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What is Sexual Swing?

  If you’ve ever had any questions about sexual volatility, now Bedbible has your back. This is the only sex swing quiz you’ll ever need in your life.

  For those of you who already know about sex swings, whether basic or more interesting, we’ve got a guide on where to get one and the cost to consider when buying.

  We hope that after reading this article, you will be excited to order your first sex swing and try the swing of your life.

  How does sexual volatility work?

  The swing is mounted on the ceiling, door or bracket. It’s like a floating seat belt, you can lift yourself up. When you sit on a sex swing, you feel light. Even if you didn’t have acrobatic skills before, you will now feel like you have. You will be able to sit and lie down in positions you thought impossible, and your partner will be able to swing you like he/she/they have never done anything else.

  Make some sexy love easier, and some sexy love that was impossible before will now be easier. However, keep in mind that sexting is not just for sex, it’s also a great way to enhance your oral game. Depending on the design of the sex swing, there are different possibilities.

  What does sex look like?

  When the sex swing is fully assembled, it may look different depending on the type you have. It can be hung on the roof, bracket, wall or door. Then the guy who wants to use the sex swing just sits in it. In some sex swings, a strap-on toy can be used to secure the person to the swing.

  Like we just mentioned, there are different sex swing designs. Basically, it’s a giant harness for you to float and use during sex. Let’s take a few examples of the most common types of sexual rocking.

  Different types of sexual fluctuations:

  traditional sex swing

  Traditional sex swings are often associated with ceilings. The most common are strapped legs, seat straps, and some may have armrests.

  How to use a traditional sex swing?

  This sex swing creates endless possibilities and can be used in all kinds of sexy relationships. In fact, it is the most variable sex swing.

  door swing

  Door swings are an easy way to get a floating feel without punching holes or taking up a lot of space. Its design is simpler than traditional sex swings. Some have straps only on the hips, while others have straps on the legs.

  How to use the door swing?

  The sex swing on the door attaches to the door and lets you use it from behind, sexy love, similar to a standing preacher.

  sex straps

  A sex harness is more of a hammock-like look than an actual swing. This means lying down is more comfortable, but also limits the use of different positions. Sex harnesses are popular in BDSM and they are used with other spanking tools or other sex toys.

  How to use a sex sling? Lie on your back or prone and let your partner do the rest. Also a great alternative to a spanking stool.

  physical swing

  The physical shaking method is a bit hard-core, and it may require more force for the person who wears it and the person who uses it.

  It’s like a wearable harness that connects to both and may feel more intimate than other swings.

  How to use the body sex swing?

  A sex swing is a sex swing that you put on another person. It requires no extra equipment and is perfect for travel.

  Single hook VS double hook

  Comfort – Double hook provides more comfort as it can be mounted on hooks further away. A hook depends on the width of the hanger. This means that the closer the hooks are, the less level the seat will be and the tighter you will be. This may be something to especially consider if you want as much comfort as possible and/or if you have a larger body.

  Setup – You may already know that double hooks setup two hooks, which means the weight will be distributed between two points on the ceiling. This could be a deal breaker when it comes to security. How Much Can Your Ceiling Hold? What is your best option? Although, double hook means you need more drilling.

  sex swing

  If you can’t drill holes in the ceiling, a sex swing might be the best option. It takes space, a lot of space. That means it’s impossible for everyone to have a sex swing. They’re also significantly more expensive than hooks, and not all mounts fit all swings, so be sure to get the right mount for your sex swing.

  Do you have to be restrained to enjoy sex swing?

  Not at all. The sex swing is really for everyone who wants more possibilities for sex. It’s also good for older people who don’t have the strength to have sex in more classic positions.

  If you feel pain after exercising, or get injured after an accident, a sex swing is a great way to have sex without putting too much stress on the body.

  How to use a sex swing when tied up?

  Some sex swings are better for strapping than others because they have different loops and eye hooks for easy access to accessories. It’s the perfect replacement for Game of Thrones and spanking stools. I mean, we don’t all live in a big house with enough space for our BDSM dungeons.

  How to feel safe when using a sex swing?

  In order to feel safe when using a sex swing, it is important to follow the instructions on how to set up a sex swing.

  You need to make sure you are using the correct hooks to hang the ceiling. Make sure you have enough space so you can live out your acrobatic dreams without hurting yourself, others, or anything else. Also, go through the swing first to make it feel well made and strong enough to sit in.

  Read our testers’ experiences with setting up and using a sex swing here and here. What is the meaning of sex swing?

  Here’s a summary of why you should buy a sex swing as soon as possible.

  An easy way to try new sexy love

  Exploring new angels while making love.

  If your injury limits your performance in bed, it may play a role in sexual rocking.

  Suitable for binding

  You don’t need to be an acrobat to feel the flexibility of sex swing.

  A fun way to explore.

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