mind that you have tons of nerve endings and you might just be having the craziest sex of your life journey. In the words of one man, “I think if more men knew how explosive your orgasms can be if you stimulated your prostate at the same time, they would do it.”

In addition to feeling luxurious, delicious, and pleasurable, the benefits of prostate massage include helping to treat erectile dysfunction (or any other prostate problem), reducing pain and tension in the pelvic area overall, and increasing semen volume during orgasm. Want to get someone else pregnant? Milking your prostate may help!

It is worth noting that prostate massage therapy is not directly related to the resolution of premature ejaculation. If this is the problem you are solving, you may need some additional help. If there’s any truth to this theory, it’s probably the fact that after experiencing extreme prostatic pleasure and penile orgasm, you may have more stamina in the next round of intercourse because you’ve just released all the prostatic fluid, all the time. Saved for a special occasion. Are there any side effects and risks?

While it’s safe to stimulate the prostate from the outside or inside with your hands or a prostate massager, just like any other part of your body, you can stimulate it to the point of inflammation. It’s a very sensitive part of the body, and it’s good in a way (to get you high and happy), but if you overstimulate the prostate, you may experience some undesired results. For example, overstimulation of the prostate can lead to prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate.

If you think you may be involved in some tough prostate game, here is a list of symptoms of prostatitis:

Pain and/or burning when urinating

Must urinate frequently, especially at night.

Urgent urination

cloudy urine

blood in the urine

Abdominal, groin, or lower back pain


Difficulty urinating

Fever/chills-like symptoms with muscle pain

Coincidentally, these are the same symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis, so if this sounds like you, you should check with your favorite local doctor to make sure everything is ok. If this continues for a while, it may even be chronic prostatitis.

As with any other form of anal stimulation, butt play has some inherent risks. These include improper preparation and exercise such as excessive strenuous activity without enough patience, placing/leaving overly large objects in trophies, anal sex without enough lubricant. These can all be eased with a little patience, care and lube, lube, lube. Did we mention lube? )

How to massage the prostate?

While your fingers may be inserted all the way into your buttocks to explore the prostate pleasure tunnel, your fingers have joints, ridges, and potentially sharp points. These things (especially your nails) can damage your delicate anal tissue, possibly stabbing and poking rather than poking or nudging sensitive prostate tissue. So, if you want to go the manual route, get your nails trimmed. You can also choose to wear some latex gloves or finger gloves to keep things clean and tidy.

What can help when using prostate toys for self-massage and prostate – sex toys designed to help you or your partner stimulate the prostate. Yes, you can get your own prostate vibrator and cast a very special self-entertainment spell on your booty. These adult sex toys have ergonomic handles that are angled so you can easily get in there so you can massage your prostate or other areas on a regular basis.

As mentioned earlier, the prostate is located about 2 to 5 inches above the anus, facing the navel. There are a few different ways to approach your or their prostate:

Here’s one of the easiest prostate-stimulating positions: have them lie on their backs with their legs facing up. Smooth your index or middle fingers with a generous amount of lube, then gently and slowly insert your fingers into their bases, palm facing up. Be sure to check in with your partner often, and if they’re uncomfortable, be sure to stop or slow down. Once the sphincter relaxes, it accepts your lubricated fingers. At this point, you’ll need to gently probe the top wall of the anal canal (try to touch gently with your fingers in a waving motion) and feel for lumps or protrusions of walnut-like tissue. On the other hand, anal sex toys can also be used to stimulate the anus.

A normal prostate has a soft and elastic feel with a distinct groove (kind of like a walnut) in the middle. Once found, gently “milk” the area with your fingers, tapping, pressing, releasing pressure, small circles.

Be gentle in the beginning. Depending on the response you get, you may become more energetic. With a little patience, diligence, repetition, and attention, you may witness a prostate orgasm, sometimes referred to as a “super O.” Sometimes, prostate orgasm can coincide with ejaculation, but not always. Regardless, a p-spot orgasm is almost always accompanied by extreme sexual pleasure.

Note: If you are having an internal or external prostate massage and feel an enlarged prostate, this may be a sign of prostate inflammation. Unfortunately, it can also be a sign of prostate cancer. Besides skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in penile cancer patients. Note that if you may have prostate cancer, a prostate massage is not a good idea, as it may cause cancer cells to rupture and spread to nearby areas. You’d better go and see. Prostate health and sexual health are important!

Another potential prostate problem is benign prostatic hyperplasia (also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia), which is a common condition in older penis patients. From a cancer standpoint, this isn’t a problem, but because of the size of the prostate, it can make things like urination difficult. It can also cause kidney, bladder and urinary tract problems. Does not affect your ability to secrete and ejaculate your prostate, but that’s about it.

Prostate stimulation can also be triggered during routine anal sex with a condom, either with your own penis or with a bandage. Penis owners describe the experience as very pleasant and very different from the pleasure of normal ejaculation.

What is it actually like, you ask? In the words of the master:

“My first prostate orgasm was in my 20s. Coincidentally, it was the first time I was with someone who was doing sex work, even though I wasn’t a client. [She asked] if I wanted to spank , because I’m sexually open. I think it’s sexual fluid.) She propped up the massage table with sheets, tissues, lube, and surgical gloves next to her. She had all the professional tools at her disposal. She started working on something I never really Touched stuff. I mean, I’ve tried touching myself in the shower many times, but it didn’t work. Within minutes of oral sex on the prostate, I was ejaculating like never before.”

So you have it. If you want to be a dragon for a while, give yourself some good prostate massage. Rolle.

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